Russians took the bait of microchips

The agents of US intelligence mailed them under the guise of electronics traders. 
In the US, the court opened the first access to the documents of the criminal case of Russians Alexey Krutilina and Dmitry Karpenko, accused the country of violating export control regulations. According to law enforcement officers, and gentlemen Krutilin Karpenko using Russian-born American Alexei Baryshev tried to purchase electronic equipment, including defense.

As follows from the materials released by the court investigation, arrested October 5, 2016 in Denver citizens of Russia 27-year-old Alex Krutilin and 33-year-old Dmitry Karpenko arrived on October 1 at New York airport JFK with return tickets to Moscow on October 7. From the published correspondence of Russians with an American company - the electronics manufacturer, name of which is classified, they negotiate a contract for the supply of electronic circuits for a total amount of $ 151 thousand, while the export of two of the three types of chips required to obtain a special license.. However, in the office of Russian intelligence agents were waiting for us, which, as it turned out, were telephone calls and correspondence on behalf of the prospect for a long timeseller's.

At the same time in New York was arrested naturalized American Alexey Baryshev, president and owner of the firm and the SPECTRA UIP TECHNO, designated as "independent distributors of electronics and electronic equipment." Mr. Baryshev was the only officer of both companies, and the Russians used his domains and e-mail addresses of these firms.

Alex Krutilin appeared in the field of view of US intelligence in the spring of 2016, when sent to the US company a request for the purchase of electronic products Party, posing as an employee of UIP TECHNO David Powell. He was interested in chips designed for use in the space industry. According to the documents, filled UIP TECHNO, for the purchase of a license is not required, as the final recipient of the product was in California (in the meantime the company said in the document, referred to in the case, he contends that has never had relations with UIP TECHNO). Intelligence agents, who spoke on behalf of the firm-seller, made it clear that they were going to violations of the law for the sake of his client and require compensation risks. The Sumaterials-judicial agent is correspondence with Alexei Krutilina. "We can make a lot of money on this contract - quoted rossiyanina.- We respect your company and never did inform about our cooperation, because it is risky for both of us ... You say that you want to compensate for the risk, inform, in how much? .. We can transfer money to accounts outside the United States. "

For a discussion of compensation and receive the first installment already paid for the goods and gentlemen Krutilin Karpenko, according to the Americans, and arrived in Denver. The Russians introduced David Powell and Simon Fox, on whose behalf and negotiated. Intelligence agents posing as businessmen, said that he understood - it's about the future export of electronic circuits in Russia. As follows from the materials to the court, in response to the Russians supposedly they smiled and nodded their heads affirmatively.

The materials of the investigation indicated that the day before they arrive at a rented car to a meeting with the sellers, the Russians decided to look at the Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs. VoennaI did not miss their protection, require the production of documents and made copies of Russian passports and the business card in the name of David Powell of UIP TECHNO. Motives for visiting the air base are not explained, but it is not charged with the citizens of Russia.

The record states that Denver was not the first contract, which arrested trying to enter into the United States in circumvention of the law on export control. Mr. Baryshev, according to US intelligence officials, in particular, sent the five digital-to-analog converters to Finland, which does not require licenses for high-tech dual-use items. "This country does not fall into the list of export control and is often used for subsequent re-export to Russia", - stated in the materials of the case. Converters including use in radar and oscilloscopes for military purposes, according to court documents. In addition, the May 12, 2016 Alexey Baryshev tried to send via DHL not named in the materials Moscow Address 150 integrated circuits that require a special permit regulator. Sending was arrested. Cntssluzhby claim that those arrested or illegally removed from the United States tried to take to Russia five digital-to-analog converters 400 and integrated circuits.

"We are engaged in this business is not the first day, we have been established a network of companies in the United States and Canada We have agents that help to export to Europe." - Quoted in the court materials the words of Alexei Krutilina.

In Russia reacted angrily to the detention of Russian citizens in the United States, describing it as another violation of the agreements on legal assistance and consular convention. This was stated by Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov, the air of "Russia 24" TV channel.

The Russians will be shipped from Denver to New York, because the case was referred to the Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York, located in Brooklyn. Messrs Baryshev, Krutilina Karpenko and if they are found guilty could face up to 25 years in prison and a fine of $ 1 million.