Special department of the Russian Interior Ministry is under investigation of the FSB

FSB raided the 4th Department of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, diealing with disclosure of crimes committed on dedicated facilities (particularly, it is investigating the theft of the funds allocated for the GLONASS program).
Origin source
A group of employees of the unit was delivered to the building on Bolshaya Lubyanka for investigation, which lasted almost all the 6 March. Events were held in the framework of investigation of possible cases of extortion of money from defendants in criminal cases.

As reported by "Rosbalt" a law enforcement source, March 5 at about 15:00 a large group of employees of Federal Security Service in Moscow and the Moscow area came to the premises of the 4th Department of the Interior Ministry on the Big Pioneer Street. It is noteworthy that in the same house is based and the General Directorate of the Interior Ministry's own security. Counterintelligence began to confiscate the documents they need in the first place - the materials of various criminal cases. According to the source agency, the searches lasted until late at night.

At the same time security officers were taken to their headquarters a whole group of employees of the 4th of the Interior Ministry, including - deputy chief Ali Salamova, which conducted the interrogations and confrontations. These activities were continued and the sixth of March. "After the investigation decided to delay theSalamova Research Institute, in respect of other staff has conducted work ", - he told the agency.

History, which eventually led to the searches in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, began in November of 2013. The police then raided checked into the hostel, located on the Volokolamsk highway. This building belonged to one of defense enterprises, so the event was conducted by the 4th Department of the Interior Ministry. There was found a group of illegal immigrants who were detained. All of them were issued administrative penalty and expelled from Russia. It was also a criminal case under article 322.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Criminal Code (organization of illegal migration). As part of the investigation the police arrested the commandant and dorm guard.

As a source told the agency, in early January, a man who introduced himself as a messenger of senior 4th Department, granted to Yuri Minkin, a member of the Scientific and Methodological Council of Electrical Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the "Infrastructure-holding" Board of Directors of one of the "subsidiaries "structures of which leasesovalo building on the Volokolamsk highway. Visitor Minkin has announced that in the near future charges will be brought against him, but this can be avoided. "Reshalschik" said that for a monthly fee of $ 50 thousand 4th management guidance, not only will not be incriminating article 322.1 of the Criminal Code, but also take over the patronage of the hostel:. Later on it will not be any checks. Minkin believed to illegal immigration one relationship had therefore filed an application in Federal Security Service of the Moscow region. Then he acted under the control of operatives. According to a source, "Rosbalt", counterintelligence under surveillance for "reshalschikom" and recorded numerous cases of its communication with the staff of the 4th control. These policemen took part in the negotiations with Minkin. When "reshalschik" came for the first installment of $ 50 thousand, then was arrested. They found someone Tarzi.

Soon, he expressed his desire to cooperate with the investigation. As the source said, "Rosbalt" said the detainee during interrogation that has long been working closely with representatives of the 4th Department of the Interior Ministry and "decides "in their interest" slippery "questions. For example, meeting with defendants in criminal cases and offer them to avoid being charged for large amounts. Thus" reshalschik "named names of specific employees of the 4th Ministry of Internal Affairs and specific criminal cases. After that, it was It decided to conduct searches. While the action "reshalschika" and police estimated as fraud (article 159 of the Criminal Code), but later they may be reclassified to a bribe (article 290 of the Criminal Code).

"Employees of Research Affairs in Moscow, together with operatives of the FSB detained the deputy chief of the Fourth Department of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, suspected of assisting with the fraud" - told "Rosbalt", the press service of the Moscow police.