Sergei Chemezov will bring "Uralvagonzavod" to collapse

At the enterprise oppressive atmosphere reigns: workers were cut back by salaries and they are afraid, that the state will stop it to support.
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Against the backdrop of regular scandals with Uralvagonzavod, which cuts the already low salaries of the work collective, the rumor about the resignation of Potapov and the disbandment of Rostekh is gaining momentum. "It is high time. All of us will be fired, new shops will be opened in the Moscow suburbs and everything will be done on imported raw materials, "workers of the UVZ grimly comment on the sad news.

"We do not call Putin Putin Tagil. Everyone I talk to is dissatisfied. Of course, there are no questions on foreign policy to Vladimir Vladimirovich, but from the point of view of the internal .... On the telly, the plant receives some attachments, in fact, that the lining, that the tank division is working for junk. This, you know, is not looking at the tablets Dmitry Anatolyevich. I would have come to the workshop without a suite, I would have gone through real production, "explained one of the workers' thesis about the unnecessaryness of the UVZ to Rostekhu. He also noted that the management in the attempt to economize on everything already ordered the processing of beams - raw materials for the side frame of cars - on the zone, supposedly for optimization purposes. Experiments similar to this and reports on the modernization of production laid the foundation for a new factory program to reduce salaries to workers by half. The first "victims of the experiment" - the stumpers and welders of shop No. 563 appealed to the court, and the other day they lost it.

The civil sector of the UVZ remains unprofitable, despite financial support from the federal center. All attempts to take the "wagon" into profit already as part of Rostecha and under the leadership of Alexander Potapov led only to a wave of publications about how shop managers cut tariffs, bonuses, and any other salary items to ordinary workers.

"For Nizhny Tagil, three steps back - in 2007. The UVZ will again not be the main enterprise of the corporation of 30 enterprises across the country, but a small-town unprofitable plant. With all the ensuing for his employees and the local budget, which Uralvagonzavod financially and politically milked for many years. Farewell, Poundgrad! "- ironically the popular Telegram channel" Drunken Armata ".

The independent trade union does not despair. On February 21, representatives of the Solidarity NPS will go to the prosecutor's office. They will work to ensure that the supervisory agency, in the interests of an unlimited number of individuals, is judged with the UVZ for annual indexation of tariffs and salaries (indexation at the enterprise is canceled). But the workers interviewed by the agency say fatigue and mistrust of the court: "We saw that the court has no idea about the specifics of our work, we saw how he listens to us and how he listens to representatives of the plant. It's not very hard to believe, of course, that the courts will help. To go out to meetings is also not an option. If you know the date of the president's arrival, the route, maybe, would stand up with posters. But so far the moods are such that it's impossible to get through directly to the president with the question, although I would very much like to. "

One of the veterans of the UVZ noted that the working youth are going to stay at home in the upcoming presidential elections if they do not force to go to the site by force. "There is no sense" - the main thesis of this campaign in the working environment of Uralvagonzavod. Nevertheless, the main candidate here is very much expected for a personal conversation.