Sergei Chemezov will collect explosives himself

"Rostekh" creates a holding company for special chemistry.
"Rostegh" decided to create within the state corporation holding, which will combine enterprises for special chemicals and industrial explosives. Consolidation should not only simplify the model of managing disparate assets, but also eliminate internal competition in the market of special chemicals. At the first stage, the holding consolidates 15 enterprises, and in the long term, according to Kommersant's information, at least four more enterprises can obtain at least the Sverdlov plant - a monopoly producer of hexogen and hexogen.

The Supervisory Board of Rostek decided to create a holding company for special chemicals and industrial explosives, sources close to the state corporation told Kommersant. According to them, the Federal Scientific and Technical Center "Informkhimmash" became its parent organization, which will be transformed into JSC "Speckhimiya". The holding itself will be divided into developers and manufacturers of explosives (Research Institute "Crystal" and Kalinovsky Chemical Plant), pyrotechnic products (Research Institute of Applied Chemistry, Krasnozavodsky Chemical Plant, Cheboksary Production Association named Chapaev), charge initiation facilities (Krasnoznamenets enterprise, Murom Instrument Making Plant and Novosibirsk Mechanical Plant "Iskra"). It will also include developers of ballistic powder and solid rocket fuel (Research Institute of Polymer Materials and Solikamsk Plant "Ural"), as well as a research center "Applied Chemistry", engaged in high-energy systems for rocket engines. In addition, two companies specializing in information and analytical activities (Calculation and Rhythm) and one marketing company (Tekhmashservice) were included in the Holding Spetskhimiya.

In Rostekh, this information was officially confirmed by Kommersant, clarifying that at the first stage the holding included 15 enterprises. "The single product orientation of the holding makes it possible to consolidate disparate competencies, improve the management model for these assets, eliminate internal competition in this market and build new cooperative chains," they said. The industrial director of the cluster of conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemicals of the state corporation Rostek Sergei Abramov assured Kommersant that the product line of the new holding company is very extensive. There are means of counteracting high-precision complexes (they act due to the setting of false targets and aerosol screens), signal and illuminating ammunition, explosives (thermobaric and plastisol compounds), pyroautomatics and non-lethal weapons, liquid and solid types of rocket fuel, and fireworks.

The total revenue of all companies included in the holding in 2017 amounted to about 30.2 billion rubles, of which 30% (about 10.5 billion rubles.) Fell on civilian products. According to Kommersant's information, taking into account the order within the framework of the state program of armaments until 2027, the holding's enterprises will receive production loading in the part of ammunition. Taking into account the task of diversifying production by 2025, the share of civilian products should be brought up to 68%. At the same time, the volume of "Speckhimiya" revenue is planned to increase to 43 billion rubles by 2020, and by 2025 - up to 61 billion rubles. (more than 40 billion of which will be for civilian products).

At the same time, according to Kommersant's information, in the future the holding can significantly expand due to the inclusion of branch federal state unitary and state enterprises (production sites and special ranges) under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. "We are talking about explosives, pyrotechnics and their components, ballistic powders and fuels, mixed fuels, pyroxylin powders," explained one of the industry interlocutors. He added that the new structure could include the Perm Powder Plant (the producer of charges for rockets and engines), the Chapaevsky Mechanical Plant (industrial explosives), the Voskhod Association (producer of the Grammonite) and the Sverdlov Plant (the exclusive producer of hexogen and hexogen in Russia ). Recall that the proposal to include a number of special-purpose enterprises, in particular the Sverdlov plant, in Rostekh was formed by its head Sergei Chemezov back in April 2016. But Deputy Prime Minister for the OPK, Dmitry Rogozin, at that time was able to block this idea, since he considered it unreasonable to transfer the state-owned enterprises to a prosperous plant.