Sergey Dankvert - RBC: That's smuggling under the guise of cover products

Head of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor), Sergey Dankvert, in an interview with RBC told about the famous Belarusian shrimps, bacon supplies under the guise of the sealant, manners of the Dutch customs, as well as the resumption of meat shipments to China.
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Since the introduction of Russian food embargo on the countries of the European Union and the United States, Canada, Norway and Australia it has been more than two years - the ban came into force on 6 August 2014. On January 1, 2016 under the embargo fallen as products from Turkey, shortly after the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian bomber. During this period, Russia made significant progress in self-sufficiency in main types of food products. Radically changed the geography of suppliers. What happened to the Russian food market, see the article "The fruit import: how Russian agriculture has changed under sanctions."

"From tomorrow, we opened Turkey" - this will not happen "

- On the Russian market are gradually returning Turkish products almost a year after the ban. Rosselkhoznadzor delegation recently completed inspection of Turkish companies. What are your impressions and preliminary results? Can we expect the resumption of supplies of goods previously banned?

- In October, the government lifted the ban on the import of Turkish stone fruit and citrus. But I want to remind that the abolition of product embargo imposed by Russia against Turkey, not within the competence of the Rosselkhoznadzor. At the same time we have introduced restrictions on the supply of certain fruits and vegetables for phytosanitary reasons. Following the visit of our specialists to Turkey can be considered is the abolition of restrictions on the import of pepper, pomegranate, eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, lettuce (including through third countries). While studying the collected materials.

Our employees have visited in Turkey, said that the phytosanitary system in the country took a step forward. This was also thanks to us. For example, as a result of the prohibitions of our Turkish colleagues began to prepare documents in electronic form, with them already quite real, you can work in this field. We now fix an electronic system, where products and can really keep track of it "from field to counter" and ensure that it is placed with certain greenhouse complexes, or fields.

Now, the Turkish side is doing everything to fulfill our requirements. But the discovery of vegetable exports to Russia will not be massive. For we have just said: "From tomorrow opened Turkey" - this will not happen. We will open the specific facilities, specific greenhouse complexes.

- Such a selective lifting of the ban the practice in the meat industry.

- Yes, we monitor businesses that are certified to supply meat products to the Russian market. If we have questions to the products of a particular plant - we take action to it, and not necessarily "close" the whole country. This business is also more correct and sparing regimen. So we want to do and crop production.

We intend to work primarily with large enterprises. And the supplier begins to gather in Antalya products from many small farmers - someone 20 someone 30 acres ... Everyone sprinkles products and processes in their own way. As a result, we have thousands of tons of products, the quality of which can not be traced. Why do I need it?

The same with the Belarusian producers. They have every year a growing number of companies that they certify to supply to Russia. That's good, we congratulate them. But it is often the small consumer society that we carry Ukrainian beef with cut stamps. We do not need. You are "small fry" to leave their market. And we need those responsible for the delivery of a more serious production. We are inside the Customs Union are trying to use this system.

"Belarus is often behaves dishonestly"

- How is the whole Belarus with things? Because a lot of complaints about them lately.

- Belarus - our closest partner who actively wants to exploit the situation, when the Russian market was closed for the supply of EU with Ukraine. And he very often behave in bad faith.

There have things that have become common nouns, such as shrimp shipments from Belarus. Shrimp, of course, the funny thing. But Belarusians still, for example, carry a large number of apples. Then ask, "How do you raised them to such an extent" They answer: "No, we have exported them." But wait, you also wrote in the documents that is your production? When a year has passed, we can already be recognized [in the re-export], because it's all in the past.

Supply of vegetables and fruits from Belarus for three years increased 2.8 times! If the first eight months of 2013 were imported 135.6 thousand tons in January-August 2016 -... 441 tons For more than two years since the introduction of prodembargo identified more than 570 cases of receipt of products with forged phytosanitary certificates of origin.

At the same time, Russia and Belarus are no borders as such. As a result, the Ukrainian production goes, then supposedly the Brazilian, who came from Germany and Poland in fact. Unfortunately, the reality is.

There is smuggling, supply of products under the pretext of "cover products". Come containers from Hamburg, they were written "benign chemistry", "building sealant". You open - there is bacon. It is clear from colleagues in Europe liberal system, came to the customs officer anywhere in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, kurnuli a cigarette, quietly sent the thing. It is difficult to say how all this takes place, because we have only once received a judicial investigation in recent years, when people planted.

- The main claim in Rosselkhoznadzor is still associated with deliveries of Belarusian dairy products?

- Only recently we withdrew 40 declarations for Belarusian products, because it does not meet the parameters for fat and protein. Our Belarusian colleagues can not produce products with normal content of proteins and because, perhaps, a certain greed begin to "khimichit". According to our research, more than 40% of samples of drinking milk from Belarus showed the presence of milk powder. While it is forbidden technical regulations of the Customs Union.

Claims much. Including this is again a question of deliveries from Europe. It is not good to recycle Polish milk supply and then to Russia. We have analyzed the situation -. They [Belarusians] almost 100 thousand tons of milk from Poland was brought to him, and these 100 thousand at once with a gun of this enterprise -. Directly to Russia. We therefore its activity on inspections of enterprises of Belarus stressed.

