Sergey Gordeev hoisted Gref and Sobyanin at the pic

As the main developer of the capital associated with the mafia, Trump and the mayor of Moscow.
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Reports from the battlefield in Kuntsevo, where local residents are fighting for life and death with the PIC development company PIK, trying to protect their homes from demolition and from scatter building, appeared in almost all Russian media, but it seems that they did not affect course of events. PIK often becomes the object of criticism due to the cutting of squares, the construction of on-site security zones and spot building, but the company has good advocates. The Insider studied them and found out what links PIK with Sergey Sobyanin and mafia leaders, as well as how loans from state banks are settled offshore with suspicious beneficiaries.

PIK, Trump and Solntsevskaya OPG

Today, PIK Group of Companies is the leader in terms of residential real estate development in the country, and the company's main activity is concentrated in Moscow and the Moscow Region. The main owner of the PIK is a former member of the Federation Council Sergey Gordeev. The ex-senator controls 74.59% of the company's shares. According to the PJSC report for the third quarter of 2018, 7.6% is owned by The Bank of New York Mellon. This bank 20 years ago was in the center of a public scandal involving the Russian mafia.

According to the FBI, $ 10 billion was laundered through an American bank at that time. Including part of the funds allocated as a loan to the Russian government by the International Monetary Fund. In the course of the investigation, the connection between the laundering companies and the leader of the Solntsevo criminal group, Semyon Mogilevich, was proved. Already this year in the work of BNY Mellon a “Russian trace” was found again. The interests of the bank in the field of tax legislation were lobbied by a native of Moscow, Boris Epstein, a former adviser to Donald Trump and an employee of the White House. The Insider has already written in detail about the close relationship between Trump and Mogilevich, including through former adviser to Trump Felix Sater.

Both the American President Trump and the criminal authority of Mogilevich are still at the intersection with PIK. Last year, The Washington Post reported that the owner of the group, Sergey Gordeev, could become one of Donald Trump’s Moscow partners. The residential complex under the Trump brand Gordeyev proposed to build at that time another US presidential candidate at the end of 2015. This information received by WP from American investigators, Gordeyev denied in a conversation with The Bell, but as The Insider found out, the link between the PIK and the Trump Tower project is true.

According to the official version, the negotiations on the construction of the Trump Tower in Moscow were led by the leader of the far from the largest group of companies “Expert” Andrei Rozov. The project involved the construction of high-rise buildings with condominiums, hotel and commercial real estate of premium class, and even provided for a spa center under the brand of Trump's daughter Ivanka. However, the little-known businessman Rozov was not at all and is not the owner of the developer - contrary to what his representatives claimed to Vedomosti. Both as of 2015 and now, 60% of Experstroy LLC is recorded in Cyprus offshore Colinsen Trading Ltd, owned by Ionics Nominees Ltd, and is owned by Vastoyadoulos Vassiliades, a famous Cypriot lawyer. According to the register of Cypriot companies, another lawyer, Pampina Votsi, also became a director of Ionics Nominees Limited. It is directly connected with PIK: as of March 31, 2018 it is listed in the list of affiliates of PJSC.

Pampina Votsi was also involved in money laundering for Semyon Mogilevich. She is the director of offshore Barlow Investing Ltd., owned by ex-spouse Mogilevich Galina Telesh. In addition, Votsi provided services to billionaire senator Suleiman Kerimov, the former shareholder of PIK.

PIK and government members

Career and current member of the board of directors of PIK Zumrud Rustamova is associated with Kerimov, who in 2006 became head of the Cyprus office of his Nafta Moscow holding. Rustamova is the wife of Arkady Dvorkovich, until recently the vice-premier, and now the president of FIDE. According to the information disclosed by PIK, the spouse of Dvorkovich as a member of the board of directors of the developer receives a remuneration in the amount of 1 million 200 thousand rubles. per quarter.

Thus, PIK was provided with lobbying support at the highest government level. Anyway, until recently. And this is not counting the fact that the president of the PIK Group of Companies Sergey Gordeyev is considered a friend of the head of Sberbank, German Gref, and Sberbank actively lends to the structures of PIK. Other state-owned banks issue loans to group companies: VTB (this year a deal worth almost 20 billion rubles was made) and the Agricultural Bank. The latter, despite the fact that it was created by the state to support agriculture, issued a loan to LLC PIK + in March of the current year, it follows from the Register of Companies: a share in the authorized capital is pledged until the loan obligations are fulfilled. PIK + (which also owns 15% of PIK Group PJSC) was established in Liechtenstein by a company with the telling name of the HREF Foundation. It is curious that in the trade register of this state information about the fund is not found either by name or by registration number (FL-0002.493.589-1).

“This is due to the special status of the foundation,” Andrei Schmidt, managing partner of Schmidt & Schmidt, explained to The Insider, “Information about it is not entered. It is impossible to know the owners. That is, there is a company, but only an authorized person of the fund itself or a person with “legitimate interest” can receive data on it. Under the legitimate interest may be understood, for example, a court decision or statement of claim. Liechtenstein in this respect is a semi-offshore zone. In theory, such a fund does not have the right to generate and distribute profits. But the statute can be spelled out activities in the interests of any family. And then you can buy a yacht or a palace with the money of the foundation. ”

It turns out that the state bank issues huge loans to companies with foreign participation and hidden beneficiaries, and the name of the offshore where the money goes, by a strange coincidence, coincides with the name of the director of the state bank.

Apparently, not only the management of Sberbank is interested in financing PIK, according to The Insider's sources at the Rosselkhozbank, under Dmitry Patrushev’s management, he had “his own interest in every transaction,” and after the transfer of Security Council Secretary’s son to the government "has not changed anything."

PIC and Sobyanin

PIK has a connection with Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. Former business partner of the head of PIK Kirill Androsov - a longtime comrade of the capital's mayor. He was the closest assistant to Sobyanin during his work in the government. Androsov was called the "key" deputy chief of staff of the Cabinet. Coincidentally, Androsov owed his career to the head of Sberbank: it was Gref who at one time called him from St. Petersburg to his Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

Gordeeva and Androsov are linked by a co-ownership of the oil and gas company Ruspetro with its headquarters in London. According to information from the UK commercial register, they were at one time members of the board of directors of Ruspetro Ltd. But if Gordeev - until June 2016, then Androsov - until July of this.

After leaving and from the board of directors of Aeroflot, little was heard about Androsov. The only thing in the summer, he moderated the session of the Moscow Urban Forum with the participation of Sobyanin. The Moscow Urban Forum is sponsored by the PIK group of companies. Understand how the city authorities in collaboration with construction magnates see "a new space for life" and "future megapolis", now residents of the Kuntsevo district can already.