Sergei Sobyanin counted in Russia 15 million extra Russians

Their mayor of Moscow offered to drive in agglomeration.
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Sergei Sobyanin said that "small 15 million people" reside in small towns and rural areas, which are not occupied anywhere. To solve this problem, the mayor of the capital called for the development of agglomerations.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that the problem of employment in small towns and rural areas should be addressed by the development of agglomerations. This statement was made by the Moscow Mayor at the All-Russian Civil Forum (UCF), the correspondent of RBC reports.

"Today in our country there are roughly 15 million extra people who are not needed to produce agricultural products taking into account new technologies of productivity in the countryside. This is either officials, or social workers, or someone else, "Sobyanin said.

"There are fewer and fewer people who can find high-performance and high-quality work. The same can be said about provincial small towns. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer really good jobs and quality jobs. We are starting this rural area to save, save these small towns, "- said the mayor.

According to the Moscow mayor, there are already 30-35 million people in Moscow metropolitan area, including nearby regions, where Muscovites go for the summer, and local residents work in Moscow. "This is the core of the country, the primordial core, without oil and gas," he said.

According to Sobyanin, Moscow is "not a black hole that sucks talents from around the country, but the driver of the economy." "The development of agglomerations leads to the development of competition and the strengthening of the country's defense capability, and Russia has always been under attack, and today under attack, albeit not in the military sense," he added.

Sobyanin's statement was made during a discussion with ex-finance minister and head of the Committee of Civil Initiatives Alexei Kudrin under the title "The future of the country's economy: the role of agglomerations."

Kudrin, in turn, said that the development of agglomerations should be among the top ten tasks of the country. The same agglomerations as Moscow should be in Siberia and the Far East, Kudrin believes. However, according to him, in the regions there are "conflicts between governors and mayors, which always end in the victory of governors, and this does not allow cities to develop."