Residents of Domodedovo attacked Vasily Anisimov

The owner of Coalco intends to build a large logistics center "Central dry port" in the Domodedovo district of the Moscow region.
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Money does not smell for co-owner of the Coalco group of companies Vasily Anisimov. While the "friendly" Kazakhstan conducts a protracted rail war against Russia, since April, not allowing Russian wagons to enter the country, the largest Russian producer of vodka has seized nearly 60 hectares of farmland near Moscow for the construction of a container terminal in conjunction with ... Correctly, it is with Kazakh Railwaymen. Considerations of the dealer of a national drink are, in principle, understandable: to hell with all the national pride, it's just business, as Al Capone said in such cases. Alas, Mr. Anisimov does not live in Chicago in the 1930s, but in a law-based state where falsification of the results of public hearings is prosecuted by law.

The prosecutor's office of the Moscow region has started checking the allocation of land in the suburbs for the construction of a large logistics center "Dry Port", - this is stated in the letter of the supervisory authority of May 19, 2017. Thus, the prosecutor's office responded to the appeal of local residents who filed a complaint in April and indicated that the authorities of the Domodedovo District and Central Dry Port LLC had "fraudulently" seized the plots and illegally, "by deceit and forgery," transfer them from agricultural land to Land for industrial use, storage of warehouses and railway facilities. The prosecutor's office has not reported the results of the investigation yet, said the initiator of the appeal, Elizabeth Kurochkina. According to her, residents are preparing a lawsuit to cancel the transfer of land in another category. They sent an electronic appeal to the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, complaints to the regional ministry of ecology and the Central Administration for Architecture, and asked the head of Domodedovo, Alexander Dvoynykh, to provide them with a platform for a protest rally.

"Central dry port" transport and unloading complex with the capacity of 400 thousand TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit, 1 TEU equals one container) Coalco intends to build together with KTZExpress (included in the "Railways of Kazakhstan"). Investments are estimated at $ 169 million. The first stage is planned to be launched in 2019. Within the framework of the project, a transport center with an area of 60 hectares will be built on the M4 "Don" highway to handle container cargo. Project manager Nikolai Milkis told RNS that "60 hectares is a terminal, another 344 hectares are lands where it is possible to build industrial, office and retail real estate objects."

On March 22, a public hearing took place in Domodedovo. Residents unanimously opposed the change in the status of agricultural land, but the protocol has not yet been received, Kurochkina asserts. On May 30, the administration of Domodedovo issued a resolution to change the type of permitted use of 43 hectares for the storage of the warehouse. Another 16 hectares were allocated for the placement of railway facilities. The authorities refer to "a conclusion on the results of the public hearings of April 7". At the end of June, public hearings took place to amend the town planning plan of the Domodedovo District. Residents again opposed, but did not receive the protocol, Kurochkina asserts.

The type of permitted use of the land plot has been changed in accordance with the general plan of Domodedovo, the press secretary of the head of the city district Natalia Safonik told RBC. The opinion of residents was taken into account when the master plan was approved in 2006. "Some are against it, others do not mind. In the district administration there are letters in support of the project in the amount of 2700 pieces, "Safonik added.

In accordance with the general plan of the urban district of Domodedovo, this land area refers to the lands of settlements with functional use for industrial facilities, said the representative of Coalco. At public hearings, some residents spoke out against the dry port project, but there are letters of support in the administration. "Central dry port" "will be built in compliance with all international environmental standards, as this is one of the conditions for the entry of foreign investors into the project," the company emphasizes. The new complex will create more than 700 jobs and will positively affect the transport situation in the region, since the goods will be delivered by rail, rather than by road. "Only in the southern suburbs about 4.5 million square meters. M warehouses do not have railway branches, and the goods in them are delivered by road. "Central dry port" is able to take part of the freight traffic by rail and offload federal and local roads from heavy vehicles, "the representative of Coalco explained.

Public hearings are recommendatory in nature for the authorities, and therefore residents will hardly be able to challenge the transfer of land on the basis of the received protocols, says lawyer Andrei Petrov. If the violations were, then in the very procedure of changing the status of the land, because "arable land is almost impossible to transfer to another category." Agricultural lands are specially protected, their status can be changed only in exceptional cases. It is necessary to check whether the requirements of the Land Code are complied with that the plots at a distance of no more than 30 km from the boundaries of rural settlements can be used only for agriculture, says the lawyer of the Bureau of Business Fairway, Sergei Litvinenko.

Vasily Anisimov himself, who holds the 60th line in the Forbes rating with a fortune of $ 1.4 billion, seems to be a victim of his own business. Recently, his name is often mentioned in the context of drunken debauchery, including - at the celebration of Musa Bazhaev's jubilee at the Olympic sports complex. As reported by the agency "Ruspres", suddenly appeared on the stage drunk co-owner Coalco tore up the speech of Andrea Bocelli and dirty obmateril leading Grigory Leps, before his, kicking, dragged the guards. But even after that, the billionaire who was unsteady on his feet tried to provoke a conflict with fellow businessmen.

Anisimov himself recently acquired several vineyards in the Crimea, which unequivocally substitutes his own company for Western sanctions. Given that the children of Anisimov live in the US and Switzerland, their father's trips to them will become almost impossible.