Rotenberg's son told about his dream to become a professional hockey player

The son of Russian billionaire Arkady Rotenberg, Pavel Rotenberg, who plays for the Russian national hockey team at the Junior Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, wants to play hockey at a professional level.
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This 15-year-old Rothenberg told to an article published on the official website of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

"I hope to start with the Youth Hockey League, and then life will show how far I'll go. My dream - to become a professional hockey player, "- said Rothenberg. According to him, he also thinks about what to do after the completion of the sports career. "To become a coach, I do not want, it is better to study to be a lawyer" - he said.

In an interview for an article Paul Rothenberg said he started playing hockey in St. Petersburg at the age of five years. "I started playing hockey accident. A friend, who is older than me for a year, began to play hockey and then I ", - he said.

Currently Rotenberg is on the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer. In Russia U16 national team he plays power forward position. "It's great. The first time I participate in such an event. Everything is perfect, and we can fully concentrate on hockey, "- he said.

Rotenberg's story about his daily life is not much different from what others have to say young hockeyyou stated in the material. "I wake up, I go to school, then I have training off the ice, then ice, then I have supper and go to bed. Sometimes I go out with my friends, "- says Rotenberg.

On Paul Rothenberg ice and "does not feel that the background is his family and the environment makes it stand out against the background of the other," the author writes. "I do not feel that I have something different. I'm part of a team and try to be a good son to my father, "- said the hockey player, adding that he is proud to wear a hockey sweater with Russian symbols.

On Friday in the semifinals of the hockey tournament at the Youth Olympic Games 2016 Russian team lost to the US team with the score 3: 0. On Saturday, the Russians will play against Finland in the match for the bronze medal. As of Saturday morning in the team event the Russian team took third place, winning seven gold medals. The lead in the team standings team South Korea (10 gold medals), in second place - the United States (nine gold medals). Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer will end on 21 February.

Paul Rothenberg - one of five children Arcadia Rotenberha. Billionaire even in the teenage years engaged in one section Sambo with the future president of Russia Vladimir Putin. In an interview with Forbes in July 2012, Rotenberg said that now he has "a new addiction." "We all fell in love with hockey. In my life, I was engaged in a variety of sports, even acrobatics, but the winter activities failed. But about three years ago I started skating. If it were not for the club, of course, I would have fallen. And resist, "- he said. Rotenberg also did not rule out that he Putin "a little infected hockey", with whom he face the Ice Hockey League Night.

Arkady Rotenberg engaged in hockey, not only as a hobby. He holds the position of "Dynamo" the president of the Moscow hockey club and the board is headed by the Russian Hockey Federation. At the billionaire Gennady Timchenko and his brother Boris Rotenberg billionaire owns a stake in the Finnish hockey club Jokerit, who play in the KHL.