Russian banks reached for Igor Mavlyanov's family foreign assets in the US

American justice will protect VTB's interests in debt collection from the owner of Jasper Venture Group. New York court will consider the request of the bank to impose provisional measures against Igor Mavlyanov, his family, companies and business partners in the USA.  
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In early May of this year, the Supreme Court of the State of New York entered a lawsuit filed by lawyer MORGAN Bureau, LEWIS & BOCKIUS, LLP in the interest of JSC "VTB Bank": the claimant requires the introduction of interim measures against Igor Mavlyanova, his wife, Stella, and their sons Ilio and Canaan, and a number of their affiliated companies, including JASPER VENTURE GROUP LLC, formed to invest in luxury properties in the US. The purpose of the suit, filed in accordance with local law in New York on the debtor and the creditor (New York's Debtor and Creditor Law, "NY DCL"), - to prevent possible fraud on withdrawal of assets or money that should go to pay off the multi-billion dollar debt Mavlyanova before the Russian state bank.

Game "VTB Bank"

As it follows from the statements previously issued several loans VTB OAO "TPK Jasper", which, in this case, the defendant is not. The reason, probably, that it collect from anything already problematic - like stated earlier representatives of Sberbank, is also a major creditor of the borrower suspect in the withdrawal of assets from the Russian business. However, for pvbezhom's not so sad: it was reported earlier, the already mentioned JASPER planned to invest in construction and acquisition of properties in the two most expensive US states: New York and California. However, in reality it turned out to be a bit more modest: for example, according to information from the website of the company, including the recently closed transactions - the purchase of land for the future construction of a mini-mall in the city of Newark, New Jersey. But as you know, great things start with small things - just to prevent further "big things" and "promising investment" and sent an interim measure, which requires representatives of VTB.

Beverly Hills, 2710

As follows from the document, Igor Mavlyanov VTB provided personal guarantees for the issued "Jasper" loans, but almost immediately afterwards began to withdraw assets on their family members and the newly-created legal entities, both in Russia and abroad. The bulk of such transactions has been made during the four weeks preceding the announcement of the beginning of the bankruptcy of OJSC "TPK Jasper." In particular, the transaction sae Mavlyanova elite condominium in Manhattan (150 West 56th Street), worth more than four and a half million dollars, which previously reported Russian media, could also be a sham: according to the Court, the couple Mavlyanova still live at this address, and the possible " buyers ", by the way - a long-standing family business partners - in no hurry to take ownership. A Californian mansion at 18000 Boris Drive, in the Los Angeles suburb of Encino, that the wife owned since 2006, in 2013 was sold to Boris LLC, the company registered at the same address as that of many other family businesses, affiliates Mavlyanova family. Another estate in mellifluous area of ​​Beverly Hills (2710 Bowmont Drive, Beverly Hills), worth over two million dollars, the couple also transferred to the company Bowman LLC - Address registration of the company, as well as office location, external consultants, lawyers and management , represented by Ilio Mavlyanova, the same as that of Boris LLC, and coincide with two other "dummy" ( "sham", as stated in the application) firms.

Honey, from 7 th April!

According to the EastCA, one day, April 7, 2015, Igor Mavlyanov gave his wife four properties in Moscow and the Moscow region, including two apartments in a luxury house in the alley fitter, and all the same, to May 6, inclusive, seven sites - two of them : house in an obscure village near Moscow Barvikha. However, according to available information, the couple continue to use the apartments, as well as the US real estate.

The lawsuit VTB describes these transactions as "fraudulent", all of which were committed in just a few weeks before the bankruptcy of the jewelry company. Default "Jasper" came just over a year ago, June 15, 2015, but when it's time to "pay the bills", the guarantor Igor Mavlyanov to do this did not, preferring asymmetric response: it re-registered in the town of Bobrov, Voronezh region, where initiated his personal bankruptcy. Actually, it was due to the transfer of numerous real estate in Russia and the US to family members and legal entities-disc (this is the word, "dummies", characterizes their court document), Igor Mavlyanov and proved insolvent. How to findrepresentatives of the State Bank - intentionally.

Sit down, the court has come?

VTB began with the capital of the Meshchansky Court, which recognized the Mavlyanova debt of about two and a half billion rubles, and awarded the applicant compensation of legal costs in the amount of 120 thousand. Now, according to the submitted application, the state bank is waiting for the decision enters into force, to ensure its competence and jurisdiction in the US. Bank asks US court to recognize said Boris LLC, Bowman LLC and several other companies that are not formally associated with Igor Mavlyanova, respondent, and therefore, seize their property. If the petition is granted, their assets will be frozen until the completion of the trial. About affects whether probable arrest of a piece of land for the construction of a mini-mall in New Jersey, the document does not say. Perhaps if it is built, it will move in here shopping, "Jasper Gold" instead of closing one after the other outlets in Moscow.

If we compare the efforts of numerous lenders "Jasper" to hunting, we can say that the group overlaidand from all sides: Only in late June it was reported that numerous already known requirements added more than 200 million rubles from several banks, including "Uralsib".. They brought to the company "Jewelry House" Jasper "from the beginning of June in a state of bankruptcy proceedings. But they pale against the backdrop of claims Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service №26 city of Moscow, which is almost at the same time said more than 10 billion rubles for inclusion in the register of creditors of "Commercial and industrial company" Jasper ". The basis for the requirements is suspected of fraud with a turnover of precious metals, leveled several holding managers, including Igor Mavlyanova.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that, in parallel with the bankruptcy cases, there is a number of 664,722 criminal: officials, members and employees of "TPK Jasper" suspected, among other things, the use-by-night firms. As part of the operational activities were involved in wiretapping employees and founders of the company, includingRobert Martirosyan partner Igor Mavlyanova. A June 27, 2011 was questioned himself during the investigation. Mavlyanov testified, confirming that is "almost one hundred percent shareholder" in OAO "TPK Jasper." And since the purpose of the alleged crime was "getting of" TPK Jasper ", its officials and members of unjustified tax benefit", we can conclude that the circle of beneficiaries of illegal activity "almost entirely" known. If the charges are proved, the one bankrupt company owners obviously can not do.

Played Savings Card

The largest commercial lender group still remains Sberbank of Russia. At this moment it is unknown whether Sberbank plans, which the owners of "Jasper" owed more than 6 billion. Rubles to request foreign courts for interim measures. "They tried to contact the owner to do correctly, had his appeal for common sense", - quotes RIA Novosti first deputy chairman of Russia's largest bank Maxim Poletaeva. In the meantime, mediaoobschayut that "the structure of OJSC" Sberbank of Russia "are seeking the truth the house, insisting on the introduction of interim measures within the framework of the bankruptcy process Jewellery House Ltd. Jasper and JSC" TPK-Jasper ", which is currently considering the Moscow Arbitration Court.