Shady business: who carves up the multi-billion military cleaning market

The market of the sanitation services for the Defense Ministry objects is divided among a few players, but at least half of the contracts is concluded with the companies associated with Concord Group owned by St. Petersburg's restaurateur Yevgeny Prigozhin. 
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What is the market

Since November last year, the Ministry of Defense has been independently enter into contracts for their primary health care facilities. During this time, Sergei Shoigu announced the agency has about 30 trading almost 30 billion rubles. This is about 10 times more than the ordered "Slavyanka" in 2010 ruled the housing fund of the Ministry of Housing and Utilities Services. Now the company has gradually turns some areas of their work (more on the "Slavyanka" and its contract read in the investigation of RBC).

Winners so far not been identified for each of the Ministry of Defense announced tenders or contracts are signed only by the 11 tenders worth a total of 14.2 billion rubles, even at nine trading - 5 bln. Rub. - The winners, but the contract is concluded or not, or is not published on the public procurement website.

What services

Contract amount varies from 92 million rubles. up to 2.7 billion depending on the type and size of the premises. The services provided are about the same: the performers should be washed or vacuumed floor five times a week, rub the polish furniture and interior elements made of nonferrous metals, once Nedth and wipe the battery at least twice a year - spring and fall - washing windows, etc. Their duties include maintenance of the surrounding areas: snow removal, mowing grass and tree trunks of trees. The price also includes the cost of acquiring the necessary cleaning of household chemicals, soap, toilet paper and others. Cleaning of premises, as the number of contracts, estimated to be about 20-30 rubles per square meter. m and the adjacent areas - 2 rubles. Military units that require cleaning, scattered across the country, with one contract geography objects can be quite wide: for example, the winner of a tender must be cleaned and at the airport Armavir belonging to the Air Force Academy, and Syzran, and in Nizhny Tagil . Most of the contracts concluded from July to the end of 2016.

As the conditions of tenders and contracts, the winners will have to clean up not only in the barracks and military units, but also in the rear headquarters, military schools and spas. Does the list of objects listed in the Ministry of Defense tender documentation exhaustive, could not figure out: RBC request to the Ministry at the time of puof replication material remains unanswered.

The first winners

The list of winners - 11 companies. Favourite last season - probably due to the "Concord" company "Megaline" (it accounted for more than half of the last contract, "Slavyanka", more on that - in RBC investigation) - turned out to be far from the most important partner of the Ministry of Defence: it concluded only one contract 92 million rubles, in another tender -. 2.2 billion rubles. - "Megaline" declared the winner. However, the company, possibly related to Prigogine, not the location of the lost war, found out RBC. Yet at least three successful bidder, although they have no family relationship with the "Concorde", belong to the people who work or worked in the structures, presumably associated with this holding.

One of the largest transactions of June, 2.7 billion rubles., Concluded with the St. Petersburg company "Prometheus", registered September 16, 2014. This is the first victory of its tender and the second - before she took part in the tender for the maintenance of engineering systems of the hospital to them. WischNeva, but lost. "Prometheus" will remove 22.2 million square meters. m premises in the Ministry of Defense fifty universities and 51.8 thousand. hectares of adjacent territory across the country.

Who is Eugene Prigogine

The well-known St. Petersburg restaurateur who is familiar with senior Russian officials, the owner of the "Concord"

The guests of the Prigogine restaurants, according to Forbes data, were the US and French presidents George Bush and Jacques Chirac, and the autumn of 2003, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, noted in prigozhinskom New Island establishment his birthday. Now in the list on the website "Concord" of 10 restaurants in St. Petersburg, seven in Moscow and two in Sochi, as well as "Shop merchants Eliseev" in St. Petersburg, and a network of shops "Chocolate Museum". Since 2012, controlled Prigogine structure began to receive visible and near-state government contracts. For example, a company owned by businessman "Concord M" has become one of the main suppliers of food for the Manager of the president, and "plant food" Concord "has become the main" cook "in Moscow schools. Subsidiaries of "Konkorda ", according to Forbes, also zaklyuchildi in 2012, two-year contract with the" PX "on the provision of food of the Russian army.

According to SPARC, "Prometheus" is owned and managed by Elena Lyashun. She is also the former director of "Concord Plus", member of the group "Concord" Eugene Prigogine. However, the company "Concord" Helena has not left. RBC Correspondent connected with it by multichannel phone "Concord Catering", another group company. According Lyashun, with the activities of "Prometheus" is not familiar, and about the company, which is the owner, does not know anything. On the question of the correspondent of RBC that controls whether it is now or appears there only legally Lyashun said, which means legally. In the contest with "Prometheus" rivaled only one company - "the dedicated" to contact the representatives of which failed. The press service of "Concord Catering" on request RBC about a possible conflict of interest did not respond.

