Sealed book of Igor Sechin

The people and government of Russia cannot do anything with Rosneftegaz. 
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The head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, not only silent about his salary. The practice of concealing income manager distributed on the backbone state-owned enterprises, which is a threat to Russia's security - a much more tangible than all US sanctions. "Rosneftegas", whose chairman of the board is Igor Sechin, is not considered due to report its earnings to the owner of Federal Property Management Agency. This can be called a sabotage against the state, is going through a difficult period. The economic saboteur Sechin headed "Rosneftegas" more closely resembles a man caught with his hand in someone else's pocket and naively asking "What purse?"

"Rosneftegas" accumulates revenues from "Rosneft", "Gazprom" and "Inter RAO". In the autumn of the Ministry of Finance suggested that "Rosneftegas" listed in the budget of all dividends, not a quarter or half. The fundamental solution is. But it is not possible to estimate how many "Rosneftegas" money follows from the correspondence, which learned "Vedomosti".

October 20 deputy ethe Economic Development Nikolay Podguzov wrote that the order on withdrawal of dividends does not include the investment project "Rosneftegas". The volume of the program no one knows. Federal Property Management Agency repeatedly requested figures, but Sechin and "Rosneftegas" clear answers are not given. Energy Minister Alexander Novak asked to evaluate investment hardline Sechin, Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev.

Director "Rosneftegas" old friend Anatoly Serdyukov on FTS Gennady beech, head of the Federal Property Agency informed Dmitry Pristanskova that his company sends reports directly to President Vladimir Putin. Presidential press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said he did not believe in exclusive statements Bukaeva Sechin, the Kremlin: "It's a question the government, it is not included in the scope of operational issues the president."

"Rosneftegas" regularly makes a request to the President Sechin level. And every time the President instructs the government to work through them, know the official economic bloc. For example, "Rosneftegas" spring asked Putin to reduce dividends. NowSechin Bukaeva decided to immediately apply for protection in the Kremlin - Putin and everyone is waiting for a response.

According to predpravleniya "Inter RAO" Boris Kovalchuk - suburban member son of the cooperative "Lake" Yuri Kovalchuk, "Rosneftegas" finances Shipyard "Zvezda", belonging to "Rosneft", as well as the construction of four plants in the Kaliningrad region through a joint venture with "Inter RAO" company (99.99% to 0.01%). The project cost - 100 billion rubles. But all the investment is much more, and the funds derived from Sechin under state control.

The meaning of "Rosneftegas" existence for the Russian interest is not well understood. In 2013 (the latest data holding) in the "ROSNEFTEGAZ" worked 11 employees.

In 2016 "Rosneftegas" gave the budget 35 billion rubles, and received 107 billion dividend. In the near future, "Rosneftegas" will remove 700 billion rubles from the sale of 19.5% of "Rosneft". It is a black hole that lives by its own rules, outraged federal official, "Why" Rosneftegas "does not respond to the letter of the owner, ands all to Putin that he property owner, it is not clear. "

Officials can not estimate the dividend and "Rosneft". In September, Federal Property Management Agency has asked state-owned companies to the October 14th to send profits and dividends forecast for 2017-2019 years. "Rosneft" provided data only for 2015. In a letter dated 12 October Pristanskovu vice president of "Rosneft" Pavel Fedorov explained why. From a letter Fedorov, one can understand that there are two objective circumstances. Both blame the head of government, Dmitry Medvedev.

The first - the integration of "Bashneft". "Rosneft" acquired this company on the orders of the government, says Fedorov.

The second - the uncertainty of prospects of tax and customs-tariff regulation of the oil and gas industry until 2019. Fedorov requests the Government to provide fiscal and tax scenarios in which Medvedev team offers a work of "Rosneft". The representative of the Federal Property Management Agency said that the request is forwarded Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance. Surrounded by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Igor Sechin, Pavel Fedorov, or anyanother Russian citizen can read all the data on the ministry's website.

"The main directions of the budget, tax and customs tariff policy" were discussed at a hearing in the Duma on 10 October, "Rosneft" has already might know about them. Siluanov believes that oil companies should pay more parameters are well known.

In the "Guidelines ..." The Ministry of Finance offered or simply raise the severance tax, or to complete a tax maneuver (increase MET and reset fee). The Ministry of Finance asked to remove references to the maneuver of the "Guidelines ...", but the very idea Siluanov refused. There is also a view that the zero duty will lower refining margins "Rosneft".

Media surveys and other state-owned companies, whether they provide dividend forecast. All except "Rosset", declined to comment. The representative of "Rossetti" reported that the Federal Property Management Agency sent prognosis based on the forecast of Ministry of Economic Development.

As a result, we can talk about the phenomenon of multiple parallel Russian budgets. One deals with the government of Dmitry Medvedev and curator of Energy Arkady Dvorkovich. Dr.GIM - "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, a leading separate from the rest of the country's accounting department, which reports only to Vladimir Putin, and it is not clear whether to end.