Rustam Tariko varnishes his bank with scotch whiskey

Banker Rustam Tariko, amid a critical financial situation, decided to produce Scotch whiskey. The businessman’s spiteful critics have already begun to spread rumors about the inappropriate behavior of the owner of the Russian Standard.
The news that the banker and owner of the alcohol holding Roust Rustam Tariko began to produce Scotch whiskey was puzzled in business circles. In the near future, Tariko may lose both the bank and Roust. A number of sources with which the correspondent of The Moscow Post spoke, believe that the banker can withdraw money from the "Russian Standard" in the alcohol business, and from there to offshore.

Rustam Tariko, of course, is far more imaginary. Under the guise of a new business, he can withdraw money from the bank so that it does not remain for investors. During this year, the bank lost 20 billion rubles. their assets. Doesn't want Tariko to explain where they could go?

In the summer, Lenta wrote that Tariko could lend 19 billion rubles to related companies. It could just be about the companies included in the alcohol holding Roust. In a strange way, the figure almost coincides with the amount by which banking assets decreased.

In October 2017, Russian Standard Rustam Tariko defaulted on securities for $ 545 million. Collateral for this issue of securities was 49% of the shares of Russian Standard Bank. The banker was counting on restructuring the issue, however, investors gathered a group of 25% and blocked this opportunity.

Realizing that he was ahead of him, Rustam Tariko began offering investors various options for resolving the situation - one funnier than the other. A person in their right mind and sober memory would never go to them. Therefore, investors began to creep into doubt about the adequacy of decisions made by Rustam Tariko.

The banker was already in a similar situation in 2015, but then managed to negotiate with investors, paying them only 18%. This time he offered as much as 25%, but did not find understanding among bondholders. No one was going to endure financial mockery of himself.

To “squeeze” Tariko, investors turned to investment company A1, which is known for helping to find debts around the world. Now she is “hunting” for the assets of the runaway ex-head of Vneshprombank Georgy Bedzhamov. The “hunting season” for Tariko is probably already open. And the banker as soon as he can tries to drag out time to withdraw more money from the bank?

Investors should pay attention not only to a decrease in bank assets. Rustam Tariko lost almost 11 billion rubles this year on deposits from individuals. Funds of enterprises and organizations decreased by 16.5 billion rubles. (34.12%). More than a third of legal clients escaped from the bank? Apparently, there is already no trust in Rustamu Tariko.

From the close circle of Rustam Tariko, it became known that due to the possibility of losing the “Russian Standard”, the banker may be out of his mind. And commit rash acts. Which, according to experts, in the absence of funds in the Roust holding is the production of whiskey.

Rumor has it that among investors who see that the bank’s assets are openly squandered, doubts arose about the adequacy of Rustam Tariko. Bond holders can appeal to the High Court of London and demand the arrest of not only Russian Standard shares, but Roust alcohol holding. As a result of the proceedings, Rustam Tariko may lose both of his assets.
The Civil Code of the Russian Federation has an article on conducting a forensic psychiatric examination (EIT) in order to establish what condition a person could be at the time of the transaction. EIT is appointed upon request of persons whose rights or interests protected by law may be violated as a result of the transaction.

It can be recognized as invalid if the citizen was not able to understand the significance of his actions and manage them. Causes can be nervous shock, mental breakdown, deep alcohol intoxication, etc.

Bond holders are also interested parties. And banker Rustam Tariko is now making deals that may devalue the 49% stake in Russian Standard that actually belongs to investors. It is doubtful that someone wrote an application for an EIT in relation to Rustam Tariko, but what happens in a businessman is, to put it mildly, not so much in person.

Is Tariko's alcohol business at risk?

Roust Holding also can not boast of financial success. In 2017, with revenue of 36 billion rubles, he received a loss of 1.6 billion rubles. What is the production of whiskey! Rustam Tariko is trying to demonstrate that he is still afloat? So who will believe when there are financial indicators. And for them, since 2011, the holding has only made a profit for two years, and all other years have been in the red. Revenues in 2017 increased sharply, and profits for some reason fell. Well this is what kind of "craftsman" you need to be in order to work this way.

Money can sail to offshore Cyreus Holding Inc. from the British Virgin Islands. They do not disclose their beneficiaries. It’s very convenient to hide funds. Is Rustam Tariko doing this? Does Russian Standard money go to Roust holding companies and disappear offshore?

Tariko simply “dug in” them and probably didn’t even hear from the edge of his ear about the deoffshorization of the business that Russian President Vladimir Putin demands. Or is he an alcohol king - not a decree?

Rust Russia JSC has 7 managed and 7 "subsidiaries". They represent, simply a storehouse for those who are looking for businesses from which money can be withdrawn. Co-founders of Russian Standard Vodka LLC are the American Rust Corporation and Rust Inc., 100% owned by Bermuda Rust Trading Limited. The shares of both founders are encumbered by TMF Trusty Limited from the United Kingdom. Offshore offshore and drives offshore!

Siberian Distillery JSC has not had a profit since 2013. In 2015, the loss amounted to 659 million rubles, in 2017 - 135 million rubles. LLC Glavsprttrest, owned by the Cypriot Latchi Limited, in 2017 received a loss of 539 million rubles. Parliament Production LLC - 52 million rubles. Its founder is the Cyprus Kupkresto Enterprises Limited. She is the founder of the Parliament Distribution with a loss of 182 million rubles. Rustam Tariko doesn’t let go of the offshore reins of government?

And what happens to the "daughters", five of whom are trading houses? It seems that these are the organizations through which money is withdrawn. The staff has 1 or 0 employees, the shares of the founders are under the burden of TMF Trust Limited. Instead of profit, companies bring Rustam Tariko some losses. And as soon as he puts up with it?

What is most striking is that the competent authorities do not pay attention to this "offshore empire" of Rustam Tariko. Here, you don’t even need to dig, everything lies on the surface. Loss of TD Russian Alcohol - 6.8 million rubles, TD Russian Alcohol - North-West - 50 million rubles, TD Russian Alcohol - Center - 31 million rubles, TD Russian Alcohol - Moscow - 143 million rubles . "," TD Russian alcohol - Siberia "-115 million rubles.

And what does it do? While investors through A1 are trying to take away the “Russian Standard” from Rustam Tariko, he can calmly withdraw money both from the bank and from his alcohol holding Roust. Yes, and the production of Scotch whiskey, apparently hiding. But there is absolutely no council for such, to put it mildly, brave businessman? Or is the law in our country not working for everyone?