Russia may face problems with the vaccines for the prevention of tuberculosis

The only supplier, subsidiary of Rostec, voiced such concerns. 
In Russia, there may be interruptions in vaccines for the prevention of tuberculosis, RBC said and confirmed the representative of the National Immunobiological Company ("Natsimbio", subsidiary of Rostec).

Vaccines for the prevention of tuberculosis BCG-M and BCG are included in the national vaccination schedule, approving the list of drugs for universal free immunization. He prescribes to vaccinate newborns on the 3rd-7th days of life with a sparing vaccine BCG-M, and if there is a tuberculosis patient in the environment of the newborn, then BCG.

 The only producer of BCG-M and BCG is the NGO Microgen (part of the Nacimbo). The same company since June 2015 - the only supplier of domestic vaccines for the national calendar.

The Ministry of Health in 2016 concluded a contract with "Nazimbio" for the supply of vaccines BCG-M and BCG, according to its conditions, the expiration date of these drugs expired on April 1, says a representative of "Natsimbio." Information on the purchase of a vaccine lot for 2017, according to him, the ministry posted only on March 28. According to the procurement schedule of the Ministry of Health at, the department planned in March to purchase BCG vaccine for 14.9 million rubles. And vaccines BCG-M for 25.7 million rubles. The term of passage of all procedures is such that the contract will be concluded no earlier than April 3-4, so in the maternity hospitals the vaccine will appear in about two weeks, complains the representative of "Natsimbio."

All procurement activities for vaccines BCG and BCG-M have been completed, the procedure for concluding a contract with a single provider is in progress, the Ministry of Health said in response to a request from Vedomosti. If the supplier fulfills all the obligations to conclude a contract and supply these vaccines, there will be no shortage, I am sure the representative of the ministry.

 Even if the vaccine will not be two to three weeks old - it's not critical, says pediatrician of the network of children's clinics "Preamble" Elena Mikheeva: without the reaction of mantus and additional examinations, a vaccine of BCG or BCG-M can be given up to two months of the baby, she refers to the order of the Ministry of Health.

Vaccination can be performed at the polyclinic, but there is no guarantee that during this time the child will not face the infection, children are more likely to get tuberculosis at the first meeting and get sick heavier, Oksana Petrova, the deputy head doctor of the Family Doctor, says, therefore BCG is vaccinated so early.