Sergey Bachin will warm his hands on three volcanoes

Enriched with the experience of "mastering" budgets, entrepreneur Sergei Bachin came up with access to national project funds. This time he will share the profit with oligarch Vladimir Potanin.
The presence of the figure of the scandalous businessman Sergei Bachin at the Eastern Economic Forum caused many analysts questions and conjectures. After all, his bald figure, with the first unprepossessing person, always appears where there is a “big jackpot”.

Volcanic schemes

The "Three Volcanoes" Park should appear near the volcanoes Mutnovsky, Vilyuchinsky and Gorely in Kamchatka. The company of the same name was registered by the Interros company and the structures of Sergey Bachin.

It is estimated that the project should cost 54 billion rubles. Private investment will amount to 15 billion rubles. in the ratio of 70% to 30%, where the majority will be paid by Interros Vladimir Potanin, a senior partner. The remaining 39 billion should be added by the state as part of the federal tourism target program, which is part of the corresponding national project.

National project! Sweet, holy words, under the mock of which it is so easy to withdraw and spend, spend, spend money ...

Yaroslavl Antalya

Sergey Bachin is involved in the creation and leadership of a number of companies whose activities are very wide - from construction to appraisal. The latter is very useful for business, about which a little later.

Perhaps, one should start from Yaroslavl, where Bachin’s projects roll in one after another from a virtual cornucopia. They will crumble, but for some reason they are not given into the hands.

Some time ago, the previous head of the Yaroslavl region, Sergei Yastrebtsov, the charming genius of negotiations, Sergei Bachin, proposed to build an unrivaled tourist paradise in the province (the first part of the scheme was "promised"), the Yaroslavl coast, the second Antalya, Cyprus or Jurmala. It was possible to donate money not from anywhere, but from the federal program (!) For the development of tourism (the second part of the scheme - "got access to the budget") - 2.1 billion, as well as from the Yaroslavl regional budget - 285 million rubles.

A tourist paradise has not yet been erected, but the money seems to have already been spent. And the governor Yastrebtsov lost his seat, which bosom relations with Bachin could serve as one of the reasons. It remains to be comforted that Mr. Yastrebtsov will have a three-story mansion in memory of the Yaroslavl Seaside, and his daughter will have a three-story townhouse for 37 million rubles. in the cottage village Pavlovo-2 near Moscow. Where is the office of one of the companies of Bachin - "Agrant".

Two words about Pavlov-2, which is on the lake in the suburbs. After a convincing conversation in the office of Governor Andrei Vorobyov (the first stage of the scheme), Sergey Bachin agreed to sculpt a well-groomed embankment for the residents of the village, cottages with sea views. However, residents, apparently, sensed in time: something was wrong. There was a suspicion that the lake was just about to be put to sleep for housing construction. Complaints flew into the regional government, the project was suspended.

The departing "nature"

But the Yaroslavl adventures did not end.

A year ago, another company of Sergey Bachin, AgriVolga, set out to build a so-called cheese cluster in the region. Another governor, Dmitry Mironov, took part in the presentation.

The plans were as follows: the AgriVolga holding includes two cheese factories, in the unity of which they will invest 1.5 billion rubles. Probably Bachin thought - budget (the second stage of the scheme).
Alas, it went wrong. Perhaps, having comprehended the experience of the predecessor, the new head of the region was not in a hurry to substitute the regional udder for a searching hand. Therefore, there is no cluster either.

Generally speaking, healthy eating is one of Mr. Bachin's skates. He even wrote a book about it. And it produces "organic" meat and dairy products under the brand name "Ugleche Pole" at 15 farms in the Yaroslavl region. Everything is autonomous, from growing raw materials to finished products. Clean, solid business. And, according to Bachin, natural. You don’t even think that under the guise of "organics" they can mix the same thing that they sell with the prefixes "eco" and "bio". But - at a greater, of course, price.

And the certification of products is carried out by special people who have received a license from Rossaccreditation. And this is the company "Organic Expert", which (as you might guess) belongs to - drum roll! - Sergey Bachin. Why spray? I did it myself, I certified myself ... I certified myself, I have no competitor. Or maybe for a very extra money.

"Organic Expert", by the way, may become the first Bachinsky brainchild, which directly interested in the operative authorities. The company's revenue is zero, profit minus as much as 1.4 million rubles, cost - 0.

Bachin and others have other organic companies: Organic Market and Organic Project. And - a coincidence? - have a negative profit and value. How do they even work? How, without profit, do they pay taxes?

Having looked closely, one can catch that AgriVolga itself is breathing out: the company is in the process of reorganization, the cost is minus 52 million rubles. But what about, 15 farms? Are they worth anything too?

In general, not everything is healthy with Mr. Bachin's healthy diet.

New Vasyuki

Maybe this is such a strong interest in the travel industry? Another profile, other opportunities.

Before the Kamchatka project, Sochi was a pearl in the necklace of Sergei Bachin's projects. Ah, Sochi! And who didn’t warm your budgetary, warming hands with your budgetary warmth? ..

At the center of events is VEB. He credited the construction of 17 Olympic facilities - otherwise the terms of their construction were on fire.

Loans of 12 facilities have been restructured today. At the end of 2017, VEB comes forward with a proposal to extend the maturity until 2051. The reason is Krasnaya Polyana and the Rosa Khutor ski resort may default.

The latter was built with the money of VEB by Sergey Bachin. Cable car, comfort, landscapes ... Construction cost 55.7 billion rubles.

But Bachin is in no hurry to give money to the bank. He repays his debt ... his construction company ProfEstate. Which price, by the way - is not 50, but 21.7 billion rubles. And it swept.

Rosa Khutor itself, like almost everything in the hands of the notorious entrepreneur, is unprofitable: LLC profit minus 13 billion, cost minus 40 billion rubles. And where could everything go? ..

But this is not the first experience of VEB’s cooperation with Bachin. A talented negotiator convinced the bank that he would build a "garden city" on the shore of the Moscow Sea in the Tver region. VEB granted Bachin a loan of 3.37 billion rubles. to the high-profile Radisson Zavidovo project.

The construction has begun. The city of the future itself should have gotten bored by 2028, the Radisson Zavidovo hotel is already standing. Only tourists do not go to it. Maybe then it is not worth building a "city without a future"? It smelled fried. Sergey Bachin gives VEB a 40% stake in the hotel, which is 1.5 times less than its value.

"From Moscow to the outskirts, from the southern mountains to the northern seas"

Who is he, businessman Sergey Bachin?

A naive dreamer? Calculating. combinator?

Some of the observers, delving into conspiracy theories, believe that everything is not so simple.

After the USSR, Bachin emigrated to the United States, where, in an unknown way, he falls into the top-secret company Pratt & Whitney, a manufacturer of aircraft engines. However, in 1998 he returned to become a consultant to a large-scale deal: Pratt & Whitney buys 25% of the shares of direct competitors, Perm Motors and Aircraft Engine.

On the eve of sales at enterprises - by chance? - completely destroyed the production of military engines. Enormous damage has been done to the Russian aircraft industry.

What fate awaits the Kamchatka Rosa Khutor is not difficult to predict. First they’ll build it, then they’ll “saw it”. Or vice versa, they will saw it, but they will build it for the rest.