Rotenberg business empire temporarily cringed

How the business of the family of a friend of the president, billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, is changing.
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For Arkady Rotenberg and his family, a whole era ended in 2019. In 2008, together with his brother Boris, he bought five construction subsidiaries from Gazprom for 8.3 billion rubles and combined them into Stroygazmontazh. Thanks to the contracts of the monopoly and the construction of the Kerch bridge in Crimea, Stroygazmontazh turned into the largest private construction company in Russia, and in November Rotenberg sold it. Details were not disclosed, the company registered several months before the transaction became the official owner of the business. But, according to a Forbes source close to the deal, Stroygazmontazh returned to Gazprom’s orbit - the monopoly, together with Gazprombank, creates its own megastractor Gazstroyprom, the assets of Stroygazconsulting, once owned by Ziyad Manasir, became the basis of the new business. According to RBC, Rotenberg received about 75 billion rubles for Stroygazmontazh, which coincided with the Forbes estimate used to calculate Rotenberg’s condition. At the same time, Rotenberg’s son Igor is negotiating with Gazstroyprom on the sale to her of Gazprom drilling, which is building wells on land and on the shelf.

Stroygazmontazh was Arkady Rotenberg's largest asset, but after selling it, the billionaire did not leave a large construction site: on June 7, 2019, the Stroyproektholding company that he owned agreed on an alliance with VEB.RF at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The state corporation headed by Igor Shuvalov is one of the executors of national projects worth almost 26 trillion rubles, approved to fulfill the new May decrees of Vladimir Putin. This means that a friend of the president can become a co-owner of the largest infrastructure builder in Russia. The Rotenberg construction assets - Mostotrest and Mosenergo's fuel and energy complex may enter into a deal with VEB.RF. More transformation of the Rotenberg business empire - in the figure below.

For Rotenberg, an alliance with VEB.RF is very helpful. In November, railway traffic along the Kerch bridge was launched in test mode. Construction of the century worth more than 300 billion rubles (taking into account approaches to the bridge) is nearing its end. Like another large-scale project, which is less associated with the name of Rotenberg. Vladimir Putin launched traffic on the M-11 highway. Of the nine sections of the toll road between Moscow and St. Petersburg worth 520 billion rubles, companies associated with Rotenberg built six. The dynamics of changes in the amount of Rotenberg contracts, see the picture below.