Shamalov's chemistry: Forbes estimated the wealth of Putin's alleged son-in-law

According to Forbes, the co-owner of Sibur Kirill Shamalov is a dollar billionaire.
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Sale of 10% of the petrochemical company "Sibur" the Chinese state company Sinopec for $ 1.339 billion, which was held in December 2015, allows us to consider its co-owner - 33-year-old Cyril Shamalova - dollar billionaire.

According to Forbes, the state of the businessman is not less than $ 1.2 billion. Shamalova representative did not comment on this figure.

At the time of the deal with Sinopec Shamalova owned 21.3% "Sibur". Another 50.02% was Leonid Michelson, 15.3% - Gennady Timchenko. The sale of 10% of "Sibur» Sinopec attended by all existing shareholders, but in what proportion - is unknown. Representatives of the largest owners of "Sibur" do not disclose this information. A source close to Shamalova, of Forbes said that Sinopec businessman sold less than 1%.

Cyril Shamalov - the youngest son of co-owner of the bank "Russia" Nikolay Shamalova. In 2014, the EU authorities have included Shamalova Sr. in the sanctions list, indicating that it is included in the near future Russian President Vladimir Putin environment. In December 2015, Reuters reported the details of the wedding and Cyril Shamalova Katerina Tikhonova, which sources Bloomberg and Reuters called RONRyu Russian President Vladimir Putin. In January 2015, the RBC news agency reported that Tikhonov and Shamalov together visited "Russian session" Economic Forum in Davos in 2015.

Shamalov Jr. came in "Sibur" in 2008 after working in "Gazprom", "Rosoboronexport", Gazprombank and the government bureaucracy. The first 4.3% of the petrochemical company he acquired in 2011-2013 in the framework of the stock option program for managers "Sibur".

In 2014 Shamalov bought 17% of shares from Gennady Timchenko. According to the person close to the deal, Timchenko sold Shamalova 17% "Sibur", based on the valuation of the company at $ 10 billion This is also in an interview with "Vedomosti" said the president of "Sibur" Dmitry Konov, and in an interview with "Kommersant." - He Shamalov. To purchase 17% of shares "Sibur" Shamalov borrowed money from Gazprombank.

In addition to shares in the "Sibur" structures Shamalova owns 5% of "Russian cement company." The only asset "Russian cement company" - 50.52% of OAO "Angarsk cement", whose revenue in 2014 amounted to 2.93 billion rubles. The other receptacleAchim assets, according to a source close to Shamalova, a businessman there.

In March 2015 it was announced that the board leaves Shamalov "Sibur" to do business, but remains on the board of directors of the petrochemical company. To manage their assets and invest in other segments, he created a management company "Ladoga Management", headed by Denis Nikienko - former director of legal support "Sibur".

"Ladoga Management" is looking for objects for investments in the IT-industry, in the market of engineering services in the field of polymer processing and the production of import-substituting products, which does not compete with "Sibur" activities.