Son of the former co-owner of Severstal detained in the United States

The son of the former co-owner of Severstal Yuri Lipukhin and former Victor Lipukhin employee detained in the US on suspicion of tax evasion.
US Tax Service suspected a former employee of "Severstal" Victor Lipukhin of tax evasion in the amount of $ 4-7.5 million, according to a statement on the website of the US Department of Justice. Victor - a son who died in 2011 of the former co-owner of the company «Severstal»  Yuri Lipukhin, says the source "Vedomosti" in "Severstal". This is confirmed by a former employee of "Severstal", then working at the company. He noted that in 1996-2002. Lipukhin supervised sales office in the United States (Severstal, Inc.).

On Friday evening, Victor Lipukhin detained US law enforcement agencies, Bloomberg reported. In court materials Missouri Western District notes that Lipukhin suspected of "filing a false tax return" and "an attempt to interfere with the administration of its taxes." US Tax Service believes that Lipukhin avoided paying taxes in 2002-2007.

In a court indictment says that Lipukhin in 2002 opened an account at the Swiss bank UBS in the name of Old Orchard and put into the account $ 47 million in 2003, part of the funds went to another account. In between 2003 and 2006. income on the faceth bill increased from $ 3.9 million to $ 7.4 million. While in his tax return Lipukhin pointed out that in 2004-2006. its earnings before taxes amounted to $ 38 925, $ 60 611 and $ 78 866 respectively.

College of Consultant Association "Yukov and partners" Vsevolod Miller said that for tax evasion and obstruction of the work of the tax service accused could face more than eight years in prison. "But Lipukhin can make a deal with the justice system and to increase the amount of the fine, while reducing the time spent in prison," - said Partner of Goltsblat BLP Rustam Kurmaev.

Father Victor Yuri Lipukhin was CEO and co-owner of the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant (now part of "Severstal"). In 2001, he lost control of the company after the current owner Alexei Mordashov bought from Lipukhin 49% of "Severstal-guarantor", which in 1996 owned 43% of "Severstal" of Forbes wrote in 2004. And then, in According to Yuri Lipukhin, Mordashov paid for its stake in six times less than its market value.