Russia has changed its mind about "bombing Voronezh"

Russia will not prohibit the supply of titanium for Boeing and Airbus. VSMPO-Avisma could suffer from this.
Response to US sanctions should not affect the supply of titanium VSMPO-Avisma, said in an interview with Rossiya 24 television, the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov.

"You can, of course, resemble, for example, colleagues from Ukraine, when they banned the supply of their gas turbines for shipbuilding, thus giving up a permanent, stable buyer from Russia. They now do not have such a customer, but we have our own production, our own competencies, "Manturov said (quoted by Interfax).

According to the minister, Russia assumes that titanium supplies will continue, otherwise it will affect not only VSMPO-Avisma, but also the joint Russian-American enterprise, which is located in the Titanium Valley in the Sverdlovsk region (Ural Boeing Manufacturing). This joint venture produces for Boeing and Airbus blanks and parts from titanium, for example chassis. "Why make decisions that will adversely affect our enterprises, our manufacturers?" He rhetorically asked.

The draft law on the response to US actions was published on April 13. It assumes restrictions on the import of American goods (agricultural products, raw materials, food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco) and gives the government the right to stop international cooperation of Russia and Russian companies in the nuclear, aircraft and rocket industry with the United States and companies with a share of US capital more than 25%.

VSMPO-Avisma reacted the same day with lightning speed: "We hope for the wisdom and foresight of Russian lawmakers who, in our opinion, can not make a decision that could negatively affect the Russian titanium industry and the country's economy as a whole."

The company is associated with European and American companies more than thirty years of partnership. "Violation of cooperation ties, unfulfilled business obligations can for a long time, if not forever, rip out our company from a dynamically developing titanium market. In addition, in the Urals region more than 20,000 employees will be in a crisis situation, "the company said.

What is invested by the largest co-owner of VSMPO-Avisma Mikhail Shelkov

The daughter structure of the offshore Cyprus-owned offshore Cyprus Cyprus Valedell - Golden marine international (British Virgin Islands) owns a 45-meter yacht DYNASTY (formerly known as Africa and Sunrise). The yacht was built in 2009 by the Turkish SUNRISE YACHTING YATCILIK. Now stands in Palma de Mallorca.

The project for the construction of a residential house in Krivoarbatsky Lane, 4, the structure of Shelkova acquired in 2011 from Inteko Elena Baturina. Built there, a luxurious mansion in the style of classicism put up for sale for 4.19 billion rubles. As a residential residence for one family. This is the most expensive apartment in Moscow.

In 2012, the Shelkov structure gained control of a 16% stake in Purpetraboprovodstroy (PTPS), one of the largest builders in the Yamal-Nenets District. Among other co-owners of the company was Prominvest Rostekha. She carried out orders for Transneft - for example, she participated in the construction of the northernmost oil pipeline of Russia, the Polar region - Purpe - Samotlor.

At the daughter of Valedel - Orex aviation AVV, registered in Aruba, in 2013 three business jets were registered - Boeing 737-700 and two Embraer ERJ-135. Now the company has only two Embraer. Shelkov, together with the beneficiaries of the Vnukovo airport, wanted to develop a project in the field of business aviation, but the crisis prevented it.

Shelkova once owned a 24% stake in one of the largest Russian pharmaceutical distributors Irvin 2, and now they control the company Bion, which operates in the Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster. It is the largest producer of medicinal substances from domestic raw materials with a share of 25% of the total volume of their production.