Russian banker arrested in the US on suspicion of espionage

Yevgeny Buryakov is accused of unauthorized collection of information about US sanctions against Russia and the US plans to develop alternative energy sources.
The FBI announced the arrest in New York, the Russian banker suspected of economic espionage. "The FBI has arrested a spy in the Bronx from Russia, who was part of a network for the collection of economic intelligence and recruit New Yorkers," - said in a statement posted on the official website of department on Twitter.

In a joint statement, US Attorney General, the Prosecutor's Office in Manhattan and the FBI reported that espionage is suspected to act "under the guise of unofficial" agent bank employee SVR 39-year-old Eugene Buriakov. Buriakov was arrested. New York court refused to release him on bail so that he did not leave the United States.

Among his associates called employee Russian trade mission in New York, 40-year-old Igor Sporysheva and pospredstva Attache Russia in the UN 27-year-old Victor alike. They are protected by diplomatic immunity, and are no longer in the United States, the report says.

Name of the bank, in which the number of Buriakov not specified. The publication Business Insider points out that we can talk about Vnesheconombank. The alleged spy NumbersGSI in the state of banking offices in Manhattan. The official website of the VEB is reported that a man named Eugene Buriakov is the deputy representative of the VEB in the United States.

Follow the alleged spies for the FBI began in 2012. Police officers paid attention to the many code words in their conversations. So, when they spoke of "tickets" at any event, it had in mind the need for a personal meeting. At the same time the report is talking passage in which, without any ciphers Sporyshev in conversation with another agent says of his five-year contract with CBP and adds that "the military and their families to pay for expensive vacation home and here in the Foreign Intelligence Service, paid road to post and back again. "

It is assumed that Sporyshev was the liaison between Buryakov and SVR, as well as with similar Buryakov analyzed the extracted information.

Buryakova, Sporysheva and similar suspect that they collected information concerning the introduction of US economic sanctions against Russia, as well as the United States plans to develop alternative energy sources. These suspicions are foundedovany, in particular, on the results of numerous meetings with the FBI Buryakova representative that represents a mediator from a wealthy investor who plans to cooperate with the bank for the construction of casinos in Russia. During these meetings, the summer of 2014 Buriakov, according to prosecutors, expressed a desire to get information about things, "far beyond the duties of a bank employee." FBI agent made it clear Buryakova that can reach the United States government documents for him that could be of interest to Russia, including on US sanctions against it.

From the FBI report shows that Sporyshev Buryakova asked to help in the formulation of questions, which were supposed to ask ostensibly on behalf of "the leading Russian state news", but which in fact asked for the purpose of collecting information of interest to the SVR. The FBI report says that from experience knows that some of the former employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service said it was news agency periodically used as a cover for intelligence gathering. The report its name is omitted. But when thereoditsya decoding two intercepted telephone conversations and Sporysheva Buryakova on May 21, 2013 Sporyshev Buryakova asked to formulate three questions on the New York Stock Exchange in favor of this "news agency." That after a while two suggested themes. Who was supposed to ask, of deciphering the conversation is unclear.

The FBI also reported that has numerous recordings, from which it follows that Sporyshev and similar attempts to discuss recruitment as SVR sources of employees of large companies and a few young women with ties to a major New York University.

The Russians would be charged with two counts: complicity unauthorized espionage on US territory (the maximum term - up to five years in prison) and work as a foreign agent in the United States without prior notice (up to 10 years in prison).

The Russian permanent mission to the UN, trade mission and Russian Consulate General in New York, the situation does not comment. The Russian Embassy in Washington reported that no official ofGOVERNMENTAL requests to them has not yet been reported, according to TASS.