Sergey Polonsky was arrested in the jungles

The businessman was placed in an isolation cell to wait until the issue of extradition to Russia would be solved.
Yesterday, at the request of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Cambodian police arrested Russian businessman Sergei Polonsky, who was in the international wanted list on charges of embezzling 3.2 billion rubles. holders of construction of residential quarters "Kutuzov mile" and unsuccessfully sought citizenship of this kingdom. The same day, Polonsky was taken to an immigration detention facility of strict regime of Phnom Penh, where it will be up to the authorities' decision on his extradition to Russia or deny it.

According to eyewitnesses, the operation to detain the former owner of Mirax Group Sergei Polonsky began early Monday morning. Three boats with armed police quickly arrived at the small island - the residence of an escaped last summer from Russia Sergei Polonsky. However, immediately find announced on November 7 in search failed by Interpol police Russians. Having been informed of the impending operation, entrepreneur, wrapping himself with a towel as a loincloth, he tried to hide in the woods. However, a few hours later he was still detained.

First we wanted delivered in a polyTseyskoe site Sihanoukville, and then to the immigration detention facility of strict regime in Phnom Penh. In response to allegations of Polonsky, that during the arrest the police shot at him, the guards said that the detention took place peacefully enough, the Russians did not render any resistance.

Later, the official representative of the Cambodian Ministry of Interior Tea Cinar said that the detention of the Russian businessman, despite the absence between that country and Russia agreement on mutual extradition, was a gesture of goodwill in relation to the request of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Recall, the first official request to the Russian supervisory authority has sent to Cambodia in early October, and the second - on Thursday. His request to the Russian side sent immediately after Sihanouk Provincial Court acquitted accomplices Sergei Polonsky, Alexander and Konstantin Karachinskaya Baghlan, is accused of involvement in the beating of six sailors Cambodian New Year's Eve. In fact, the acquittal and he was waiting for Sergei Polonsky, who police considered the instigator of the riot nhis yacht. According to some sources, already has reached an agreement on the businessman making a sentence of three months' imprisonment, which he had already served in the Cambodian prison.

The situation around the entrepreneur changed dramatically after he was through his blog on the Internet called the Russian deputies to arrive at his own expense in Cambodia and "understand about the criminal case on" Kutuzov mile "." Polonsky at home, we recall, in absentia accused of embezzling 3.2 billion rubles. means holders collected for the construction of an elite district in Moscow. Last weekend, hoping to get a Cambodian citizenship (after a failed attempt to become a citizen of Israel last summer Polonsky sent a similar petition to the immigration authorities of the kingdom), a businessman in his LiveJournal on the Internet posted a recording of the interview with a senior police officer in Cambodia, a certain Mr. Buntan. It said the agreement reached between the businessman and the need to reward Buntan cop a million dollars for a positive outcome for Mr. Polonsky as processesce on the incident on the boat and at the request of the Russian Prosecutor General's Office. Talking businessman admitted that he does not have the cash, they must soon come from Russia, so if necessary, he is ready to pay off the police Rolls Royce or even a private island. "Tomorrow will be too late", - said the Cambodian. "Well, then you can arrest me," - said a businessman and finished the conversation.

According to Cambodian police, in addressing the question of extradition, which will take the local immigration authorities, the participation of lawyers they will not. Date of yet unknown. However, the decision itself can be appealed in court.