Soyuzmoloko periodically speaks about Belarus - they say that you find in the Belarusian milk products, and you do not have a registered method for detection. Work on the registration method is conducted. As for the activities Soyuzmoloko, their position is very clear - to introduce people into error. It is possible that they are interested in the confusion, because some companies within the Union and, consequently, its funding are businesses in the territory of Belarus. These companies supply products to us, and they are strict control of Rosselkhoznadzor did not at hand.

"Before agriculture arms do not reach"

- Recently, actively Rosselkhoznadzor checks including finished products. Not all of this content. For example, many industry associations indicate that it is the task of Rospotrebnadzor.

- I do not want to criticize the Federal Service. But I do not understand why our colleagues do not take measures to impose restrictions on the companies that supply the adulterated products. In the service say: "Oh, time has passed, we do not find." Who says this time? What measures?

All data on violations exist in our electronic system, in Rosakkreditatsii system. But Rospotrebnadzor occupies a strange position, they do not need too many questions. I understand they have a lot of problems today hotels, dirty sheets, tourists drunk tomorrow - on the head drove each other the day after banks raised their interest rates. Before agriculture hands do not reach.

Failure leads to the fact that the supply of products from Belarus increased and are increasing at a rate that does not increase production. From a safety perspective, no one can say that is used in the production. To compete with the products from Belarus difficult - it is cheaper, largely due to the fact that it is falsified. Of course, the liver and kidneys maintained long enough, it is possible for a while "not bother". It's not just drank arsenic, it's milk drank fake, do not worry.

My deep conviction - and the quality and safety should be monitored in this case the Ministry of Agriculture. Moreover, the quality in the first place it is necessary to assign to the regional veterinary services. They have a large number of people, they all have a lab, it's not such complex analyzes. Then, the regional authorities will understand that you made a - a good product or not. And now all call, write to the Federal Service. Where Rospotrebnadzor? In Moscow. What does he do? He went to check rooming house some or something else.

- Sergey, and you and the government discussed this issue - namely the transfer of authority from Rospotrebnadzor to control the quality of products?

- When I start to say something about this, I say that we want to take away the authority of Rospotrebnadzor. I do not want to take away! I wish that there was an understanding: if today does not manage one service, should do another. Please, not ours. Let them do the subjects of vets, they are not subject to us today. And I have to do with it I do not want to have. But understand, we do monitor and clearly fix the violations. At the same time we are constantly Rospotrebnadzor said that this is not our supposedly powers. If Rosselkhoznadzor controls raw materials, and raw materials was not what it means, and products of unknown origin. Why can not I withdraw? I control the execution of the technical regulations. All.

- What are the casualties of Russian agriculture as a consequence of foreign counterfeit on the market?

- You know, if I start to speak on this subject, I am afraid, I will get a lot of enemies who have to do it - to test and evaluate. Let them do those who are supposed to. The Economic Development Department has a regulatory impact assessment. I always, when the quarrel with them, I ask: "Who makes the assessment of regulatory inaction - that you do not?" They normally obtained with estimates, but agriculture does not reach. They only hinder the release government regulations make legal changes, although it has the Ministry of Justice.

In general, with adulterated products within the framework of the Eurasian Commission must fight very seriously. And companies that have been caught in this, you just need to exclude from the list of providers. Faking? Then work only on their country.

- The Russian milk producers, too many problems. Adulteration from 10 to 20%, according to Soyuzmoloko, the recent outbreak of foot and mouth disease, due to which it was withdrawn products "Wimm-Bill-Dann" ...

- Rospotrebnadzor reported: foot and mouth disease in the Vladimir region, seized 3.8 tons of dairy products.. I did not see any logic in their actions, no reason for the withdrawal was not. Part of the milk (with foot and mouth disease virus) could get to the factory, but the milk is heat-treated in the enterprise, and therefore is absolutely safe. Popova Service (Anna Popova, the head of Rospotrebnadzor -. RBC), shall we say, a little perebdela in this situation. As for the farm, we quickly once all otvaktsinirovali all localized. And there is no risk of further spread of the virus is not present. But, unfortunately, the fact is, the very fact that this suggests that the very fragile balance.

"Manufacturers of impatience can bounce on trampolines though"

- Meat producers are waiting, when allowed to supply to China. But the outbreak of foot and mouth disease, then new cases of swine fever is not postponed again if the starting date of deliveries?

- Manufacturers of impatience may even bounce on trampolines, the question will not change. The Chinese have their own logic. You read the press - in Hong Kong put customs officials immediately 95. Do you know why? Because through Hong Kong to China is [Russian] meat. Export is, but unofficial, uncivilized, via Vladivostok, for example. According to the documents it is not, and our task - to make sure that was on the document.

Therefore we are [with China] in the dialog. Dialogue can be protracted. Predict will not. In terms of shipments in China for us is much more important than the bird market and, of course, finished products - canned food, sausages, etc. In this regard, no African swine or foot and mouth disease will not prevent us. And this theme we have been most active.