Sergey Maslov put Denis Manturov in the saddle

The former person involved in the criminal case will build an equestrian center and a golf club in Gelendzhik.
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The former head of the Equestrian Federation of Russia and the Development Corporation Joint-Stock Company Sergey Maslov, who was previously accused of embezzling 1 billion rubles, established the Academy of Equestrian Sport in Gelendzhik. The company is registered directly at the hotel, owned by the families of Sergey Chemezov and Denis Manturov, and it will be headed by the same person who oversees the construction of a golf club for 2 billion rubles. And this is no accident: Maslova’s company will develop the sphere of leisure for the Russian elite.

Previously, PASMI told that Gelendzhik after the annexation of the Crimea became a place of attraction for large Russian investors and officials. Constantly increasing sanctions make investments in foreign assets risky, and no one is in a hurry to invest in the Crimea.

Following the families of the head of Rostec, Sergey Chemezov, and the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, the leaders of the Forbes list begin to develop the resort infrastructure. The volume of investments that is planned to be sent to Gelendzhik is already estimated at tens of billions of rubles. Moreover, over the past few years, the daughter of Rosneft head Igor Sechin has acquired real estate there, and, as PASMI found out, the sons of Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev and the children of the former vice president of Norilsk Nickel, Dynamo head Vladimir Dynamic.

Mixed in a bunch of horses, golf ...

In 2017, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum announced the construction of a golf club in Gelendzhik worth over 2 billion rubles.

Famous Russian billionaires: Dmitry Pumpyansky, Alexey Mordashov and businessmen close to Roman Abramovich took part in the creation of Gelendzhik Golf Resort LLC, with which the administration of the Krasnodar Territory entered into a corresponding agreement.

The head of Gelendzhik Golf Resort was Alexander Zhuchkov, who previously worked at the Forest Hills Golf Club in the Dmitrovsky District of the Moscow Region. This was the project of the beneficiary of the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant, Andrei Komarov.

Equestrian center will be adjacent to the golf club in Gelendzhik. The newspaper "Krasnodar Izvestia", quoting Zhuchkov, wrote that on the territory of the golf club they would equip "everything for polo and horse racing" and "build a different type of playpen."

PASMI found out that the construction of the equestrian sports complex will be carried out by the company of the former head of the “Development Corporation” Sergey Maslov. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, in July 2018, at the address where the “Primorye” boarding house is located, which belongs to the relatives of the heads of Rostec and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, he registered the Academy of Equestrian Company with a registered capital of 100 thousand rubles. Alexander Zhuchkov, the head of the golf club construction company, was appointed the general director of the new company, next to which the equestrian center will be located.

In the same room with the “Academy of equestrian sport”, JSC “Partner Group” is also registered, whose leader and sole owner is the same Zhuchkov. The main activity of the organization is the activity of sports facilities.

Since 2010, Sergei Maslov has headed the Equestrian Federation of Russia, whose president after it was Marina Sechina, the former spouse of the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin.

As head of the FKRR, Maslov simultaneously held the post of head of the Development Corporation. The end came in 2016, when the security forces detained a man as part of a criminal investigation into the embezzlement of 1 billion rubles from the Development Corporation shareholders through Narodny Credit Bank and offshores.

Maslov visited the SIZO, then was released on bail. At the end of 2017, the Investigation Committee stopped the prosecution of Maslov due to the lack of evidence of his guilt.

Both sport and port

Maslov’s interests are not limited to equestrian sports: shortly before his arrest, in 2016 he became a co-owner of Port Gelendzhik LLC. JSC “TRK Invest” and CJSC “Gelendzhik Sea Port” also invested in the capital of the company.

The latter was the main investor of construction in the resort city of the marina for 180 yachts. The Open Russia Investigation Management Center linked the companies with Stroytransgaz's beneficiary Gennady Timchenko.

Now both Gelendzhik Sea Port CJSC and Port Gelendzhik LLC are in the process of liquidation, it follows from the register data.

To the “Gelendzhik seaport” Timchenko has repeatedly been challenged by the Krasnodar authorities. As follows from “SPARK-Interfax”, Rostransnadzor found violations 11 times, including the results of unscheduled inspections. The latter came in the last summer - when the company was accused of violating the law: it did not ensure the certification of persons responsible for safety.