Sberbank offered a new credit to bankrupt Igor Mavlyanov

The owner of the collapsed Yashma-Zoloto chain got half a billion rubles for his development project from Gref's bank. 
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Sberbank, showing a rare immediacy, when you need to take away property from ordinary debtor, manages not only to forgive the losses inflicted on him provorovavshmisya owners of large companies, but also to lend to borrowers in the pre-bankruptcy conditions. The next tranche of the bank German Gref will receive, for example, the developer of the residential complex "Novo-Nikolskoye" Igor Mavlyanov. It is worth recalling that before this scandalous development project went missing 5 billion from Sberbank. Moreover, the developer pay on loans can not, in principle, as the debt jewelry company "Jasper Gold", where Mavlyanov is one of the owners, has already exceeded 30 billion rubles.

Gref has authorized an additional loan of 419 million rubles to OOO "Agrostroy". 66% stake in the company belongs to the co-owner of a network of jewelry stores "Jasper Gold" Igor Mavlyanova and 34% - the founder of "Skyscraper Group" Babek Hasanov. Before Sberbank has opened "AGROSTROY" line of credit with a limit of 7 billion rubles for the construction of the complex "Novo-Nikolskoye." The total area of ​​the project - 350 thousand sq. M. m, in the village of Pervomaisky in New Moscow (21 km from Moscow to Kiev highway) planned to build 26 apartment buildings, 30 villas, 202 townhouses, 67 low-rise buildings and social infrastructure. The Company has chosen not the full amount, the amount currently outstanding debt is 5.3 billion rubles.

An additional tranche of written off on completion of three apartment buildings and 18 townhouses. Since 2013, when construction began, "Agrostroy" execute the contract with 804 equity holders. But Mavlyanov froze construction in the first nine months due to a corporate conflict. A source close to the State Bank, says "Kommersant" that Gref justifies the withdrawal of the bank's dubious commercial structures of social necessity completion of the LCD. Interest holders are afraid to stay and without apartments and without money.

Babek Hasanov said that under the "Agrostroya" he did control the construction of the complex, and Igor Mavlyanov acted as financial partner. But in September 2015 Mavlyanov took operational control in their own hands and appointed another director general. Later he found out that his partner on the project acted in their own interests, according to the court materials Arbitration Court of Moscow, where the parties are at odds. Thus, according to Igor Mavlyanova, "Agrostroy" enters into a contract for services with companies Hasanov, performs part of the work on unfavorable conditions for the customer. According to Igor Mavlyanova, his partner, his actions caused damage to the company in the amount of 9.9 billion rubles. In July 2016 the Court of First Instance dismissed the claim Mavlyanova. Now the case is considered by the Court of Appeal.

According to Hasanov, Mavlyanov was aware of the fact that the contractors are the affiliated companies. In the near future will be carried out forensic examination of the validity of work performed, promises Hasanov. He has counter-claims: According to him, in September 2015 the new management "Agrostroya" appointed Igor Mavlyanova, signed on behalf of the construction company guarantees to banks amounting to more than 4 billion rubles in credit institutions "Jasper Gold". Now the total debt "Jasper Gold" reaches about 30 billion rubles, including debt owed to creditors and arrears of taxes.

In March of this year and the other co-owner Mavlyanov network Robert Martirosyan reregistered from Moscow to Voronezh Region Bobrov after the start of the consideration in the Moscow Arbitration Court on cases of personal bankruptcy. Savings Claims filed late last year - they stated that Martirosyan and Mavlyanov owe the bank 36.7 million rubles.

Difficulties in the group "Jasper" started in 2014. The main reason - failure to fulfill obligations on the part of its main counterparty of the "Adamas", says a representative Mavlyanova. In the fall of 2015 at the request of the creditor bank began bankruptcy TPK "Jasper" Manufacturing jewelry business group, which includes a network of "Jasper Gold". The largest creditor was the tax office, to prove that the manufacturer of jewelery has not paid 7 billion rubles VAT. Also experiencing problems and other business Mavlyanova - duty-free shops Moscow duty free. Earlier it was reported that Mavlyanov became a victim of fraud head of the control department of the Moscow MFTS Mansour Hajiyev. The tax take from the developer a large amount of the alleged bribes Marina Tretyakova - the head of the Federal Tax Service of the capital.