Another major contract - 2.6 billion rubles. - The company has received "Ruskompleks" is registeredday earlier, "Prometheus", September 15, 2014. Former CEO and owner of the company name Moskalev Maxim V. - as well as the head of "Megaline". The management and owner in "Ruskomplekse" were replaced by 11 June 2015, and thanks to the new owner can be traced to a company "TSA", another large holder of "health" of the contract is 2.7 billion rubles. However, the relationship is further: the new owner "Ruskompleksa" Vitali Filipenko also owns the company "Petersburg Cooking." It has established OOO "Crossroads", which was previously owned Ekaterina Knorring. She is also the former owner of ASP. This contract - the only transaction of the company with the state customer, the second participant of the contest was "Megaline".

In contracts "Megaline", "Prometheus", "Ruskompleksa" and "TSA" with the Ministry of Defense, as well as those companies won tenders for about 10.3 billion rubles., Or more than half of the completed contests.

Formally, there is no ban on taking part in the same trading affiliates, even ifauction no one else but them did not come out, says lawyer Elena Sokolovskaya, head of the practice group "Antitrust" law firm "Pepeliaev Group". The fact of affiliation does not mean that the cartel between the companies, she adds, and competition authorities will need to prove its existence by evaluating the behavior of the participants in these trades. "Often the FAS uses indirect evidence, such as passive behavior of market participants, the lack of competition", - Sokolovsky said.

Main competitors

Most of the contracts concluded with the Ministry of Defence Company "Flagman wedge": it has four contracts from the Defense Ministry to 3.2 billion rubles. (One of them never published), or 20% of all procurement agencies associated with cleaning. One of them - the maintenance and cleaning until 2017 military camp №1, or Staff of Logistics of the Armed Forces of Russia, located in the Great Kozlovsky lane, 6. Cost -. 263 million rubles.

"The flagship of the wedge" provides not only health, but also the maintenance of the barracks: toMpano managed to conclude with the Ministry of Defence has two contracts for this type of service for a total amount of 1.3 billion rubles. In addition to the military, "Flagman wedge" cooperates with the Supreme Court and "Rostelecom", the total amount of contracts which is about 316 million rubles. Registered in mid-2013, the company belongs to Elena Igorevna Cargo. According to SPARK, is the only of its business.

Market participants unknown company. But it can be associated with one of the market leaders in cleaning - "Fasilikomom" (operates under the brand "Pure Light"). First of all, in some procurement as specified contact e-mail account, ending in @ In addition, the director of "Flagman Wedge" Ludmila Hanin, previously led the company "Mobile Solutions", another former head of which - Ekaterina Chernyshova - full namesake of the former general director of "Emergency Area", which, in turn, earlier led the co-owner " Fasilikoma "Elena Apsit.

Moreover, Hanin is also the former director of "Customer Service", whose parent company, PLC « Human Resources "and participates in the authorized capital of" Staff Management ", located at the same address as" Fasilikom ".

The general phone companies' Fasilikom "connect with Hanin could not, citing its lack of domestic numbers, but said its email address that ends in @ As explained by the operator, Hanina runs a mobile service (to find out whether this service is a structural subdivision of failed "Fasilikoma"). In an RBC Ludmila Hanin he did not answer. "There is no conflict there, the staff member in the company 'Fasilikom" does not work ", - said in the press-service of" Fasilikoma, "but did not explain why operators have email Hanin. "" Wedge flagship "company with" Fasilikom "nothing to do", - said the spokesman. Site - Home of "Mobile Solutions", which the company says that "for 10 years, provides services in the field of integrated real estate services."

The connection with "Fasilikomom & raquo; and the other bidders - the company "Active-Reserve". She never won in tenders, and in all four procurement, where she participated, performed only competitor "Flagman Wedge." According to RBC, the company's legal address matches the address "Fasilikoma" (a different office number), and contacts - e-mail with the ending @ "Company" Active-Reserve "has no relation to the company" Fasilikom "- also assured the press-service of" Fasilikoma ".

Indirect contact with them also have three other Defence Ministry contractors - "Millennium wedge", "Polar Bear" and "Builder of purity." "Millennium wedge" belongs to Larisa Majewski. She also has a stake in LLC "Customer Service", whose director was Hanina from the "flagship of the wedge." "Polar Bear" is registered at the same address as the "Millennium wedge". Director of the "Designer of purity," Elena Atakishiyev, Ltd. also manages "Eden", the former owner of which, Alexander Osokin, led by ARGO. Now she manages the director of "Millenium wedge "Catherine Konnova.

Contact on these documents procurement contacts failed companies.