Saratov "Contact" requested assistance from the state

The defense enterprise, entering Rostech, is hanging on the brink of the financial abyss and has already thwarted the state order.
In the near future, a new leadership is expected at the Saratov Defense JSC "NPP" Contact ". This was reported in the trade union organization of the company. After the departure of the temporary director Vadim Semenov, the company is headed by the chief engineer of the enterprise. With the advent of the new leadership, the factory expects a change in economic policy. At the end of last year, employees of NPP "Contact" sent a letter to the President of the Russian Federation, in which they reported on the disruption of government orders. During the past year, the enterprise twice was threatened with bankruptcy. In the regional government, they hope for the company's rehabilitation program approved jointly with RosElectronics, which owns more than 87% of the shares in the JSC.

For two weeks, Saratov's defense company, NPP Kontakt (part of Rostek, the state-owned corporation owns a 12.96% stake, and 87.04% owns RosElectronics) is expected to see a new CEO. After the entry into force in March of this year, the decision to disqualify the temporary general director Vadim Semenov for violating the terms of the contract for the state defense order is managed by his chief engineer Sergei Kuryshev.

"We are waiting for the new director, and with his appearance there are hopes for the improvement of the enterprise. Then there will be some clarity, "said the" Kommersant "in the trade union of the enterprise. The staffing decision should be made by the Rostekh GC, no specific names are mentioned. Now, as explained to "Kommersant" at the enterprise, a difficult financial situation remains, the production load on the "military" direction is insufficient, JSC lacks working capital.

The current leadership of NPP "Contact" position in the plant and expectations from the new CEO does not comment.

At an enterprise specializing in the production of vacuum electronic devices for broadcasting, long-distance space and satellite communications, they believe that the problems began in 2015 with the arrival of Vadim Semenov at the plant. As follows from the collective appeal of the company's employees to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, sent at the end of last year, after Mr. Semenov's appointment, the share of civilian products in the enterprise structure decreased from 80% to 30%. According to SPARK-Interfax, since 2013 the company received large losses: 150.3 million rubles. - in 2013, 122.2 million rubles. - in 2014, 72.6 million rubles. - in 2015. Only in 2016 JSC received a profit of 6 million rubles. There are no data for 2017 yet.

"As a result of a shortage of financial resources for civilian products, all expenses for maintaining the infrastructure of the enterprise and the administrative apparatus are borne on military production," the letter said. In addition, the letter indicates that under the constant threat of failure is the implementation of the state defense order. In 2016 six state contracts were broken, in 2017 - three.

Employees also note that the interim CEO actively lobbied the interests of LLC Stump-K, one of the counterparties of the NPP, which supplies assembly units for civilian products manufactured at "Kontakte". The company "Stump-K" is managed by Konstantin Semenov, the brother of the former head of NPP "Contact". Contact with anyone in LLC "Stump-K" "Kommersant" was not possible, the phone specified by the company belongs to OJSC "Argon", also specializing in the production of vacuum switches.

In December last year, Vadim Semenov, as a result of the prosecutor's check, was found guilty by the world court of breaking state defense orders, and he was sentenced in the form of disqualification for one year. In March of this year, the Leninsky District Court of Saratov left the ruling of the world court unchanged.

Last year, the counterparties of the NPP twice applied for bankruptcy of "Contact". In February last year, the company's insolvency was declared insolvent by PJSC Elektroizolit near Moscow, to which the Saratov defense plant owed 965.2 thousand rubles. During the consideration of the case, part of the debt was repaid and the application was returned. In October, the debt in the amount of 813 thousand rubles. before the Ekaterinburg CJSC PCP Rostekhom became the basis for another statement, but the amount of the obligations was insufficient to take the case to consideration.

This year alone, 25 lawsuits were filed with the arbitration court to collect debts from the "Contact" for a total of about 35 million rubles, of which 25.38 million rubles. - a debt to the Moscow LLC "RTGK-Center" for the supplied electricity.

The Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Saratov region told Kommersant that the situation at SPE Contact has been discussed this year with the head of RosElectronics JSC Alexander Borisov. The parties approved a program for the financial rehabilitation of the plant with measures to restore efficient economic activity. "The planned measures within the framework of the approved financial rehabilitation plan will allow to correct the current situation, to remove social tension and ensure the growth of workers' wages," the department noted. On the basis of the Saratov JSC "NPP Almaz" and JSC "NPP" Contact "" it is planned to create a territory of primary development.