Shengelia lost on the Caribbean coast

The famous raiders from the "Barsukov's case" continue to disappear mysteriously. 
Origin source
This time it turned out that the prosecutor's office of Badri Shengelia lost, and not somewhere in the labyrinth of the Federal Penitentiary Service, as it was previously lost raider Vyacheslav Eneev, and on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

Mystery Eneev talks

It all started in April 2014, when the defenders of the legendary Vladimir Barsukov tried to convince the judge of the St. Petersburg City Court Irina Tumanov allow the jury to listen to audio recordings, which, according to the defenders kept negotiations raider Vyacheslav Eneev with different citizens. Eneev acted in a criminal case of an attack on the motorcade of the actual co-owner Sergei Vasiliev Petersburg Oil Terminal witness for the prosecution, and negotiations seemed interesting. According to representatives of Barsukov (accused of the organization of the crime), Eneev interlocutors on the proposed court records were not strangers to the characters of the case.

For example, voice, like the voice of the odious investigator Oleg Pipchenkov voice even more odious raider Badri Shengelia. Last confidently took the side of the prosecution SMOsfive in all Petersburg raider affairs, the first almost all the cases investigated. Not surprisingly, the lawyers Vladimir Barsukov tried to interrogate the "main culprits celebrations" - Vyacheslav Eneev of Badri Shengelia and even Oleg Pipchenkov. And then it started disappearing.
Vyacheslav Eneev disappeared in a very entertaining period of his biography - he was serving a sentence entered into legal force of the court for the next raider artistry. Punishment by the time it was so-so - he spent the night at home, but had to report regularly to the relevant department of the Federal Penitentiary Service. It would seem, to find such a prisoner easy, but during the trial it did not work neither bailiffs nor most of the FSIN. Lost our jailers Native Client, but then found. It turned out that you were looking for is not there.

However, the jury had already acquitted Vladimir Barsukov, but found Eneev still useful - in fact the case will be investigated again and probably using the same intriguing recordings.

Badri Shengelia then, too, lost and hopeless, too suddenly. Surprisingly - because the eternal witness passed by the state witness protection program, and therefore without the impressive support of strong guys with his guns long ago and no one have never seen. The prosecutor's office reassured the court, saying that everything is all right, but our witness was ill - treated at the clinic under the name of Belize Belize Healthcare Partners Limited. Rooting is not prohibited, but the persistent lawyer Konstantin Kuz'minykh sent to the public prosecutor said the clinic British Honduras (as it used to be called a small hideaway) treatment.

The lawyer expects to receive from Badri Shengelia encouraging information about a speedy recovery and, accordingly, the projected timing of occurrence in the courtroom to testify of truth, as usual, reading about one of the voices that were heard on audiotapes discredit the process. This voice defenders Barsukov seemed like the voice of Badri. We could not fail to arouse interest and numerous references superreydera other mysterious Mr.TVOC.

Nothing happened. December 8, 2014, instead of the letter from Mr Shengelia lawyer Kuz'minykh came repeatedly zashtampovannoe envelope, from which the lawyer concluded not only the absence of the prosecutor in this clinic fashion witness, but also about the absence of most clinics. December 9, 2014 Vladimir Barsukov defender wrote a letter to the senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee Alexander Halapovu - he conducts pre-investigation checks on the fact of possible fraud lawyers Barsukov evidence in court (it is, of course, talking about those audiotapes).

The letter ends with an intriguing sentence: "From these circumstances, mail movement implies that the clinic, which reported the existence of the court public prosecution probably does not exist ...".

On the one hundred

When it became known about the mysterious disappearance of Vyacheslav Eneev, "Fontanka" even expressed concern: if anything had happened? Still incriminate Barsukov ... After the article the author reassured his friend, who asked himself on this occasion not afshirovat. He told how the other day personally saw fashion raider in the lobby bar at the Grand Hotel "Europe". That according to the source, look your best.
Badri Shengelia until the call correspondent of "Fontanka" did not respond, but we very much hope that in this case everything will be fine, and government bodies simply could not find it at the moment by accident - as Vyacheslav Eneev. When the trial begins again Barsukov, it certainly helps everyone.