Roskosmos has deviated from the accounting trajectory

The Audit Chamber has found 93 billion rubles of financial irregularities in the space agency.
Yesterday the Court of Auditors (SP) revealed details of the complex verification of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) in 2014, estimating the amount of financial irregularities at 92.9 billion rubles. Of these, more than 70 billion rubles., Dedicated to research and development activities have been properly reflected in the accounts of accounting. In Roskosmos argue that until the submission of the joint venture did not get, but promised to make an inventory and to develop a new accounting system.

The amount of financial irregularities Roscosmos in 2014, according to the auditors amounted to 92.9 billion rubles. (With a total budget of 139.8 billion rubles.). The volume of trade receivables agency with enterprises reached 189.6 billion rubles. This figure is formed, in particular, due to the issuance of advances to enterprises in 80% of the contracts and disbursement of fixed assets in the fourth quarter of 2014, as well as lack of control over the execution of the Contractor's obligations. Roskosmos, according to the auditors wrongly deducted from balances "the costs for the construction of" six GLONASS space vehicles in the amount of 5.9 billion rubles. It was not used 22.4 mld rbl. allocated for the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome. Auditors de facto confirmed the information, "Kommersant" that the money was not listed contractors and returned to the budget in connection with the failure of the builders of their obligations (see. "Kommersant" on 27 January).

Significant violations are related to budget spending on research and development (R & D): they Roskosmos has sent about 80.5 billion rubles, including 71.6 billion rubles.. It was incorrectly reflected in the accounts of accounting. There was no accounting of intangible assets, prototypes and material assets received in the course of research and development. "Poor quality of R & D results into account not rule out re-use of scientific developments of the past years as reporting the performance of newly concluded state contracts," - noted in the joint venture.

The Agency, in the opinion of the auditors does not control the legality of the expenditure budget investments (in particular for the construction, reconstruction and modernization of facilities). "No one at the respective contract is not signed acts ConfirmSuppress work performed, the amount of "received" in 2014 work was 6.7 billion rubles., - calculated in SP.- Roscosmos penalties stipulated contractual terms have not been applied, "the last volume, according to the auditors, is 4.9 billion. rubles. According to results of the audit the joint venture decided to send an appeal to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Russian Space Agency spokesman Igor Bourenkov said yesterday, "Kommersant" that the agency has not yet received a formal submission from the joint venture. A senior source "b" in the agency said that Roscosmos had time to get acquainted with the audit act, but do not agree with some of the claims. For example, GLONASS devices are created in the interest of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and for the duration of their flight tests, they are assigned to Roscosmos. "It is possible, of course, to spend six months on the transfer of military, but it is necessary to nobody, auditors, however, believe that these tools were" unreasonably written off ", although after the start of operation of all the acts of the work performed is closed," - said "Kommersant" source.

With claims of the R & D address Roskosmos agree."For many years in the Space Agency was adopted this accounting procedure We will conduct an inventory and, of course, to develop a new accounting system.", - Assured yesterday "Kommersant" Mr. Bourenkov.