Sechin spoke about the "desire" of Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin to take revenge

President of Rosneft Igor Sechin gave an interview to the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel. Calling it perhaps the second most influential, after Vladimir Putin, man in Russia, the newspaper notes, "Sechin's opponents consider him Darth Vader, his fans — the king of the energy sector."
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Responding to questions from Der Spiegel, Sechin had to say about the crisis between Moscow and the West, the supply of gas to Europe, but perhaps most of all - about the lost Russian Yukos case and the former owner of the company Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

"Yukos - not an innocent victim of the evil aggressor"

In late July, the International Court of Arbitration in the Hague verdict in the Yukos case, ordered Russia to pay the former shareholders of the oil company $ 50 billion. Arbitration ruled that in the case of Yukos, Russia violated the Energy Charter and the de facto expropriated the oil company. Later unlawful decision on Yukos called the ECHR. It ordered Russia to pay the former owners of Yukos compensation of € 1.87 Bln. Most Assets in Yukos bankruptcy went to "Rosneft", so that in an interview with Der Spiegel Sechin had much to say about the matter.

"All the big energy companies eventually absorbed by other, - says Sechin. - We did not participate as a party in the arbitration process. "Rosneft" just bought part of the former Yukos as it did, for example, Italynskie Enel and Eni or "Gazprom" [also participated in the purchase of Yukos assets]. I do not exclude that both sentences were politically motivated. "

In an interview with Sechin explained on what basis his suspicions: "There is a huge, international PR campaign of former Yukos shareholders. There have been judicial errors. The lawyers also questioned the legitimacy of the verdict of the Hague arbitration, as the court, on the basis of the Energy Charter itself, in this case, is incompetent. The Charter protects foreign investors. And where do you see them here? The then shareholders of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was Leonid Nevzlin - they were Russians and Russian oil was extracted. Is that they registered their company through an offshore company. "

On the question of whether Sechin really was the organizer of the defeat of Yukos, the head of "Rosneft" he has declared that it is "a myth". According to him, the former owners of Yukos itself received the company "with the Russian law violation." Privatization Yukos Sechin described as follows: the company was purchased "for $ 300 million with the help of a loan from the Ministry of Finance, which has not been paid. Competitors otstraor from the auction. "

Yukos - not "an innocent victim of the evil aggressor", says Sechin and recalls his "first contact" with the company: "In the autumn of 1999, immediately after my appointment as head of the secretariat of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in my doorway uninvited" up "one of the shareholders Yukos Vasily Shakhnovsky. Quickly and he offered me a bribe without any workarounds. "Now we do not need anything from you, but we will pay you on a regular basis, that you represent our interests", - he said. This gentleman I was asked out of his office. Khodorkovsky later presented the case so that we Yukos could not build a good relationship. "

"Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin now thought of revenge"

In those years, "these gentlemen themselves no jokes were not kidding. Those who stood in their way, that they are quickly removed. Climbing Yukos happened over the corpses. A Russian court has confirmed, "- said Sechin, former co-owner of the oil company. "It is not possible to prove any involvement in the murders of Khodorkovsky, but managed to dockto show part of his employee and his closest partner Leonid Nevzlin. I doubt that Khodorkovsky as the head of the company was completely unaware, "- says the head of" Rosneft ".

Asked Der Spiegel, about some crimes in question, Sechin said the murder of Vladimir Petukhov, "the mayor of the oil-rich city of Nefteyugansk, who wanted to Yukos regularly paid taxes, but was shot dead"; of Valentina Korneeva, "the owner of a tea shop in Moscow, which was shot in the head: she did not want to give their businesses Menatep Khodorkovsky, who needed land on the spot".

According to Sechin, was assassinated on the life of "inconvenient minority shareholders - Leonid Nevzlin accomplices hired thugs to do." "One rogue, his name was Gorin, tried to put pressure on Khodorkovsky. Since then Gorin and his wife brutally murdered in their garage. The bodies destroyed, only the brain substance somewhere on the floor left "- recounts Sechin another episode, which formed the basis of the charges the head of department of internal economic securityYUKOS Aleksey Pichugin (in 2007 was sentenced to life imprisonment).

