Security forces picked up the trail of Igor Shuvalov

The arrest of Alexey Ulyukayev is the first step towards the arrest of the famous dog lover. 
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The real reasons for what happened the other day rapid arrest Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev, his instant resignation "due to loss of confidence" and acting appointments Minister Yevgeny Yelin (who seems himself stunned his unexpected career growth) is actively debated among experts. The official excuse - getting two cases with $ 2 million from Igor Sechin, the government for the positive conclusions regarding the purchase of "Rosneft" company "Bashneft".

But it is clear that the question of "Bashneft" dare not Ulyukayev level and personally Vladimir Putin. Therefore much more likely another version: the arrest of the minister - only a pretext for even more revealing criminal case, a defendant in the main of which will be government officials and personally Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. This citizen also left his mark in the case of the privatization of the oil company. Shuvalov with his wife-billionaire, luxury penthouses and skating dogs on airplanes, designed for family offshore, turned into a reference symbol of modern Russian corrupt. This is simply impossible not to land in times of crisis and popular discontent. Operational development Ulyukayev held simultaneously with the surveillance of staff Igor Shuvalov machine - and this fact is a very bad signal to the vice-premier.

Bribers and briber takers

As previously reported the agency "Ruspres" on Monday about 17 hours Ulyukayev minister went to "Rosneft" office after the meeting. And on Tuesday I had to fly away on a business trip to Peru. Around 22.30 the Minister of subordinates searched, but neither his mobile or mobile driver did not answer, told "Vedomosti" a federal official. His colleague suggests that the arrest occurred about 19 hours. By 2 am, all concluded with the signing of a protocol on the Minister of detention, and the Investigative Committee 02.33 (TFR) posted on the website of the official statement that Ulyukayev suspected of taking bribes in the amount of $ 2 million from "Rosneft". According to this article it is provided to 15 years imprisonment with a fine of 70 times the amount of bribe. According to vdomstva Alexander Bastrykin, Ulyukayev was arrested "by the timely treatment of representatives of" Rosneft "(in fact, we are talking about the head of the company's security service - FSB General Oleg Feoktistov).

The Minister has received $ 2 million for actions that were part of his official authority, as evidenced by witnesses, results of search operations and other materials of the case, told the court the investigation a representative: "The moment of detention occurred at the time of Ulyukaev the money personally." Ulyukayev said the blame did not recognize the court and refused to testify, but promised to cooperate with the investigation. He was placed under house arrest for two months. Arrest in "Rosneft" he regarded as a provocation, said his lawyer, Timothy Gridnev. Defender of the words Ulyukayev said that he had not picked up the money, but the representative of the TFR claims otherwise, talking about the "specific tracks on the fingers of the hands of the helper." Probably, it is talking about the fact that the official has taken one of the cases with cash, but did not open it.

Sensitive applications

The fight over the rights to master Igor Sechin "Bashneft" was in the government throughout the year, but the final decision was made at the very top - the president and prime minister. Ministry of Economic Development only it kept. What "positive conclusion" Ulyukayev could help state-owned companies to buy "Bashneft", the investigation says. In court, this information is also sounded.

It was originally planned to put these shares at public auction, they were interested in nine contenders. State Company "Rosneft" has no place among them, felt many officials of the economic block. Attracted by the Ministry of Economic Development for this transaction as an investment adviser in the summer state bank sent an invitation to applicants, including "Rosneft", whose presence in this list has been agreed with the Director of the Department of Economic Development Oksana Tarasenko. Ulyukayev itself is neutral - though called "Rosneft" improperly buyer, said that forbid her to buy "Bashneft" can only be a special act of the Government. That "Rosneft" to trading is still allowed, in late September announced the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. It was not his decision and instructed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

And then once the government issued a decree on the sale of the company "Rosneft". Ulyukayev hastened to explain: it is because the "Rosneft" is the only legally binding application filed at a premium to the price of the appraiser (297-315 billion rubles). But in fact the other candidates are not even asked to submit such an application. "The company has received only one letter with an invitation to take part in the privatization, to which said yes, all waiting for the privatization conditions, the auction date, and then all know that buying" Rosneft ", - said one of the contenders. Even after the sale of shares in group companies "Alliance" Musa Bazhaev wrote to the Prime Minister, which was ready to pay for the "Bashneft" to 4 billion rubles more "Rosneft", but did not have time to apply.

But in principle Igor Sechin acceptable to all, according to a senior official, so that the transaction no one will win back the back, it is legally flawless. Ministry of Economic Development indicates that the transaction took place on the basis of order of the government, which means that bids were not needed. The law allows for exemptions in the case, if the transaction is carried out "in order to create conditions for attracting investment and stimulating the development of the stock market" (this was a reference to the decision). In a statement, the TFR was told immediately that the transaction itself to the sale of shares "Bashneft" the investigators questions asked.

General Feoktistov at hand is not clean

Among other things, the statement TFR said that to extort a bribe, Ulyukayev threatened "Rosneft" to create obstacles to its activities. How does the minister of economic development can somehow prevent Igor Sechin? For important oil company tax system in Russia, a member of the investment bank said, but it is controlled Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Economic Development at the casting vote right there.

Media reported that the operational and technical measures against Ulyukayev were carried out "on the initiative and with the direct participation of the Head of" Rosneft security "Oleg Feoktistov". Feoktistov appeared in "Rosneft" in August this year, which moved from the post of deputy chief of the Internal Security Department (CSS) FSB. Feoktistov took an active part in this, Sechin has asked him about it, even when he worked at the Federal Security Service, said a senior law-enforcement agencies. FSB officers under his supervision were Ulyukayev rapid development since last year

According to the edition of sources, it was not only about Ulyukayev. Vladimir Putin has authorized the rapid development FSB Marina Romanova - a key aide Igor Shuvalov having compromising materials on the boss. The government Shuvalov was considered the most powerful opponent of the deal on "Bashneft". FSB also checked Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, presidential aide Andrei Belousov (both publicly opposed the sale of "Bashneft" in the hands of "Rosneft", Beloussov even called it a "stupid").

Why not arrested Shuvalov and Ulyukayev? Minister among the officials of the economic block was the most vulnerable - to the team for a long time looked narrowly Ulyukayev law enforcement agencies, there were numerous complaints of irregularities in appointments Rosreestra. This was reported to the president. Patron Ulyukayev was Dmitry Medvedev - he himself called him to this position, although Putin advised another candidate.

Ulyukayev was the first minister of the economic block in modern Russian history, against whom criminal proceedings were instituted. This is a serious charge that requires careful consideration, a spokeswoman said Economic Development Elena Lashkina. While the episode seems unlikely, says the slave Ulyukayev: "It turns out that he's insane crazy, because the bases extort ridiculous amount of such a person as Sechin." "Alex - our friend, and I have nothing bad to even think about it do not want to, it's bad for the economy and for the ministry", - said the federal official. "For us, knowing Ulyukayev more than 30 years, what happened - an absolute shock," - she wrote the Chairman of the Board "Rosnano" Anatoly Chubais to Facebook. This person has the right to say so. For many Russians quite sincerely wish to see the same Chubais behind bars for all of his antics in dashing the nineties. But it is doubtful that the current planting be limited solely by Ulyukayev yes Shuvalov.