Russians will pay for "law Yarovoi" with their ruble

Russian Internet providers start increasing prices since the summer.
Russian Internet providers began to raise prices for their services by 8-10%. The rise in price will come into force from the beginning of summer and is associated with the costs of implementing the "law of Yarovoi." Despite the fact that the government has lowered the requirements for storing information, the costs of small providers will amount to tens of millions of rubles, and for large ones they will amount to tens of billions.

The Petersburg provider Telecompass LLC (Comforttel brand) informed the customers about the increase in the subscription fee for communication services by 8% from July 1, 2018 due to the entry into force of the "Yarovoy package", follows from a letter that Kommersant familiarized with, . In it, the company indicates that for it entry into force of the law means "costs over 60 million rubles. on the purchase of equipment, which will store information. " The increase in the cost of some tariffs by 10% since June 1, subscribers was informed by the provider "" (JSC "ER-Telecom Holding"), which occupies 11% of the Russian broadband market, follows from the information on the company's website. Earlier, the provider had already raised prices in April in some regions.

As of July 1, 2018, operators must store all telephone conversations, text messages, images, sounds, video recordings and other electronic messages of users. The government's announcement, adopted in April, clarifies that the operators must keep the talks and messages for six months, and the messages that users transmit over the Internet are 30 days. The storage capacity of operators each year should increase by 15% within five years.

As explained to "Kommersant" co-founder of "Telecom" Dmitry Petrov, an increase in tariffs by 8% will allow the provider to cover the costs of implementing the "law of Yarovoi" for five years. The company believes that it will be minimally painful for subscribers.

Estimating costs in the amount of more than 60 million rubles. was given on the basis of the cost of equipment offered by the developer of MFI Soft: 37 million rubles. For storage in the volume of 10 Gbit of a continuous strip. "To implement the requirements of the law, we need two such repositories," explained Mr. Petrov. In his opinion, all operators will inevitably raise prices. "Keeping the old prices at such costs will lead to a drop in marginality, since the market has not been growing for several years," he said.

In "ER-Telecom" is not directly associated with the change in tariffs with "law Yarovoi", although previously the company estimated its costs for its implementation of 50 billion rubles. "The economic situation affects the activities of operators: inflation, rising costs for equipment, content, increasing investment costs for network modernization, and operators continue to revise the cost of services to continue providing quality services," the company representative said. In April and June, "" revises the terms of marketing actions, as a result of which changes the cost of certain tariffs, specified in "ER-Telecom."

Experts and market participants have repeatedly warned that operators will compensate for the costs of implementing the "law of Yarovoi" by increasing tariffs. "The operators will necessarily shift these costs to the subscribers, and the tariffs will increase," says Leonid Reiman, ex-communications minister and chairman of the board of directors of Angstrem. "It will completely fall on the shoulders of consumers, because it does not happen in another way," believes David Yakobashvili, a member of the Board of Directors of Sistema.

In February, Arkady Dvorkovich, who then held the post of deputy prime minister, at a meeting on adjusting the law asked operators not to allow prices to increase in connection with the "law of Yarovoy" by more than 5%, Interfax reported. As a result of the adjustment, "the level of claims was seriously reduced, but in financial terms they were still very high," the source said. "In a large operator."

In the budget of Rostelecom for 2018, the costs associated with the "law Yarovoi" are not laid, because there are no regulatory documents that clearly describe the technical requirements and equipment parameters, Kommersant was reminded yesterday by the press service of the company. The representative of VimpelCom only said that the operator plans to proceed from the balance of interests of customers and the competitive situation in the market. MegaFon and MTS declined to comment. MTS estimated its costs for the "Yarovoi law" of 60 billion rubles. for the next five years, Vimpelcom - 45 billion rubles., "MegaFon" - 40 billion rubles.