Rosreestr hid the names of the public prosecutor's sons in property statements

Alexey Navalny is planning to sue the agency. 
Alexei Navalny is planning to sue Rosreestr due to the fact that the agency has concealed the names of the sons of the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika in extracts of their property. Navalny said that the names of Artem and Igor Gulls in Rosreestra were replaced encodings - LSDU3 and YFYAU9 respectively. In particular, the residential house of 1952.7 square meters. m, which was in the ownership of Artyom Chaika, is now registered on the "individual LSDU3". This is also a natural person registered land, a garage and a farm building on the site. At Igor Chaika was recorded on a nearby site guest house of 570 square meters. m, now he is registered on the "individual YFYAU9" as a piece of land, as well as two houses, two apartments and other real estate. In excerpts from 2015, according to Navalny, at the addresses property was listed on the sons of Yuri Chaika. According to Navalny, only flat Igor Rochdelskaya Seagulls on the street in the departmental building is not encoded. "Vedomosti" also convinced that the property at the addresses recorded on such physical persons.

Earlier Rosreestr hidden information about that house on the rublewas written supposedly on a woman whose name matches the name of the daughter of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, also disappeared Rosreestra information about the property alleged in-law of President Cyril Shamalova, Navalny said.

Last July, the FSB proposed to close the access to the property of the owners of the data contained in the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it. However, it became known that the bill is postponed until the next convocation of the State Duma in May this year. "Just find another way to solve the problem, - says" Vedomosti "Alexei Navalny. - If tomorrow we want to find the property of another official, it can not happen. Now we are bringing compelling evidence that one or the other property owned by government officials or their children - an extract from the Russian State Register ". According to Navalny, so anti-corruption activists and journalists may lose the opportunity to confirm cases of corruption. The opposition leader recalled that the Fund was trying to fight corruption to sue Rosreestr when he hid information about the property that fredpolozhitelno owned daughter of the minister of defense, but the court rejected the claim.

board Partner attorneys' Yukov and Partners "Marina Krasnobaeva told" Vedomosti "that Rosreestr in any way can not conceal information about the owners of real estate, she heard about this for the first time:" I could understand if they were not given the information at all, citing that no information - even if it was clear that nothing special to hide the information has not been done. " According to her, the law just had to close access to such information as long as it can not be hidden, but it turns out that "now it is doing without any law." Rosreestr not responded to the request "Vedomosti", why he closed the information on the sons of the public prosecutor.