Rosinterbank does not respond to reorganization

55 billion rubles belonging to depositors are in an unstable position.
In Rosinterbank included in the top 50 in terms of deposits of the population and, according to official data, accumulated 55 billion rubles. of citizens, introduced a temporary administration Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). The immediate objective - assessment of the situation in the bank. However, rehabilitation, despite the large amount of deposits, it is not guaranteed. But the lack of prompt moratorium on payments to creditors may subsequently cause a lot of questions.

Yesterday, the Central Bank said that "due to the precarious financial situation and the presence of Rosinterbanka threat to the interests of its creditors and depositors laid from September 15 to DIA for a term bank management interim administration for six months." The powers of owners and management of the bank suspended. "The primary task of the interim administration is to hold the financial situation of the bank survey," - said in a press release from the Central Bank. In practice, the main goal of the survey - evaluation of the feasibility of rehabilitation.

Theoretically, based on the volume of deposits (55 bln funds of individuals;. The bank is in the top 50 in terms of deposits) and the value of baance (in the six years 2010 to July 1, 2016 the bank managed to grow from 938 th place in terms of assets to the 61st), Rosinterbank is a likely candidate for reorganization. However, the alarming growth of aggressive involvement of the population. Even at the beginning of 2015 the volume of deposits from the bank was almost half that - 34 billion rubles. After the explosive growth of the portfolio in the first half of the Central Bank introduced Rosinterbanku limit for acceptance of deposits. At the same time though virtually unchanged on the bank statements for this period, the value of the contributions, the advertising activity of the bank on specialized sites is not reduced, that does not preclude the formation of off-balance sheet deposits (as was the case Arksbanka, which had the official volume of deposits of 4 bln. Volume of commitments proved to be ten times more).

"Kommersant" According to information, the quality of bank assets raises questions. The hole is still at the time of the introduction of restrictions on deposits was about 6 billion rubles., And it is unlikely it fell. Moreover, according to "Kommersant" sources familiar with the situation in the bank, a special cooperativeness in cooperation with the Central Bank of the bank is also not nablyudaloss. "For example, during testing of the Central Bank, which started before the introduction of an interim administration in the bank, disappeared from his credit file, which further complicate the recovery of loans and sue in court", - one of the "Kommersant" interviewees he said. "Attention is drawn to the fact that the bank has in the end of 2015 was apparently nedorezervirovan loan portfolio, - analysts say" ALOR Broker "Cyril Yakovenko.- Despite the fact that 70% of corporate loans - are loans for construction, share reserve was less than 4% in accordance with IFRS, which obviously can not reflect the real situation in the industry "in the current situation. In this situation, the likelihood of rehabilitation is low, according to sources, "b".

However, regardless of the outcome of the analysis of the situation in the bank issues the experts and market participants are stored and the procedure itself introduction of the interim administration. Once again we have a situation where the administration introduced a moratorium on payments to creditors - not. By law, this requires that the bank has not performed payments for at least seven days. Thus, the calculations with keditorami may continue after the introduction of the interim administration. And it is fraught with risks of implementation of the extraordinary satisfaction of creditors' claims in the case, if the bank go bankrupt, as happened last year after the introduction of an interim administration in the DIA Probusinessbank. At the same time the Central Bank in February of this year, spoke about the need to synchronize the timing of the introduction of temporary administration and a moratorium.

"The introduction of a moratorium raises questions about the date of the calculation of interest and exchange rates for different categories of creditors - reminds partner law office" Zamoskvorechye "Dmitry Shevchenko.- In this case, that the introduction of temporary administration only postpones a solution, but creditors are in a limbo. In this situation, you have to be a more honest, and if the bank is bankrupt, it is necessary to revoke the license and initiate bankruptcy proceedings. " Although not exclude an expert, possibly delaying the logic in that, in addition Rosinterbanka Now a few banks with a large volume of deposits have problems, and they will have to compensate from defitsitnogof DIA Foundation (for more than a year, the Fund is financed by the Central Bank), and the need to carry out a number of organizational procedures in order to fund it with the load. Yesterday, the Central Bank did not respond to the request "b".