Sergey Sobyanin has changed his construction wallet

The metropolitan mayor has launched in the construction "nursery" of new personally bred "piranhas."
Sibpromstroy from Surgut began its expansion into Moscow. The government of the capital has already ordered the company the construction of 1.5 million square meters. m of housing in New Moscow. According to The Moscow Post correspondent, Sibpromstroy will become the new construction wallet of Mayor Sobyanin, replacing the PIK group Sergey Gordeev and Capital Group Pavel Te. Will they give up their positions without a fight?

On the construction market of Moscow redistribution is coming. Apparently, Sergei Sobyanin decided to move the long-fed companies for a long time, since they became toxic. Only a blind person may not notice that the mayor's office is giving them huge pieces of a building "pie." And this gives rise to criticism as the deputy mayor of Moscow, Marat Khusnullin, and the head of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin.

Sibpromstroy is the largest developer of Ugra. And how can one not recall that it was in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area that Sergei Sobyanin was born and that it was there that he headed the parliament in 1996-2000. The company plans within 5 years to take a leading position in panel construction. Without the support of the authorities, this is simply impossible.

The company has already bought a DSK in Odintsovo, which previously belonged to the SU-155. Its capacity allows you to build 350 thousand square meters. m per year. There probably were many hunters for this asset, but it went to fellow countrymen Sergei Sobyanin, who became active in the market in 2018.

The company has been building houses for over 20 years. Its appearance in Moscow and Moscow region may be due to the departure of such major players as SU-155 and Urban Group. Could Sibpromstroy specifically clear the market? With the capabilities of Sergei Sobyanin, this version cannot be denied.

The owners of Sibpromstroy are Nikolai Storozhuk and brothers Andrei and Maxim Kozhaevy. Interestingly, before entering the Moscow market, Sibpromstroy LLC was liquidated. Probably because with stable positive revenue, the company ended the year with a loss of 14 million rubles. Could money be withdrawn from it?

The financial results of Sibpromstroy House-Building Plant, established in 2018, are also not impressive. With an income of 1 billion rubles. loss of the company - 35 million rubles. How can this explain Nikolai Storozhuk? With a fellow countryman shared?

Businessman Storozhuk is the founder of 33 existing companies. And all in all, 71 passed through his hands. This may be due to the fact that money was laundered through one-day firms, after which the organizations were liquidated. The security forces may also have questions for existing organizations.

Euroaeroset LLC did not have a profit for the last three years, the loss in 2018 was 1.8 million rubles. OOO Sistema Management Company has not brought profit since 2012, a loss in 2018 was 21 million rubles with a revenue of 741 million rubles, OOO Sibzhilstroy No. 1 - a loss of 8 million rubles with a revenue of 140 million rubles. companies - (- 3.3 million rubles).

Probably the rest of Nikolai Storozhuk’s companies are doing no better. In addition to him, Vladimir Kozhaev, who in most companies is a co-founder along with Storozhuk, is responsible for this. However, it is unlikely that Sergei Sobyanin will allow law enforcement officers in Sibpromstroy. Your "wallet" is not allowed to shake others.

The scandals of Sibpromstroy?

In 2013, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug threatened a program for building social housing. It was unprofitable for developers, including the main Sibpromstroy, to build non-profit housing. Company executives could actually blackmail the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug management. The company did not exclude the possibility of leaving the market, despite the fact that the housing price at Sibpromstroy was higher than that of other developers.

This led to the initiation by the OFAS of a case against the company under the article “On Protection of Competition”. According to the agency, Sibpromstroy, taking advantage of its monopoly position in the market, has set unjustifiably high prices for apartments. With an average price in the district of 50.3 thousand rubles. per sq. m, in the company of Storozhuk housing was sold for 75.9 thousand rubles. per sq. m. - 1.5 times higher than others.
Social housing offered to sell at 50 thousand rubles. per sq. m. And it was a normal price, since the cost of 1 square. m in "Sibpromtsroy" - could be less than 15 thousand rubles. However, there are no limits to human greed. Better to sit like a dog in the hay than to help implement a social housing program.

Nikolai Sorozhuk wanted to "weld" in front of Moscow?

Against the background of the proceedings with FAS, Nikolai Storozhuk complained to the Governor Natalya Komarova about the Vice-Governor Alexander Ivanov, who oversees the building block. Allegedly, he prevented the introduction of housing. After that, Ivanov wrote a letter of resignation of his own free will. The governor did not argue with the person Sobyanin?

Already in 2014, Nikolai Storozhuk registered three LLCs in the Moscow Region and began construction there. Land was purchased three years before. That is, the company entered the market the next year after Sergei Sobyanin became mayor of Moscow. Therefore, apparently, she needed to sell apartments in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug at the maximum price.

In 2017, Sibpromstroy again fell into scandal. Customers complained that apartments in new buildings are being sold as secondary housing and extorting money for non-existent repairs. This was written by the publication "Hurray."

The scheme was as follows - at first the company sold the apartment to its "daughter" Sibpromstroy-Ugoria, and then to customers. Because of this, the mortgage rate increased by 1%. It was rumored that Nikolai Strozhuk could have an agreement with banks.

After signing the contract, they suggested making a “social” repair, which was entered into the mortgage agreement. Cost - 180 thousand rubles. The main condition was the choice of the contractor - Optium-R LLC, which seemed to have one legal address with Sibpromstroy. Which suggests that organizations could be affiliated with each other.

It seems that the customers of Sibpromstroy did not wait for repairs, and the number of such people could go to hundreds, or even thousands. Some were even openly told that they would not wait for money. And how to regard it? Probably, residents of Moscow and Moscow region will need to keep their ears sharp with the company of Nikolai Storozhuk. You never know what else his inventive employees can come up with.

Plans by plans, and market by market

The desire of Nikolai Storozhuk to build housing and sell it on the capital market is understandable. Construction in Moscow brings the largest income. Sergei Sobyanin may also be interested in receiving money directly without intermediaries. Most likely, the mayor and the head of Sibpromstroy are familiar with each other, otherwise Storozhuk would not have climbed into the Moscow market. Who would have let him go without the support of power structures.

However, the PIK group and the Capital Group are also not in a hurry. And they have long-standing stable ties in the Moscow City Hall. Both companies are participating in the renovation program. Evil languages ​​call Sergei Gordeev a real-life raider, and Pavel Te is credited with a partnership with Ded Hassan (Aslan Usoyan), who was killed in 2013.

So Nikolai Sorozhuk will not succeed in an easy walk around Moscow. Nobody is going to give his “pieces” to him, they are probably already painted in advance. Is it possible that Sergei Sobyanin will bake an additional “pie”. For the sake of profit “under the bucket” Moscow lands can go, on which construction is now impossible by law. But when did laws interfere with metropolitan officials?