Rosavtodor in the financial pothole

The Accounting Chamber recognized that the reports of Rosavtodor were unreliable. Its head Roman Starovoit is to answer how the money had been spent.
The auditors of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation got into the accounts of the Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) and came to the conclusion that it was not true. The most unpleasant for the head of the agency Roman Starovoit, the Accounting Chamber decided to inform the Federal Security Service and the Prosecutor General's Office about its findings. Will the official sit in his chair this time? For example, the department of Mr. Starovoit reported that in the past year, under the federal targeted investment programs, 10 objects were not put into operation. But the Accounting Chamber counted such 13.

"Based on Rosavtodor's report on the implementation of FTIP, 10 objects (excluding design and survey works) were not entered in. The audit found that 13 objects of capital construction, of which 3 real estate objects of the state property of the regions, have not actually been introduced. Rosavtodor on the implementation of FTIP recognized unreliable, "- said in the conclusion of the joint venture.

From the budget in 2016 Rosavtodor received 539.7 billion rubles. Of course, every ruble of this money was supposed to be spent on something useful. But 16.58 billion rubles of no benefit to Russia for this year and did not bring, simply put, were not spent on the stated goals. Most of this money fell to so-called interbudgetary transfers - more than 13.5 billion rubles. In total Rosavtodor for the past year transferred to the regions 80.86 billion rubles. Only from 83 regions that received funds from the federal agency, 36 did not reach the planned indicators, and 17 regions did not plan to put into operation a kilometer of roads last year!

In the Kuban were supposed to build almost 31 km of roads, instead built almost 2.5 kilometers. Only 337 km of roads were repaired in capital instead of 652 km. Dagestan, Novosibirsk region, Ryazan, Chelyabinsk and Oryol regions were to put into operation almost 71 kilometers of roads. But in fact the plans were executed at 0%.

The Jewish Autonomous Region alone received 200 million rubles for "road" needs from Rosavtodor, while the region's leadership pledged to improve its road programs so that the allocated funds could be used. None of this was done and was not. But if for local roads that are not built in the regions the local leadership has already been punished with a ruble - a fine of 400 million rubles, then some claims of the Accounts Chamber Rosavtodor can not be shifted to anyone.

So, the Federal Road Agency is subordinated to the Kolyma FC. The institution spent 45.1 million rubles for the maintenance of road sections. The auditors of the joint venture found out that at that time the roads in question were being repaired, and under the terms of the contracts at that time, the contractor is responsible for their content.
That is, the subordinate to the Rosavtodor FKU has descended tens of millions of rubles in an unknown direction. This strongly resembles the usual "cutting" of budgetary funds. And in whose pockets the money has gone, law enforcement officers will have to understand.

Claims from the Accounts Chamber are to how Rosavtodor itself spent nearly half a billion rubles. More precisely, 469.6 million rubles were sold out for 53 state contracts. However, there is no approved plan for spending these funds from the road agency. What are the needs for the money? And were these personal "wishes" of Rosavtodor's leadership paid for by this money?

"Traditions" of Starovoit 

Alas, the head of Rosavtodor Roman Starovoit can hardly refer to the "unsuccessful year". The matter is that last year's report of the Accounting Chamber says that the agency did not see any improvement in the activities of the road agency. For example, in the report on the implementation of the Federal Targeted Investment Program, Rosavtodor reported in 2015 that 7 federal property facilities were not put into operation. But the Accounting Chamber counted 31 such an object. Of these, 12 involved the construction and reconstruction of roads and bridges with a total length of 66.3 km. The Starovoit administration stated that 369.1 km of roads had been put into operation, but in fact, according to the JV, 302.8 km was commissioned in fact.

"Thus, in February 2016, Rosavtodor sent an unreliable report to the Ministry of Economic Development about the implementation of the FTIP," the JV concluded last year.

In addition, the auditors have found out that the subordinated to the Rosavtodor FKU "Sevzapupravtodor" overstated the price of contracts for 1.3 billion rubles. Evil tongues say that this money was simply "popileny." The same "Sevzapupravtodor" together with PKU Uprdor "Volga" paid for 135 million rubles in fact unperformed work, and inefficiently spent another half a billion rubles.

In general, overestimate of construction estimates, perhaps, if it has not yet become, it will soon become a real business card of Rosavtodor. In early 2014, the same Chamber of Accounts was examining the validity of spending on the construction of a section of the Moscow-Petersburg route from 258 to 334 km. The Office considered that the Federal Road Agency spent "extra" 6.6 billion rubles.

Some participants of the road construction market say that the reason for everything is corruption, which literally corrodes Rosavtodor.

Corruption "impassability"

Last year, deputy head of the Department of Land and Property Relations of the Federal Road Agency Timofei Meshcheryakov was arrested on a large scale for allegedly accepting a bribe. According to the investigation, the official and his family received from the commercial structures involved in the construction of roads in St. Petersburg, cards for payment at gas stations, on which a total of 730 thousand rubles. Law enforcers assumed that the "present" Meshcheryakov could receive for "patronage at the conclusion, implementation and acceptance of work performed under contracts concluded with these commercial structures in the specified period of time."
The most interesting thing is that Mr. Meshcheryakov in May of this year came out of custody on bail in the amount of 3 million rubles.

In March this year, the FSB detained the head of the subordinated Rosavtodor "Sibupravtodor" Alexander Sakharov, the son-in-law of the former minister of transport of the Novosibirsk region. He is suspected of stealing 2 million rubles. In May, the official was transferred from the detention center for house arrest, but no one has yet canceled the criminal case. It would seem that the most direct economy for the department will be "cleaning" of corrupt officials. At the same time, it's also useful for reputation ... But Rosavtodor, led by Roman Starovoitom, seems to prefer creating a favorable impression of himself, apparently, in other ways.

This year, Russian citizens will be able to see a movie masterpiece about the "feats" of officials from Rosavtodor. Moreover, this documentary, if I may say so, the film is supposed to be made also in a multi-series. Budget all this pleasure in 59 million rubles. Only it is interesting, will the film mention all the "jambs" of the department and show the Russian roads in all its glory? Or do tens of millions of rubles, which could have been spent on repairing the same roads, will go to Rosavtodor's self-propelled gun?

If we are talking about the "documentary", one could mention one of the most high-profile road scandals, which turned into a protracted conflict - the introduction of the "Platon" collection system. In the autumn of last year, Roman Starovoj spoke out in favor of the abolition of privileges for Plato's tariffs. Protesters against this system of truckers, probably, will be "pleased" that they will be reminded of the budgetary money for this in a special film ...

But the films will not be able to create a good image for Rosavtodor. After all, Russians each day have the opportunity to personally assess the quality of roads in the country. It is possible that the situation will improve only when the Chamber of Accounts' appeals to the FSB and the Prosecutor General's Office will have consequences personally for Roman Starovoit.