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Why the Russian businessman bought the floating cosmodrome "Sea Launch"?
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Head of S7 Group (it is composed of the airline "Siberia") Vladislav Filev announced the purchase of floating cosmodrome "Sea Launch", located in the Pacific Ocean. "I'll be the first in space", - said Vladislav Filev, at a press conference dedicated to the purchase. Where such confidence? "Sea Launch" does not work in 2014, it is unclear by what missile launches ...

RSC "Energia" and the Russian side seemed to crawl by the project, Boing in debt on it, Russia had time for this time to build a spaceport Vostochny, and where did the money S7? As planned, "Russian Elon Musk," as has been quick to call Mr Filev Western journalists? How do such a comparison is justified, we will try to find out in subsequent publications.

Baikonur "Sea Launch" appeared near Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean in 1995. It allows you to launch the rocket right to the equator, which means that the best use of the Earth's rotational energy at the start of the media. Since the floating platform held 36 starts, 32 of which were successful! AudeNako then the problems started.

Initially, the project was an international - 40% of the shares of the management company owned by Boeing, 25% - Russian Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" (RSC "Energia"), 5 and 10%, respectively - CB "South" and Production Association "Pivdenmash" (Ukraine) . Another 20% of shares owned Norwegian shipbuilding company Aker Kværner (now the Aker Solutions). Several years ago, in the course of bankruptcy proceedings launched stake redistributed. RSC "Energia" was owned by 95%, Boeing - 3%, Aker Solutions - 2%. Roskosmos was negotiating the sale of the "Sea Launch" from 2014, including the USA, UAE, China and Australia. However, they did not want to buy the spaceport. As a result, six months ago, it became aware of the interest in the project from the S7. Under the deal, the company will become the owner of the ship Sea Launch Commander and the Odyssey platform where the equipment is installed rocket segment and ground equipment in the base port of Long Beach (USA) and Sea Launch commercial sign.

But just wanted to ask: what is all this done? In S7 statements for 2015, its total volume of loans, loanin and other liabilities amounted to 26.2 billion rubles. Big Arm - a common situation for airlines. There is a version that Filev bought "Sea Launch" to the state and will soon receive state guarantees for credits or live from the budget. But even if he had bought it for her, it remains an important question - why Russian cosmodrome fifth in a row? After all, he either begin to compete with the existing (and thus reasonable to ask the state not to buy "Sea Launch", as it will bring down orders straight from the tin East), a State recognizes that the new spaceport is inefficient and need a cheap playground. It's more like what the new display technology found funds from the budget of large pieces - otherwise how to explain that soon in our country will be available once the spaceport. Let's count - Baikonur More leased for many years, the East is about to launch, Plesetsk in Arkhangelsk Oblast, and still is, Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan, unfinished Fluent in the Amur region, which previously wrote "Our Version", and exclusively military launcher Baikonur-baseClear in the Orenburg region. Why do we need another one at the equator when deficit budget, someone knows?

Rocket deficit

Plans for the "Sea Launch" from the new grand owner. But there is a problem: "Sea Launch" was initially created to launch rockets modification "Zenit-3SL», which were produced on the Ukrainian company "Yuzhmash". However, for economic reasons, "Pivdenmash" does not produce "Zenith" for more than two years. The company can not even produce a single "Zenith" to run the latest Ukrainian satellite communications, although the satellite itself ready for a long time. For the purchase of components in Russia the company has no money.

No less important is the economy and the political situation. Key elements for the "Zenith", in particular boosters, supplied Roskosmos. And as soon as the supply of engines stopped, the production of "Zenith" has risen. Because, even if the S7 management will agree on all issues with the "Yuzhmash", these agreements will mean little. Transfer to Ukraine high-tech products such as the engine of "Zenith" DDA171, in the present circumstances, it seems almost impossible.

"We are ready to work on this issue with the Ukrainian colleagues and exercise starts on the basis of" Zenit "rocket, at the same time working on other options, including the creation of a new missile with a view of modern technologies", - said Vladimir Filev.


S7 Group is 100% owned by the family Filev - Natalia and Vladislav. The structure of S7 consists of: S7 Airlines, S7 Tour, S7 Ticket, S7 Travel Retail, S7 Service, S7 Training, S7 Cargo, Sibir Technics, S7 Engineering and others. "In recent years, we do not maintain relations with" Yuzhmash "and do not have reliable information about what is happening there - he admitted the head of RKK" Energy "Vladimir sun. - Replacement of Ukrainian rocket "Zenit" can be created within five years. This will require additional extra-budgetary funding for the project from the "Sea Launch" investor - S7 consortium, which do not exclude participation in the development of a new missile. We are ready to accelerate the creation of the rocket if the investor "Sea Launch" show estedof and considers it expedient to support this approach. "

Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" has announced that it is ready to accelerate the development of the new missile "Sunkar" for use on a floating cosmodrome. However, only the 2020 planned funding for the creation of "Sunkar" missiles.

Roscosmos glad transaction

To clarify the numerous questions arising from the news of the transition "Sea Launch" to Russian "residence probably would Roskosmos head Igor Komarov. His appearance was expected at the press conference, but he never appeared in front of reporters. It turns out that at that time was the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Putin, which was just telling the president to sign the contract, "Sea Launch" to the S7 now. Igor Komarov must have been something to rejoice - Vladimir Filev agreed to join the project closes an important part of the "Energy" losses. And this is neither more nor less than 19 billion rubles, which remained at the "Energy" working with "Sea Launch".

"We are going to do with RSC" Energia "aboutkt together. The airline is called "co-operation of airlines." Let's make together - optimistically said Mr Filev. - Company S7 calculates annually spend on launches from Baikonur "Sea Launch" 1.6 billion rubles. Launching a satellite is 250 million plus 70 million worth starting. Obviously, the 1.6 billion per year (every year) I'm out of pocket can not pull out. The company plans to attract partners. Management will be a public-private ... "

Chapter S7 sure enough platform resource for another 90 runs. Then it would need modernization, after which will be made on 6 launches per year for 15 years. In commercial launches with the "Sea Launch" interested in the world's largest telecommunications companies. With proper management of large and distinct, these triggers can bring 30 billion dollars a year! We can only wonder what was RKK "Energy" in a hard red. But whether Mr Filev cope with this difficult task?

by the way

It raises questions and the person of the new owner of the cosmodrome - Mr Filev. In S7 there are numerous skeletons in wkSWIR - list of accidents with aircraft "Siberia" airlines more than impressive ... About the state of emergency in the sky over Switzerland in January 2002, the Russian media did not write, because history, apparently, has been carefully jammed by a longtime friend of Mr. Filev Alexander Neradko, occupied at the time the post of first deputy minister of transport. What happened? The plane of airline "Siberia" Tu-204 Geneva - Moscow was going to take off, when suddenly there was a depressurization of the cabin. At the same time on the plane did not have oxygen masks. Passengers began to choke. Fortunately, the plane had to land.

That's the governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev also complained about the work of the airline "Siberia". He even sent a telegram to the Minister of Transport, asked to take measures to ensure flight safety. Tuleyev noted that the company uses foreign-made aircraft with a significant period of operation. Also, the airline does not address just heard reproaches in lack of attention to the preparation of flight personnel and in constant pursuit of savings. l Do not saybov to save on space launches?