Senior FSB officers are accused of murdering a businessman

The Russian Investigative Committee completed the investigation into the murder of Idris Fayzullin, the famous aircraft designer and businessman from Zhukovsky (near Moscow), committed in March 2011. The investigators believe that the organizers of the crime investigation are high-ranking officers of the Russian FSB, colonels Ivan Ugarov and Andrei Leletko.
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According to "Kommersant", GUS TFR in the Moscow Region indicted chief of the 2nd department of the 20th control of the central apparatus of the FSB Colonel Ivan Ugarov and deputy chief of the 2nd inter-regional department of Federal Security Service in Moscow and Moscow Region, Colonel Andrei Leletko two episodes of the crime, under Art. And 33 h. 2 tablespoons. 105 of the Criminal Code (organization of murder for hire) and a prescribed hours. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale). Ugarov and charged under Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (trafficking in weapons).

Both security officer for ten months are in jail.

According to the newspaper, exposed high-ranking security officers control its own security FSB. According to investigators, the murder of colonel organized aircraft and businessman Idris Fayzullina of 11 March 2011, and then gave the order to murder the killer. In the past, Idris Fayzullin was one of the leading aircraft designers Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky near Moscow. In the late 1990s, he resigned and went into business, becoming replacedNoah figure in some suburban areas.

According to investigators, in August 2010, I met with Ivan Ugarov assistant businessman Victor Fayzullina Demisheva. He told the security officer of the business and property of the chief. Gathering additional information security officer came to the conclusion that the businessman many outstanding loans, and he may become a defendant in a criminal case of embezzlement of 12 million rubles. budgetary funds.

Idris Fayzullin to repay their debts was going to sell its production facility in Zhukovsky, to find a buyer, he instructed Demisheva. Then Ugarov proposed steal building. The accomplices, he drew his friend and colleague Andrew Leletko, realtor Gennady Cherezova and small businessman Sergei Sirotkin, who had extensive connections in the criminal world Zhukovsky. Then Demishev signed in Idris Fayzullina contract for the provision of agency services to find a buyer for the building, as well as power of attorney to represent his interests in Rosreestra. Then the scammers have replaced the first two pages of the agency contract, turning it into a fake contract for the sale of the building.In October 2010, with the help of these documents on the building was redecorated Demisheva girlfriend Julia Baranowska.

In the future, according to investigators, Ugarov planned to lobby in the military investigative bodies TFR Idris Fayzullina filing charges in the case of the examination of his arrest, but investigators were denied security officer, making it clear that no serious evidence against Idris Fayzullina the case has not yet produced. Meanwhile schemers knew that, once free, Idris Fayzullin learns about the kidnapping of his buildings and turn to law enforcement authorities.

On the instructions of Ugarov, according to the case file, Sirotkin hired addict Andrey Ogorodnikov, which for $ 9 thousand. Fayzullina Idris shot near his house in the suburban village of Kratovo the Maverick hunting rifle, which he gave Ugarov. The crime involved the driver Demisheva Mikhail Volkov, who showed the killer businessman house, and then took the killer to the scene of the crime.

To bring down the investigation to track, Andrew Leletko presented TFR allegedly extracted them current information that committed murder businessman competitorsene "Smersh" of the private security company. But soon Leletko learned that the investigation established the identity of the killer: the one on the phone, which security officers had given him at the time of the preparation and commission of the crime, had a chat with friends. After that decision was made and on its liquidation. Ogo invited to barbecues - noted a successful business, drugged vodka with clonidine, and then taken to a pig farm in the Kaluga region, strangled and his body burned in a heating furnace pigsty.