Senator Timchenko's secret palace

As United Russia member Vyacheslav Timchenko hid his mansion from declaring.
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The head of the Federation Council committee on United Russia regulations Vyacheslav Timchenko hid his elite mansion from declarations and tax authorities for years. The Insider managed to establish this thanks to the history of satellite imagery. The origin of the funds with which the mansion was purchased also raises questions.

Today, the Federation Council approved a number of repressive laws, including a law on new fines for "foreign agents", a law on increasing fines for protesters, a law on fines for social networks for blocking Kremlin propaganda, etc. The head of the committee ensures the prompt adoption of repressive laws in the Federation Council according to the regulations Vyacheslav Timchenko. If suddenly (and sometimes it happens) one of the senators dares to object to the repressive law, Timchenko quickly shuts his mouth. So, just before the New Year, the Federation Council adopted a law on blocking foreign sites. According to the published results of voting, 80% of senators were in favor, and among those who refused to support the bill were senators from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and Lyudmila Narusova. Discussion unfolded around the law, but the head of the committee on regulations suppressed it, threatening to deprive Narusova of the right of speech. He himself voted “for”, as befits a United Russia party.

Timchenko has every reason to introduce censorship on the Internet: he, as The Insider found out, has something to hide.

House of Timchenko's wife

In his latest declaration, Vyacheslav Timchenko reported that his wife owned a 799.4 m² residential building. According to The Insider, it is located in the village of Novoglagolevo near Moscow.

Together with the cottage Marina Timchenko also owns a land plot of 24 acres. Based on market proposals, the estate of a family of a member of the Federation Council may cost about 100 million rubles. This is how it looks from a satellite image now:

Thanks to the Google Earth service, we also received archived satellite images. The 2013 image shows an empty lot.

In 2014, construction begins, in 2015 the house has already been definitely built.

Already at the end of 2014, the building was put on the cadastral register, but the rights to the object were issued only five years later. At the same time, all the years the land plot on which the actually built cottage was located was owned by Marina Timchenko. However, the house itself, the construction of which should have cost the United Russia family tens of millions of rubles, was not reflected in the declarations.

Timchenko, in a conversation with The Insider, said that construction was completed precisely in 2019, and it is impossible to see the wall decoration works from satellite images. He is silent, however, that in this case, it is still necessary to declare the house as an object of unfinished construction. Other senators and MPs do just that. Including the Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko indicated in the declaration an object of unfinished construction with an area of ​​250.5 m². In addition, Rosreestr contains information on the completion of Timchenko's construction in 2014:

“Even a physically constructed box is already a real estate object. When the object is handed over and connected to the networks, you need to register the rights to it. But some people do not register their own houses for decades. And they formally live on a construction site. In reality, this is a scheme for avoiding taxes on real estate, ”says Ilya Shumanov, CEO of Transparency International - Russia.

But could the senator even make money for this house?

Funds of unknown origin

The official income of a member of the Federation Council in the year of the start of construction amounted to "only" 3.9 million rubles, and in all subsequent years did not exceed 5.6 million. The spouse earns several times less. Before the start of construction, starting in 2010, Timchenko's annual income was less than 2 million at all (with the exception of 2013 - then he managed to bail out 17 million).

The same declarations show that before Timchenko became a deputy of the State Duma (even before joining the Federation Council), he had decent income (about 20 million rubles), and therefore he could have savings. But the savings are also subject to declaration, and Timchenko did not declare either accounts or shares for 100 million. However, the senator denies that the house was so expensive:

“You can put up for sale at any price, but that does not mean that you will sell for this one. The real estate market, especially in the countryside, is now oversupplied. Besides, the real living area in our house is 159 meters, and the rest is verandas and the like. "

He himself estimates the house at its cadastral value - 18.7 million rubles, another 7 million according to the cadastre is the land. The Insider was unable to find any of the dozen houses for sale in this village at a similar price per square meter.

Note that this is not Timchenko's only housing. The Insider has an extract from Rosreestr, according to which Vyacheslav Timchenko owns an apartment (114, 2 m²) in a house on Goncharnaya embankment near Taganskaya metro station. This is a "stalinka" overlooking the Moskva River.

One square meter here costs 470 thousand rubles. Based on this, this United Russia apartment can be estimated at about 54 million rubles.

One more apartment (113.8 m²) is registered for the wife of United Russia. It is located in Sochi, in the "Volna" residential complex, 70 meters from the sea.

The residential complex "Volna" consists of two houses with a closed guarded territory. The complex was built according to a unique Australian project, the only one in Sochi. The architecture of the houses with wave-like curves of balconies gives the impression of a seascape, which is in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. For the comfort of residents, a quiet green courtyard, a fitness center with an indoor pool, a gym, a massage room, a Russian bath and a Finnish sauna have been created. An outdoor swimming pool and solarium are located between the buildings.

The cost of Timchenko's Sochi apartment is about 40 million rubles. But that's not all.

As The Insider found out, a 104-meter apartment in Moscow on Koshtoyantsa Street was registered for the daughter of a member of the Federation Council Vera for almost 40 million rubles. So we come to the story of Timchenko's children.

We are not afraid of NATO!

Judging by the laws being adopted, Timchenko may come across as an ardent anti-Western. However, his entire family does not seem to believe in propaganda stereotypes.

Senator's daughter Vera Markarova (she married the prosecutor of the Basmanny district of Moscow, Vladimir Markarov) on her Facebook page indicated that she had attended the California Western School of Law. It is a private law firm in San Diego, a city in the southwestern United States. The American education of the daughter of United Russia was supposed to cost the family tens of thousands of dollars. But Vyacheslav Timchenko assured The Insider that his daughter studied in the States on an exchange and was just doing an internship there.

The wife of the fighter against “foreign agents” Marina Timchenko is also connected with foreign countries. According to The Insider, she previously worked in the Moscow office of the British International Consulting Services Group. The parent organization is owned by British citizen Bernard Kinchin.

The second daughter of the senator, Ekaterina, changed her last name from Timchenko to Loginov.

According to social media, she prefers shopping in NATO countries. Now, for example, she sells Balenciaga coats on Avito. “Purchased in Vienna. Dressed 2 times for the event, ”the announcement says.

She bought Jimmy Choo shoes in London for £ 600, Emporio Armani coats in Prague, Saint Laurent sandals in Munich, Elisabetta Franchi down jacket in Italy. But Louis Vuitton's ankle boots were patriotically purchased in Moscow. For 105 thousand Russian rubles.