Skyscraper candidate: how billionaire Donald Trump earned $10 billion

The odious businessman Donald Trump leads among the Republican candidates for the US president in the polls. It is not surprising, because working for the public helped him to earn a fortune of $10 billion
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"I - a private company, and nobody really knows how much I am worth" - said about his financial situation businessman Donald Trump in June 2015, to fight for the US presidency. The businessman, who makes everything - from real estate to beauty contests, at odds with journalists in the calculation of his billions, but still is, apparently, the richest candidate ever to run in the presidential race in America.

Budget start

In mid-June, Donald Trump announced the launch of his campaign. Then he published a brief financial declaration, which praised his fortune at $ 8.7 billion - in the middle of 2014. A month later, when submitting a detailed report on their assets to the Federal Election Commission, Trump said that his condition for the year rose to $ 10 billion.

Donald Trump started his business career in property development, in fact continuing the business of the father, who in the postwar years to build affordable housing for middle class Americans. The company Trump Donald Sr. began working at age 22, and only athree years, he took over the company. According to various estimates, inherited from his father he received a fortune of $ 40-200 thousand. (Fred Trump had four children), as well as the company, which was later renamed the Trump Organization. It still controls most of the businessman's assets, but they have become much more diverse. Trump left the public sector to build a commercially successful luxury brand, which will allow him to earn not only on real estate.

Trump's first major project was built in 1983. The 68-storey skyscraper Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Bloomberg points out that today a large part of the building is not owned by Trump. But even the remaining rights to the commercial area, including 12 floors for offices and the first three floors, which occupies the flagship store Gucci, estimated at $ 400 million.

So says Donald Trump

About Crimea

"This [Crimea] largely European problem than ours. And Europe is not complaining as much as we do. I understand that if the Europeans came to us and asked for our help, but in reality they do not. They continue to leadate in Russia, taking Russian gas, Russian oil. And you know, this is exactly we are doing all of this big problem. "

"Why does not Germany take the lead on this issue [in Crimea]. You know, Germany - is a very rich and powerful country. Why do not they pay more attention to this problem? But no, all States undertake - as if we are the world police. "

In an interview with CNN, July 2015

About Snowden, Putin and Obama

"I think he's [former NSA employee Edward Snowden] total traitor. And I'd worked with him harshly. If I was president, Putin would have given it to me. We would get along with Putin. I'd managed to do business with Russia. "

In an interview with CNN, July 2015

"He [Putin] in nothing puts our president. In Russia, he [Putin] has wide popularity, they love everything he does love what it represents. I was in Moscow two years ago and I can tell you - these people can have a relationship, and even good. With them, you can do business. That's just Obama is not capable. "

In an interview with Fox News, June 2015 gyes

Elite skyscrapers bearing the businessman's name - many Trump Towers, Trump Plaza and Trump Hotel, located in the United States and seven other countries - have become the hallmark of Trump and even gave rise to a dispersed on the Internet joke that if the election victory Trump surely transform the existing four-storey building of the White house in "high-rise building."

In June declaration owned by businessman property was valued at $ 5.3 billion Online The Trump Organization, in which the businessman holds the position of President and Chairman (although, according to the media, control is mainly engaged in the next generation - the children Eric, Donald and Ivanka). , indicated 38 properties, including even the grape lands in Virginia. However, not all these objects belong to Trump or his company.

Developers around the world, including South Korea, India, Turkey and Hawaii, were willing to pay royalties businessman, just to name Trump was splashed on buildings to which he has nothing. After the businessman was actively involved in the presidential race, at 14 sitesReal Estate Website Trump Organization appeared disclaimer that the building does not belong to Donald Trump or his company and it was not built. Now, there are indicated the real owners, who received a license to use the name of a businessman that has become synonymous with luxury and flashy lifestyle of successful billionaire.

Not businessman and showman

Name Donald Trump raises the prestige of the property, and therefore the cost of apartments, hotel rooms or membership cards golf clubs under the guise of Trump. Such an argument, developers around the world and numerous manufacturers of goods and services at different times out under this brand. In the name of Trump are so different business areas such as finance (the Financial Trump has been a mortgage), Catering (Restaurants Trump), men's clothing line Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, a collection of jewelry, shoes and accessories Ivanka Trump Collection (named after his daughter) bottled water Trump Ice, furniture and household goods Trump home house model agency Trump model Management. In the "universe" Trump at different times also included Vodka Trump Vodka, Trump Tea tea and perfumes Trump Fragrance, meat, etc.induction Trump Steaks. On behalf of Donald Trump filed more than 200 applications for registration of trademarks in the United States with the word Trump.

Trump himself, who called his name, "coolest" brand America, estimated its value at the June declaration of $ 3.3 billion. In other words, more than one third of the declared state then in the $ 8.7 billion Trump created literally on his own name trade.

The current way of a successful businessman Trump obliged producer Mark Burnett, who in 2004 launched on the channel NBC reality show "candidate" rather than his business talent, says Business Insider. Over 14 seasons (later in the show there was a spin-off, which took part are not ordinary people, and the stars) Trump appeared before the audience a such a "great businessman", chose the head of one of his numerous companies and publicly declared eliminated from the competition participants that that they are dismissed. In addition, Trump earned good show. According to the detailed declaration which he has submitted to the US Federal Election Commission in July, NBC paid him more than $ 213 million over 14 seasons, "Kandidata ". Since the beginning of this year launched a new season, but later refused to transfer Trump because of participation in the presidential campaign.

