Rucompromat review for June 20-24

Evgeniy and Nikita will get their whack of prison. 
Former CEO of "RusHydro" corporation Evgeniy Dod was arrested on June 23 on charges of large-scale fraud. According to preliminary investigation results, in 2013 Dod and other members of "RosHydro" board have been illegally rewarded with large corporate bonuses. Evgeniy Dod in particular received more than 300 million rubles."RusHydro" didn't achieve a lot of financial success during 2013. Information about illegal bonuses was discovered after technical incident on one of the company's facilities. Evgeniy Dod has left office after harsh criticism from Russian president Vladimir Putin. Only then the investigation has formally began.

Governor of Russia Kirov Oblast Nikita Belykh was arrested in one of luxury Moscow restaurants while trying to receive a 400 000 euro bribe. Now Belykh is facing 8 to 15 years in jail. Some spectators suggested that it's all might be a conspiracy created in order to remove Russia's last "liberal" governor.

In 2015 Russian authorities has recalled a license from a commercial bank "Transportnyi". However, bank's major shareholder Alexander Mazanov decided to not to lose his spirit and instead to sell his 55,5 million euro yacht. Coincidentally, than Mazanov has purchased a yacht a few years ago, he has also purchased a shipyard in Netherlands. Also coincidentally "Transportnyi" bank has gone out of business issuing loans to Dutch shipbuilding companies. Bank's losses amounted up to 25 billion rubles. None of the persons affiliated with "Transportnyi" as well as bank's assets weren't put under arrest in spite of the official investigation initiated in April 2016.

In June Russian parliament approved by majority a package of new "anti-terrorism" laws that requires internet providers working in Russia to store all user traffic for up to six months and information about traffic for three years. Experts estimates that costs for creating new datacenters will range anywhere from 200 billion up to 2,2 trillion rubles. Some spectators and people in the industry believes that providers will rather pay the government fines.

And finally, let's laugh at former deputy director of Federal Penitentiary Service Nikolai Krivolapov, that himself was conned by a criminal. Lately Nikolai Krivolapov was accused of 2,7 billion ruble embezzlement. He have spent about 20 million rubles of stolen money on real estate assets in Moscow and suburbs. As it turned out later, property deeds were, in fact, forged by con property dealer.