Sergey Pugachev will not be arrested even in absentia

The Moscow City Court upheld the decision of the Basmanny Court
The Moscow City Court today upheld the refusal of the Basmanny District Court to authorize the arrest in absentia of ex-senator from Tuva and the owner of the bankrupt Industrial Bank Sergey Pugachev, which TFR alleges misappropriation of 32 billion rubles.

Moscow City Court, Court of Appeal for the second time considered high-profile case. Late last year, she sent for retrial decision of the Basmanny court in absentia arrest of Sergei Pugachev. And today upheld the decision of the same court, the investigation failed to elect a preventive measure to the former senator.

As already reported, "b", re-examining the case, the Basmanny Court concluded that the investigation was not properly informed who left back in 2011 because of Russia in France of Mr. Pugachev that he called in SKR for interrogation and indictment. Given this, the court did not arrest the former banker, and this in turn made it impossible for him internationally wanted.

Appeal against this decision, the prosecutor pointed out, given that the former senator is long gone in Russia, the investigator could not give him a summons. The investigator also said TFR MoCity Court that it had adopted comprehensive measures to search for Mr. Pugachev, but they came to nothing lead. But it is well established that in Russia from abroad, he did not return.

Lawyer Mr. Alexander Pugachev Gofshtein called the prosecution of his client's illegal, because he did not get the call any one investigative action.

The Moscow City Court ultimately upheld the decision of the Basmanny Court, the investigation failed to arrest the fugitive banker. The court found illegal as the presentation of the charges Mr. Pugachev correspondence, and all subsequent investigative actions.

October 5, 2010 the Central Bank of Russia revoked the license of Industrial Bank. November 7 of that year, the Moscow Arbitration Court declared him bankrupt. TFR, initiating a criminal case under Art. 160 of the Criminal Code ( "Embezzlement"), declared wanted by the former owner of the bank Sergei Pugachev.