Rosneft is looking for help in the UK

The State Oil Company Rosneft will challenge the US and European Union sanctions in the amoun of 17.7 million pounds with the assistance of the British lawyers.
The struggle of the Russian authorities with the Western sanctions is gaining momentum - in addition to the symmetrical protective measures against a number of foreign companies-producers, taking the Russian State Duma in the first reading the scandalous Federal Law "On compensation for violation of right to trial within a reasonable time, right in the performance of a judicial act within a reasonable time and (better known as the "law of the Rotenberg") the right to be tried by a competent court of the Russian Federation, "the large state-owned companies began to hire Western lawyer and lobbying agency.

Since the spring of this year, the American authorities have released a whole bunch of directives to economic constraints Russian individuals and legal entities in connection with the situation in the south-east of Ukraine. Among them: "Act on the prevention of Russian aggression", Presidential Decree 13662, "the act of questions and concerns" - these documents regulate the arrest of property of persons involved in the destabilization of the situation in the south-east of Ukraine, as well as change the terms of lending.

Already in the summer of Russian rulersgovernmental and private companies, whose owners Western experts are closely linked with the political leadership of Russia were in the US expanded sanctions list and the EU. At the same time representatives of the companies have declared their intention to challenge the legality of the measures taken, artificially restricted market of goods and services and thus which inflicted considerable financial loss in international courts.

In July, an independent producer of natural gas, "Novatek" has concluded an agreement with the US lobbying firm Qorvis MSL LLC. According to documents of the transaction aimed at the US Senate, Qorvis MSL «10 July this year, intends to lobby for the interests of the company" Novatek "in regard to the spread of her actions of the new US government guidelines."

In August, for international legal assistance requested Gazprombank, which has been denied access to the attraction of international borrowing for more than 90 days (in addition to his access to "long" money was limited to Sberbank, VTB, VEB, the Bank of Moscow and the Russian Agricultural Bank). According to the US Senate disclosure system, the bankI signed a contract with the American Squire Patton Boggs «lobbying interests in the field of banking legislation and regulations, including those relating to sanctions".

In the intention to challenge the announced economic constraints and the state company "Rosneft" last week.

On Friday, the site of public procurement has been registered notice "on the provision of legal services in the interest of JSC" NK "Rosneft" in connection with the defense of the economic sanctions and the protection of the interests of the company and its subsidiaries, as well as any other legal issues for OJSC "NK" Rosneft " .

The cost of the transaction with the law firm in which the customer chooses the special commission will not exceed 17.7 million pounds sterling for the next few weeks, with a projected volume of purchased services - 37,000 hours (based Payment - 478 pounds per hour).

Protection against "Rosneft" will seek sanctions in the UK according to the documents procurement, future partner must provide the oil giant "Rosneft" certificate issued by the competent authoritiesGreat Britain's, stating that it is tax resident in the UK. In addition, according to a published draft agreement Agreement is made on the English model, and in case of violation of the terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted the laws of England and Wales.

As for the terms of reference of the latter-day "Rosneft" advocates, it is not clearly defined - the British company will transmit the oral or written advice and represent the interests of its customers in international courts not only on disputes relating to sanctions.

The contract will be drawn up for a period of five years - until July 31, 2019. "Dates are due to the duration of the pre-trial procedure and the merits of the case in the Western courts," - says the lawyer Vadim Klyuvgant.

Unlike Gazprombank and "Novatek", who buy the services of professional American lobbyists, "Rosneft" refers to legal professionals.

However, the abolition of restrictions on the Russian business with the state participation, unconditionalclearly, it is not a law, but in the political arena, said the lawyer: "Otherwise, experts in the field of international law could be found, and for less money."

It is worth noting that last week, the US investment bank Morgan Stanley announced the possible failure of the transaction with "Rosneft" to sell its oil trading unit. Executive Director of Morgan Stanley James Gorman at a conference of the Institute of International Finance in Washington, said that "the final decision will be for the US government": "This is a matter for the Government. The government has filed an application, and it is treated. This deals with "Rosneft".

Recall that the December 23, 2013, "Rosneft" and Morgan Stanley signed an agreement of intent, according to which the Russian company has committed to buy back this fall international oil trading business of the bank. In early summer, the transaction was approved by the US Federal Trade Commission, and then allocated to the Committee on Foreign Investment, however, then the fact of completion of the transaction has been put in doubt. As foragayut experts, this may be due to the sanctions against both the oil company, and its president, Igor Sechin.