Roskosmos will repair the scrapped Fonservisbank

Since 2015, Novikombank was involved in this, but had no success. Roskosmos has already lost 47 billion rubles in this bank.
The Central Bank has identified a new Fonderservbank sanator. Its recovery instead of Novikombank will be engaged in the state corporation "Roskosmos", it follows from the press release of the regulator.

At the expense of Roskosmos, the capital of the credit institution will be increased. The bank will continue to provide "a significant portion of the needs of the Roskosmos GC and the state corporation's organizations in banking services."

Fondervisbank has been on sanation since April 2015: at that time Novikombank, which belongs to Rostekh, was chosen as the sanatorium. The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) then reported that its largest creditor, Roskosmos, will participate in the recovery of the bank. Part of the debt of the state corporation was re-registered in a subordinated deposit. In addition, the DIA allocated a loan to the bank for 39 billion rubles. at a preferential rate of 0.51% per annum for 10 years.

In the report for 2017, Fundservicebank indicated that the updated financial recovery plan assumes a change of the investor, and because of the capital increase due to the funds of Roskomos, Novikombank will lose control over the sanitized bank. In addition, according to the plan, the bank should create reserves of 44.14 billion rubles. due to the received profit before reserves and taxes.

Fondervisbank is 62nd in terms of assets in the Interfax CEA ranking.