SCR initiated the first criminal case in connection with the collapse of the Urban Group

The Investigative Committee took the leadership of one of the subsidiaries of the Urban Group with a great delay, from which 70 to 120 billion rubles were withdrawn.
The Investigative Committee of Russia (SCR) opened the first criminal case in connection with the collapse of the Urban Group. The management of the Ivastroy Group, which was part of the group, is suspected of abuse of authority - having collected money from co-investors, the company could not have built such a Lykovo residential complex in the Odintsovo District of the Moscow Region, which now requires 12 billion rubles for completion. As part of the investigation of the TFR, searches have already been carried out by the former director general of Ivastroi and co-owner of the Urban Group Andrei Puchkov, but they have not yet detained him.

The criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 201 of the Criminal Code (abuse of powers resulting in grave consequences, sanction - up to ten years of imprisonment with deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years) was initiated by the investigative bodies of the TFR in the Northern District of Moscow. Satisfying the petitions of the investigation, the Golovinsky District Court authorized the conduct of a dozen searches in the apartments and houses of the top managers of Ivastroy and the Urban Group. With justification and legality of judicial decisions and investigative actions, only one of the investigators, Andrei Puchkov, did not agree. His lawyers appealed to the Moscow City Court of Appeal, which on July 19 will immediately consider two of their complaints. At the same time, there are no defendants in the criminal case - in any case, the Golovinsky District Court did not elect any of the top managers of the Urban Group and its companies. In the court, the appeals of the investigative bodies "Kommersant" have been confirmed, but they did not comment on the TFR.

At the same time, according to Kommersant sources, the criminal case could be based on statements not only from a part of the holders of the LC "Laikovo" living in the Northern District of the capital, but also the main owner of the Urban Group, Alexander Dolgin, who repeatedly accused the companies group, managers engaged in the implementation of real estate and advertising.

Note that this block before the departure from his post in April 2018 and oversaw Mr. Puchkov. For comments yesterday, it was unavailable. It is known that now he is the president of the association of developers of the Moscow region.

OOO Ivastroy started the construction of LCD Laikovo near the homonymous village in Odintsovo district of Moscow region in 2016 after the previous developer, who erected ZhK Like City, went bankrupt - SU-155.

The ambitious Urban Group project meant the construction of residential buildings surrounded by artificial canals with bridges overlooking the embankment several kilometers long, "due to which the facility will resemble the magnificent neighborhoods of Venice or Amsterdam." New residents, the developer promised, will be available 4 km of embankments for walks, 19 elegant bridges, "convenient places on the coast where you can read a book or have a picnic." And for "the abundance of reservoirs from the windows of the apartments will open a beautiful view of the water surface and front promenades."

Total developer planned to build 1.7 million square meters. m housing, including 62 apartment buildings in height from 4 to 12 floors, as well as 11 two-story townhouses. It was assumed that the new LCD will accommodate more than 29 thousand people.

However, as found out by the auditors of the Foundation for the Protection of the Rights of Citizens Participating in Participatory Construction, who applied to the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region with the application for bankruptcy of Ivastroy, the company concluded 2595 contracts for participation in shared construction for the amount of 6.7 billion rubles. in objects that have not been put into operation. Ivastroy LLC did not have the funds necessary to complete the work, and the actual costs for the facilities are 23% higher than the planned cost of construction, since construction and installation work was carried out at inflated rates and rates. At the same time, the developer did not confirm the target expenditure of about 380 million rubles. for houses not commissioned. The very construction was carried out with significant violations - its participants Glavgosstroynadzor of the Moscow region dozens of times brought to administrative responsibility. On July 9, the arbitration court declared Ivastroy LLC bankrupt.

To complete the work in the LC "Laikovo", according to the Foundation for the protection of the rights of citizens participating in shared construction, it will take 12 billion rubles. To complete all the objects of the Urban Group, as Kommersant has already reported, more than 70 billion rubles.