Sberbank steals ideas from Oleg Tinkov

But he has no complaints against German Gref.
Billionaire Oleg Tinkov posted an Instagram post accusing Sberbank of copying Tinkoff Bank’s ideas. “We came up with a story, they [Sberbank] made postcards two months later, we came up with delivering cards to the client on the day of order, now they repeat it, we gave leather card holders a long time ago, and [they] faked it for us,” Tinkov listed.

According to him, the application of Sberbank became similar to the application of Tinkoff Bank. He also complained that Sberbank was luring its employees with “triple salaries”. “If I earned a trillion a year and would be a monopoly, I would be ashamed to do so!” Tinkov emphasized.

“Of course, we will survive this,” the entrepreneur continued, “because the real leaders and innovators are us, and the best and most intelligent people work for us! And there [to Sberbank] they leave ... well, you know who. Sberbank, stop copying, and envy, and vilely hunt! We will continue to act anyway. Annushka has already spilled oil. ”

He emphasized at the same time that he had no complaints against the president of Sberbank, German Gref. “I'm sure Gref doesn't even know about it [copying ideas]. I have no complaints about him. These are his “great” and “pumped up” managers who set him up, ”concluded the founder of Tinkoff Bank.

Sberbank declined to comment on Vedomosti Tinkov’s statement.

In 2016, in an interview with Vedomosti, Tinkov said that Sberbank is the most technologically advanced and advanced bank in the world. In July 2018, Sberbank and Tinkoff launched a unified system of transfers by phone number, and Tinkov repeated his idea during a press conference: “I believe that Sberbank is the most technologically advanced in the world.” The deputy chairman of the board of Sberbank Alexander Torbakhov in response to this said that Tinkoff Bank is "the most advanced and progressive bank on the market, excluding Sberbank."

Tinkoff founded Tinkoff Bank in 2006. Now, the credit institution ranks 19th among Russian banks in terms of assets. Forbes estimates Tinkoff’s fortune at $ 2.2 billion.