RuTracker: "We have always tried to reach a compromise"

The torrent's lawyer Alexander Volkov speaks about what the administration of RuTracker can and cannot control.
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Lawyer RuTracker Alexander Volkov - about how one of the most popular Russian sites (attendance of about 1 million a day) is planning to meet the requirements of copyright holders, filed suit in the Moscow City Court on the "lifetime" of the resource is locked.

- Who owns RuTracker site and how to construct your business processes?

- This is not a commercial entity, and something like a club. The community of people who exchange information, collect it and cataloged. The closest analogue of the well-known to you - it's "Wikipedia". Therefore, to talk about what that business processes in our sense. All that we have - this is the payment for the advertisement, the number of which is online now minimal. These funds are used for current expenses for the maintenance of the resource - the payment of programmers, system administrators, web hosting, link equipment. We all at one time planned to develop solely on donations, but I had to get away from this model towards advertising.

- Your domain because belongs to a foreign company?

- The company in question, juridichski owns the domain, but no business activity does not lead. Accordingly, it does not have an office, as well as other assets, plans to develop other projects or services.

- How much do manage to make a website?

- With regard to the amounts that we get for the banners, then, being in the top ten most visited sites in Russia, to voice their just indecent. Our budget in the hundreds, if not thousands of times smaller neighbors in the rating.

This, of course, has its disadvantages. For example, we can not afford to developers who could develop the service active. But the advantages are also quite - users see a minimum of advertising on the site is not paid services, we do not depend on the desires of investors, etc.

- What is happening today is your interaction with the owners?

- We get a request to remove some minimal paperwork. Why do we demand the documents? Because very often written by those who are not the legal owner. Otherwise, you may write and ask anyone to remove anything.

For large companies, we give specialkkaunty, and they block links that violate their rights. We are in these cases only parse conflicts. All relationships with the owners free of charge. Here, each pursuing its own interests: they limit the spread of their content, and we do not have problems with them.

- What are the possible methods of revenue sharing with the owners?

- Monetization, we have discussed many times with representatives of the Internet industry. Specificity of the trackers and torrent traffic is that it is almost impossible to monetize. You can count the number of downloads the torrent file, but it is impossible to estimate how many people are actually received content distribution. Our trackers serve only about 20-30% of peers (users distributing content -. "Izvestia", the rest of the traffic is coming their own .torrent file not protected from perevykladyvaniya to other trackers..

The only thing we can offer to commercial structures, - it is advertising, but on sites such as ours, it is very cheap because of the blurring of the audience.

- Last week in Roskomnadawn you had a meeting with the National Federation of the music industry. NFMI filed a lawsuit against you in the Moscow City Court on lifelong blocked. They gave you a catalog of songs that you have to remove. You removed them?

-. A total of 1.6 million torrents Forum, of which the musical sections of 700 thousand we have received from the three directories NFMI various foreign labels. In two cases, we were able to roughly calculate the number of matches with our database - this is about 22 thousand music albums and performers (in this case, the number of hands that require removal).. This is mainly popular performers, so we did not worry about such distributions, - users can easily download them from other trackers.

With the third list of any difficulties. It presents objects of copyright songs (simply speaking - singing). And since we do not operate with objects of this kind, then the search and finding of hands, including those objects, is very difficult. For example, if the database has a record Greatest Hits or Vivaldi is, it is quite obvious that we can not remove allazdachi with matching names. For additional information, such as disc number, which is in the directory, and is not always present in our description of the download. Or vice versa - the album covers in the descriptions we often have, but the rights holders are not shared with us.

- Is it possible to disable reload on RuTracker hands of this music, as required NFMI?

- We operate descriptions [Content] and descriptions only, as opposed to those services that store content at home. These services can be uploaded by the user to compare with the sample represented rightholder, and at coincidence delete content like a pirate. In our country this is not possible. As there is no way to download and analyze all traffic exchanged between 15 million users.

Certain matters is the control mechanism for the new hand. The user only change one letter in the description of the distribution and change a single byte in the content, which will result in a change in the hash sum. For us it will be a different distribution, which theoretically does not fall under the prohibition pravoobladatelya.

And then there is a lot of questions. Follow us whether sanctions for what users learn to bypass the filters? Is the description of where the Russian letter "o" replaced by Latin that fall under the ban? And so on. Thus, without close cooperation with the owner, without the joint development of algorithms for searching and filtering of hands to control the situation impossible.

Those rights holders, who are currently working on the tracker via their accounts, perform automatic analysis of descriptions of their own hands. And closing [distribution], if the analysis shows that the description is on the data that violate their rights. Nevertheless, there are disputes as their mechanisms are wrong.

By the way, the Russian law explicitly states that the provision of search and links to the infringing data - the duty holder.

Taking into account all of the above, RuTracker lock NFMI risks on the claim or claims of other rightholders remain always. And we have them mentally prepared. Judging from the first reviews of our users, and they are ready.

- youak-inform users about what is happening?

- Of course, we plan to put the people aware of the situation, as in the case of the lock they need to prepare for it, to set up ways to bypass.

- The RuTracker different from other trackers?

- Unlike most of them, we basically built his model behavior in cooperation with the owners - removing what will be asked. Thus, we have tried and are still trying to reach some compromise when svezhevyshedshy content available on the tracker and is profitable for their creators. And then, "went out of fashion", appears on the Rutracker, which acts as a media library for everyone. And, of course, Rutracker is a platform for authors who distribute their content for free.

Other trackers tend to take a tougher stance against rights holders, and we treat it with understanding and support. Firstly, they are taking the brunt of the owners. Second, demonstrate that the fight against file sharingene in the web - it is useless and hopeless. Copyright holders have to change the very model of interaction with the user.

- Last week, the Moscow City Court decided on the "lifetime" blocking dozens of torrent sites -., etc. How about this?

- While block these sites appears ten new on the web. filesharing technology improved, people are learning to bypass blocking, general literacy of users increases with time. And the more sites will be blocked, the more effective will be any workarounds for these locks.