Russians will pay taxes to Alisher Usmanov and Sergei Chemezov

With each cigarette, tablet or coat, Russians will pay tribute. The main beneficiary of the introduction of a total marking system in Russia will be the oligarch Alisher Usmanov.
"All marking issues should be transferred to a single operator, the CGTP, which is created on the basis of Rostej jointly with private investors," said Industry Minister Denis Manturov. In fact, the concern "Automatics", which belongs to the state corporation, owns only 25% in LLC "CRTP" (Center for Advanced Technologies Development). Another quarter of the share is owned by entrepreneur Alexander Galitsky. Half of the same through JSC "Peter-service" is controlled by Usmanov.

The CRTP is already responsible for labeling tobacco products and footwear. Soon it will be mandatory to label medicines, cameras, tires, perfume, clothes and many other products. According to the idea through the brands it will be possible to trace the way of the goods from the factory to the counter that will allow to struggle with the gray sector of the economy and liquidate counterfeit. Well, financial costs, as usual, will be paid by citizens: according to experts, prices will grow by 10%.

The introduction of beer labeling is still in question, but business is still concerned: if for large manufacturers the need to stick paper stamps means growth of costs, then a small one threatens to close at all.

- Taxes and levels of control in Russia on the brewers are so inadequate, "the owner of the craft brewery told the" Interlocutor ". - The state wants to cut it. There is an endless game of cat and mouse. EGAIS, counters, now marks. As a result, you have to work in gray or close. Otherwise, it is unrealistic. And the taxes we have for brewers are higher than in Europe or America, and this is in crisis.

Assumed income of Usmanov from the new business is still difficult to estimate. But hardly one of the richest Russians would get involved in this business for the sake of some couple of billions.