Russian Post wouldn't give up

The company showed its papers to the security officers. 
FSUE "Russian Post" has commented on reports of security officials visit the central office. Law enforcement authorities at their request employees were transferred to mail documents that are not associated with the payment of salaries and bonuses to the company's management, according to the press service of FSUE.

According to news agencies, law enforcement agencies and the FSB conducted seizure of documents in the central office of "Mail of Russia" on the salaries of the General Director Dmitry Strashnova enterprise and his deputies. According to, FSB officers also raided the office of Mr. Strashnova.

The press service of "Russian Post" reported that information about searches in its central office is not true. "On December 7, a working staff interaction" Mail of Russia "were handed over documents to law enforcement agencies upon their request. These materials are not related to payments of salaries and bonuses to the management of the enterprise ", - stated in the" Mail of Russia ".

November 25 Prosecutor General's Office sent to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation the materials of a criminal case under the article on abuse of office in relation to the general director of "Mail of Russia" Dmitry Strashnova, as well as two senior Ministry of Communications for negligence. During the inspection of the Prosecutor General revealed that the results of 2014 Dmitry scary received an award in the amount of 95.4 million rubles., Although, according to prosecutors, top manager bonus can be a maximum of 3.2 million rubles. Dmitry scary called his legitimate prize, since it was calculated on the basis of the decision of the Government and the Ministry of Labor 1994 letter.

5 December the head of the Ministry of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov said he plans to discuss the claims to premiums paid Dmitry Strashnova, with representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office on December 8 "next scheduled workshop." On December 6, a representative of the Prosecutor General Alexander Kurennoj said that at the meeting the head of the prize "Mail of Russia" will not be discussed. "In the premium section" Mail of Russia "will they communicate with the Investigative Committee," - said Mr. smoking (quoted by TASS). As a result, December 8 at a meeting in the Ministry of Communications were considered view of the Prosecutor General. Prosecutors acknowledged that part of the violations corrected, and the calculation of the issue premium chapter "Mail of Russia" was not raised.

Sources of "b" in the TFR said that pre-investigation checks on these facts just begun, no recesses today they are not carried out, because now working with the documents that came from the Prosecutor General's Office.