"Our law enforcement agencies have information that Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin now thought of revenge, including myself," - shared with the German edition of Sechin. The alleged head of the Avengers "Rosneft" describes how people who "never be holy" and "not afraid of anything."

But the investment climate in Russia, according to Sechin, the Yukos affair should not have been affected, "All the other way around. Then Yukos lied to its shareholders through offshore firms. We now have in Russia is more transparent, fair taxation and legal guarantees for private companies. "

"It is sown hatred"

At a meeting Sechin holds its guests a business card with the inscription: "No name, no company, no address." This is his "sarcastic response" to Western sanctions that have affected not only Russia, but also of himself, writes Spiegel. In the US, he can not come over.

"Neither I nor my company have nothing to do with the crisis in Ukraine, so the sanctions will not have to underoh no reason - insists Sechin. - It is a violation of international law. "Rosneft" - a transnational firm, our shareholders have in America, Europe and Asia. After the Russian government's second-largest shareholder - BP with nearly 20% share. So that these sanctions are hitting and our Western partners. "

"Sanctions - is a kind of war. It is sown hatred that begets revenge, "- said Sechin. In his opinion, an attempt to put pressure on Putin, means only that the West does not speak it - "he does not put pressure on myself." And sanctions will be worse only to the West: "The Germans produce fine rigs and pipe systems. But if they do not want to sell, buy in South Korea or in China. If the aim of Berlin is to deprive their business profits - yes please "- said Sechin.

"Everyone sits where it wants"

On the question of whether the Europeans will be in connection with the Ukrainian crisis this winter to sit in the frozen homes, Sechin said that "everyone sits where it wants." But then hastened to assure that "Rosnefs "and other Russian suppliers" committed to "abide by the contract terms. "Oil reserves that we can now get our resources, enough for at least 20 years. The sanctions will not force us to break the contract for the supply, "- promised Sechin.

"The" Rosneft "is no financing gap"

Sechin said that the company has no problems with money, even taking into account debt, last year "Rosneft" has recorded a record profit, profit forecast for 2014 - $ 13.5 billion, "No Russian company does not pay taxes more than us:. On the end of 2014 it will be about $ 80 billion, "- he said.

Meanwhile, Sechin has recently applied for state support in the amount of 1.5 trillion rubles. Please contact the company's desire to "learn the hard deposits in Eastern Siberia and build a refinery," Sechin said. If the state will allocate the loan company, "will be good; if not - still not a disaster, just a little later we started this project, "he added.

"Your political assessments, I do not comment on"

Speaking of ConflentkT Ukraine, Sechin said that "the most important thing - to stop the bloodshed." "In eastern Ukraine, is now played a humanitarian catastrophe. But your political assessment I do not comment, "- the head of" Rosneft "has declared.

The company's plans, he said, was the launch of a new production at the refinery in Lisichansk, but the Ukrainian army, "with its artillery" partially transformed this object "in ruins and ashes." Damage to the head of "Rosneft" estimated at $ 140 million and said the company will conduct negotiations with the Ukrainian government for compensation.

On the question of whether or not the Russian side bears primary responsibility for the war in Ukraine, Sechin said that Russia is not initiated Ukrainian crisis, and "those who did it, sooner or later will reveal the time, the historical truth."

"As the president of" Rosneft "My task - to increase the investment of our shareholders", - said Sechin. As the largest Russian investor in Germany "Rosneft", he said, he hopes to further cooperation on the basis of "trust, reliability and respect for each other's interests". "In political matters I have no time. I still have to take care of the children ", - he concluded.

Khodorkovsky's spokesman declined to comment Olga Pispanen statements Sechin. Also entered and Nevzlin. Shahnovsky also declined to comment.