In real life, Trump runs his business is far less effective than it looks on the screen. Four of his companies were forced to file for bankruptcy. In 1991, the casino went bankrupt Trump's Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and about $ 900 million personal debt was a businessman. A year later, he found himself on the verge of collapse hotel Trump Plaza Hotel, but this time to Trump managed to avoid financial losses. Subsequently, he will repeatedly stress that has never been bankrupt (in the US there is a mechanism of personal bankruptcy) - formally the Trump can not be accused of lying.

Also bankrupt Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts in 2004 and Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009.

The portfolio countless Trump's business projects, there are other setbacks. So, in 1988 he bought a $ 365 million small carrier Eastern Air Shuttle, flying from Boston to New York and Washington. He tried to turn the airline into a luxury by adding elements of wood trim elements and gold, but thmu failed to make it profitable. Trump ceded its creditors for debts, and it ceased to exist in 1992.

Even more sad fate Business Academy Trump - created in 2005, Trump University. A few years later, students are suing the "university", saying that it exercises like detailed commercials businessman companies. In 2013, the United States, the General Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit against Trump and "University" at $ 40 million, accusing the businessman of cheating students and extorting money from them. The matter continues to this day.

politically active

It is possible that participation in the presidential campaign of businessman uses exclusively for the heating of public attention to his person. And it is possible - at least not yet. Trump became a star of the first televised debate among Republicans, held in early August. Many observers have dubbed the last debate "Show Trump", noting that the other nine Republicans looked at his background far less impressive.

The debate, which spent Fox News, watched by a record ha 20-year history of the channel number of the audience - 24 million For comparison, the most popular last debate of the presidential campaign -. on ABC - collected only 7.6 million viewers. Not the least role in this played the Tramp. Businessman known as "ratings magnet", says CNN Money. Once his reality show "Star candidate" collected weekly audience of 20 million, but then began to show interest in the fall. Debate Republicans again put forward Trump spotlight viewers.

Trump holds the lead among Republican candidates in the opinion polls. According to the Rasmussen Report, August 9-10, for it were ready to vote 17% of potential voters, and his nearest competitor Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush - only 10%. However, the businessman support among voters fell by almost a third since the end of July - then for him were willing to vote 26% of respondents.

Take advantage of the political moment, apparently decided once and publishers Trump biography. Out of the new book "Full Throttle: Donald Trump in the pursuit of success," a scheduled until early 2016, was first rescheduled for October, and then in September of this year.

However, political activity is, on the contrary, to spoil the image of a successful businessman Trump. In June, a presidential candidate has caused an uproar among the public calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists and promised to build on the border of Mexico and the United States "the Great Wall". During the debate in early August, Trump said he had "no time" to political correctness, it is hurry "to make America great again" (pre-election slogan Trump). It's not like his business partner: for statements against migrants from cooperation with Trump refused to several companies, including the manufacturer of perfumes Perfumania, produces a line of menswear named Trump, Macy's stores, mattress manufacturer Serta plus a number of the sponsors events taking place in Trump's golf clubs.

Ganged up on Trump and NBC television: he refused to broadcast the show "Miss USA" and "Miss Universe" in July this year and January next. Channel together with the Trump owns konkusy beauty. In July Declaration Trump priced right for these competitions at $ 14.8 million.

American of Forbes, who in July, a low score value of Trump brand - only $ 125 million (not $ 3.3 billion, as claimed himself a billionaire), after the partners en masse began to sever relations with the businessman, and all lowered this estimate to zero.

Controversial billions

Trump consciously supports and protects the myth of their wealth, because the state of $ 10 billion would have allowed him to take 19th place in the Forbes 2015 list of the year, next to the head of Samsung Lee Kun Hee. In 2006, a businessman, even pleaded with journalists The New York Times, Timothy O'Brien, accusing him that he wrote the biography of a businessman forced to question the size of his condition. Bloomberg columnist Will Leitch noticed that Trump is important to maintain the image of a powerful and wealthy man, because it is at the same time he successfully earns. In other words, how much money is actually at Trump, is not so important - more important than he thinks in this respect society.

Forbes magazine, noting that closely follows the business successes and failures Trump since 1982,It assesses its state of "only" $ 4 billion, and claims that he Trump overestimates its real wealth more than doubled. Nevertheless, even a conservative estimate Forbes allow Trump to wear the title of the richest candidate for US president in history. Until now, that title belonged to one of the first business to make a fortune on technology, Ross Perot (about $ 3 billion at the time of nomination), which in 1992 and 1996 was nominated as an independent candidate. For comparison, the declared property of the current US President Barack Obama is US $ 7 million.

Not making a clear and detailed declaration that Trump filed in late July in the American electoral commission. The document of 92 pages is not possible to conclude that the amount of its assets: the US legislation allows not specify the exact value of the assets or the amount of obligations, but limited ranges (such as $ 1-25 million, more than $ 50 million). According to conservative estimates Trump has assets worth $ 1.4 billion and debt of $ 265 million, calculated on the basis of the CNBC television channel declaration. The maximum score can beany.

The document says that Trump is a president or a board member in 515 companies. He also receives income in the form of dividends and interest from investments in securities of more than 300 companies. In total last year, a businessman earned $ 362 million, including, for example, $ 3.4 million at the contest "Miss Universe" and the $ 1.75 million paid to read seven lectures. But numerous books (Trump has authored over a dozen books, most of which contain his name in the title - such as "Trump: The Art of the Deal" or "Trump: The Art of Survival") brought him modest royalties. The most profitable was the book "Time to be tough," in which Trump criticizes Obama: she had brought him from $ 50 to $ 100 thousand last year.