Sergey Chemezov became a Hero

The contribution of the head of Rostec to the development of the defense complex is canceled by the title of Hero of Russia.
Vladimir Putin conferred the title of Hero of Russia to the CEO of Rostec State Corporation Sergey Chemezov, several top managers of defense industry enterprises told Vedomosti, and a senior official of the Kremlin administration confirmed. The corresponding decree has not been published on the Kremlin’s website, but Vedomosti’s interlocutors claim that it was signed a few weeks ago.

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According to the "Regulation on the title of Hero of the Russian Federation", it is awarded "for services to the state and people associated with the commission of a heroic feat." Sergei Chemezov was awarded this title for his significant contribution to the development of the defense industry and improving the country's defense capability, a federal official explains. The Hero of Russia is awarded the badge of special distinction - the Golden Star medal and the accompanying certificate of conferment of the title. In addition, in the homeland of the Hero of Russia, on the basis of a separate decree of the president, his bronze bust can be installed. If this happens, a bust of Chemezov will appear in the city of Cheremkhovo, Irkutsk region.

A representative of Rostec declined to comment. Vedomosti sent a request to Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

Sergey Chemezov is one of the closest associates of Vladimir Putin. They met in the GDR: in 1985-1990. Putin served in Dresden as a resident of Soviet foreign intelligence under the guise of director of the Dresden Friendship House of the USSR-GDR, and Chemezov in 1983-1988. He also headed the representative experimental industrial association Luch. “It happened so for us that we were together at work, and the car that stood out for us was one for two ... One car for two, and every other day we rode this car,” Chemezov told in the film Andrei Kondrashov “Putin. Part 2". After serving in the GDR, he was transferred through state security to Sovintersport, and in 1996 he was first appointed head of the foreign economic relations department of the president’s affairs department, and then he headed the foreign economic relations department of the Kremlin administration. At that time, Vladimir Putin worked in the presidential administration.

Sergei Chemezov was awarded a high rank in the aggregate of merits related both to the reform of the military-technical cooperation system with foreign countries and, in general, to the development of Rostec, a government official believes. Chemezov began to engage in arms export as early as 1999: first at Promexport, and a year later at Rosoboronexport (now part of Rostec). It was during these years that a modern system of military-technical cooperation began to emerge, says a former official of the Russian Ministry of Defense: defense industry enterprises were denied the opportunity to independently export their final products, the monopoly on the conclusion of contracts for their supply was transferred to Rosoboronexport. “This allowed us to get rid of competition within the country and begin to fight on the foreign market,” recalls the source of Vedomosti. In July 2019, Sergei Chemezov at a meeting with Vladimir Putin announced that in 2018 the company exported products “for the record amount, the largest for the entire period of its existence - $ 13.7 billion,” and “a solid portfolio of orders for military equipment reached $ 55 billion. "

Obviously, the president is satisfied with the work of Rostec, according to an employee of the government apparatus: over the past 12 years, the corporation has consolidated entire bushes of industry (for example, aircraft and engine building), which allowed for financial recovery of assets, including at the expense of own funds. At the same time, Rostec’s defense is not limited to: the corporation is positioning itself as a high-tech company specializing in pharmaceuticals, IT solutions and telecommunications. In 2017, the total value of the state corporation’s assets, according to Rostec itself, reached 3 trillion rubles. Over the years of work in industry, Sergei Chemezov has become the full holder of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin has already appropriated the titles of Heroes of Russia to senior officials related to the defense industry. In 2018, the heroes became the first deputy head of the presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko and deputy prime minister Yuri Borisov. Thus, their contribution to the development of new types of weapons was noted during their work, respectively, by the gender dispatcher of Rosatom State Corporation and the Deputy Minister of Defense for Arms. Decrees on their awards were also not published.