Sergei Chemezov will sell the Defense Ministry laptops for 500 thousand rubles

The corporation "Rosteh" will overwhelm the military with laptops at a fabulous price.
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"Rostegh" plans to sign a contract with the Defense Ministry to supply several thousand of protected EU1866 notebooks for extreme operating conditions, told RBC in the state corporation.

"The cost of one device starts from 500 thousand rubles. Its distinctive feature lies in the fact that the computing core of the computer is based on the Russian microprocessor "Elbrus 1C +", - RBC was informed in the press service of "Rostecha".

This model of the laptop is developed by order of the Ministry of Defense. The military department plans to conclude a contract with the state corporation, it is expected that it will be several thousand devices a year, specified in Rostekh.

For the first time the laptop on the Russian microprocessor "Elbrus 1C +" was demonstrated at the exhibition "Innoprom-2018", which takes place in Yekaterinburg from 9 to 12 July.

"The protected laptop EC1866 - the development of the holding" RosElectronics ". Its hermetic case, made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy, is resistant to external factors such as vibration, shocks, extreme temperatures (from -20 to + 55 ° C), moisture penetration, "the Rosteha website says. The computer is equipped with a 17-inch screen and has dimensions of 41.3 cm in length, 34 cm in width, 8 cm in thickness.

The EU1866 operates under the Russian operating system Elbrus. At the same time, any other operating system can be installed on it, specified in Rostekh. The computer can be used both by power structures and civilian - to solve the problems of industry, logistics, agriculture, medical care outside medical institutions and / or in emergency situations, the state corporation said.