Scandalous banker Andrei Vdovin arrested in absentia

Co-owner of the sinking Asia-Pacific Bank (ATB) is charged with embezzlement of $ 13 million. Vdovin himself has been hiding for more than a year outside the Russian Federation.
Tverskoi District Court of Moscow in absentia arrested the co-owner of the Asian-Pacific Bank (ATB) Andrei Vdovin. Banker is charged with two episodes of fraud: according to investigators, Mr. Vdovin is involved in the theft of a total of $ 13 million received by the bank in the form of loans. His lawyer argued that it was a question of civil law relations in the entrepreneurial sphere, to which the banker himself had no relation, but the court did not convince.

The Tverskoi Court of Moscow examined today the petition of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for Moscow on the choice of a preventive measure in the form of arrest to a well-known banker, co-owner of ATB, former president of the Golf Association of Russia and ex-co-owner of the ABC of Taste, Andrei Vdovin.

The measure of restraint was elected in absentia, since the financier is not in Russia now. It was to this circumstance that the representative of the investigation indicated as one of the arguments in favor of satisfying the petition in court. According to him, the law-enforcers have not been able to establish the exact location of the banker for quite some time - he did not respond to the summonses, nor could Mr. Vdovin's place of residence be found. Therefore, the representative of the CSO, Andrei Vdovin, accused of a particularly large fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) was presented in absentia, and he himself was declared a federal, and then an international search. It should be noted that absentia arrest by law enforcement agencies is necessary in order to send materials regarding Mr. Vdovin to Interpol.

Insisting on the arrest, a representative of the investigation noted that, while at large, the banker can coordinate his actions with unidentified accomplices. According to the investigation, Mr. Vdovin was complicit in two episodes of fraudulent theft of money for a total of $ 13 million.

As law enforcers established, the bank took two loans from offshore companies, and Mr. Vdovin acted as a guarantor for them. However, the money to the creditors did not return.

For his part, the lawyer of the banker Stanislav Akimov claimed that it was a question of civil transactions concluded in the field of entrepreneurship. In this case, according to the lawyer, the co-owner of the bank had no direct relationship to them - not one of the documents has his signature - but he did not refuse from his obligations. The defender asked to choose a preventive measure, not related to detention. He also added that he appealed the decision to search for the banker.

However, the judge took the side of the investigation. "To satisfy the petition of the investigation, elect a preventive measure against Vdovin in the form of detention," presided Elena Bulgakova.