Russian businessman Alexander Kulakovsky was convicted of illegally obtaining Czech citizenship

The former co-owner of Unicore Bank and his son Cyril received Czech citizenship through a simplified system for "making an exceptional scientific contribution." Experts believe that the bribe amount to the former Interior Minister of the Czech Republic, Milan Hovantz could amount to 500 thousand dollars.
As reported by the Vinegret edition, Kirill Kulakovsky and his father Alexander received Czech citizenship without any examinations and long waiting as individuals who brought exceptional benefits to the state in science. The republic's Ministry of the Interior "gave good" on the recommendation of the Center for the Study of the Energy Use of the Lithosphere. However, as it turned out, the Academy of Sciences of the CR about the Russians did not hear anything, and the center there is called "a very suspicious organization."

Let us note that the standard procedure for obtaining citizenship presupposes a 5-year residence in the country with the status of permanent residence, the successful passing of an exam in the Czech language, knowledge of the history and realities of the republic, as well as the fulfillment of a number of other conditions. As a rule, petitions are considered very long - a year and even two.

The Czech Republic issues passports and under a simplified scheme, if the applicant is of particular interest to the state. This happens infrequently (about 10 cases per year) and concerns, as a rule, outstanding athletes, scientists, cultural figures.

The fact that the "VIP-citizenship" went to two unknown Russians, the first to pay attention to lawyer Tomasz Nemecek. Moskvich Alexander Kulakovsky received a Czech passport in 2016, his son - a year later.

"My attention was attracted by the fact that I could not immediately find out who Kulakovsky was. Then they sent me a link to the Russian-language edition of the Prague Telegraph. Kulakovsky originally came to Karlovy Vary to breed sturgeon, and before he was one of the 500 richest Russians, "the lawyer to the Czech Radio said.

The motive for granting Kulakovsky citizenship under a simplified scheme of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic called "an exceptional contribution from the point of view of science". The order was signed by the then head of the department Milan Hovanets. According to him, the reasons for such a step were sufficient.

The minister received the recommendation to grant citizenship to the Russians from the Center for the Study of the Energy Use of the Lithosphere, founded in 2007 by the Liberec Municipality. As the director of the scientific organization Zdenek Rybzh, the father and son brought a huge benefit to the center. In particular, businessman Kirill Kulakovsky attracted an investment of 10 million kroons (about 500 thousand dollars).

At the same time, city authorities claim that in recent years the center has virtually no activity. In an academic environment, the organization enjoys a dubious reputation.

 "I talked with Dr. Jan Shafanda from the Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, and he said that Kulakovsky does not know. At the same time, he warned me that the Liberec Center for studying the energy use of the lithosphere is a very suspicious organization with which one should be on the alert, "said Jan Martinek, representative of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

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It is not excluded that during the proceedings the father and son of Kulakovsky may be deprived of Czech citizenship. In the Czech Republic, this casts a shadow over the former head of the Interior Ministry, Milan Khovants, who signed permits for obtaining citizenship by Russians under a simplified procedure.